Case Study: My Experience With Parenting

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Tips for the Healthy Upbringing of a Child

A parent who sires a child and is responsible for his/her upbringing is known as a parent. An origin of something is also known as the parent. The activities by a parent or guardian to promote good growth and development of the child is known as parenting. Not all children are brought up by their own parents. Orphaned children in children’s home and orphanages are brought up by guardians. The following are the parenting duties; disciplining the child, provision of basic needs, educating the child, encouragement and good development of the mind and the body. There are many ways of child upbringing. Consider the following things in case you want your child to have good discipline.

Good parents show love to their children. Love is a great affection and liking for your child. To show love to your children, simply spend ample time with them, listen to their complains well and show some love signs such as hugging. Showing of love to a child result to the production of prolactin and oxytocin which are feel-good hormones. They result in a good sense of calm, closer relationship and emotional warmth.

Positive parenting is important in the quality upbringing of a child. Positive parenting is the giving of positive experiences to the child. Offering positive experiences to a child will enable them to also experience positive experiences which they will also offer to the next generation. Spending ample time with your child facilitate healthy child development.

A good parent communicate well with his/her child. A parent should have the ability to listen and serve the demands of the child. Every child should have a close relationship with the parents so that he will be able to forward his/her wants to the parents or guardians. Healthy communication skills also promote good coordination of the body parts hence a good living.

A good parent should have good modeling. It is impossible for a child to stop a behavior which his/her parents still have. Every parent should do what he/she want his/her child to do. A parent should also show the child on how to carry out different activities. A parent should be disciplined and have a positive attitude and his/her child will still copy this.

Perfect parents have rules and regulations. In every place, there are rules that must be followed. A parent should also have his/her own set of rules to be followed by the children. The child is supposed to do what is expected of him/her at the right time.

These are the main features of good parents.

How to Achieve Maximum Success with Parenting

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