Designing Your Custom Dream Home

Designing Your Custom Dream Home

When it comes to building a custom home the sky truly is the limit. You can custom build a luxurious dream house, a beach side bungalow, a rustic cabin in the mountains or woods or even a beautiful country house with sprawling views. No matter what type of house you decide to build there are a few things you have to decide upon first.

  • Location of your future house
  • Type of home/style you want built
  • The builder you will hire to complete the build project

Once you decide upon these factors then you can move forward with the creation of your custom home. These three steps might sound easy, but they can actually take a few months to achieve. You will need to have a helpful and knowledgeable realtor working with you to find the exact plot of land that you want to build on. While you are searching for that land you’ll also want to meet with several construction contractors to find the one that fits into your vision the best. Some builders tend to lean towards certain design trends and if you do not see eye to eye on the style you may want to find a contractor that will be more agreeable with your vision.

A trendy design that has been around for century in homes of all types are trusses. These majestic beams become focal points in any room and serve dual purposes. Trusses are able to support a bit of weight and can contain artfully designed lighting features. As soon as a guest enters your home they will be visually drawn to the high ceilings and well-designed trusses.

A reputable builder should be able to supply you some basic information on the types of trusses they want to incorporate into your homes design. You can search online for a designer that does timber frames trusses sydney all across the world. The five most commonly used timer trusses for timber frame construction include:

  • Scissor Truss
  • Hammerbeam Truss
  • King Post Truss
  • Queen Post Truss
  • Common Truss

In addition to the truss design your builder will want to go over window styles, the size of rooms, placement of electrical access, placement of rooms and utility rooms and even decorative accents such as fireplaces and appliances. A lot of planning goes into building a custom-built home. You will also have the opportunity to design the exterior of the home with your builder.

Exterior design might sound a bit drab but there are actually a lot of decisions to be made. You can select the size of garage and the style of garage door and even if you would like windows on the side of the garage. Side windows can be beneficial if you want to have a small table or shelf near the windows for a small herb garden. You can also decide upon porch design and outside lighting as well as the types of trees and shrubs that are planted around the property.


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