Digital Marketing Tips And Tricks For Plumbing Services in DC

Digital Marketing Tips And Tricks For Plumbing Services in DC

Plumbing services are always in demand, rain or shine. And whenever a service is always in need, the local industry competition is fierce, especially in such a densely populated area like Washington DC.

One way for a plumbing business to dominate their local area, stand out as the leading expert, and increase their client roster and revenue is to invest in a robust digital marketing strategy. Whether the business is a national chain wishing to enhance their presence in the DC area, or a smaller family-run operation, the right digital marketing strategy will allow them to hit their growth goals using a cost-effective method.

The following tips are intended to help decision-making teams and leaders in the plumbing industry learn how to get the best return when seeking digital marketing solutions, with an emphasis on search engine optimization.

First Tip, Determine Which Digital Marketing Channels Will Reach Your Customers

Digital marketing encompasses a set of tech tools and marketing strategies used by specialists to engineer a single approach for attracting and converting leads into customers. Typically, these strategies include the following:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid media and PPC
  • Inbound marketing
  • Social media marketing

Some businesses should be using all of these, while others are more suited to use a few, or even one. For example, if your business sells products or services but their target customers are not on social media, the sales cycle is extremely short, and the price-point is low, then social media marketing and inbound marketing would be a waste of funds and time. Instead, SEO and PPC would likely be the best strategies to run together through a complementary strategy to achieve the same goals.

Virtually every industry can benefit from an SEO strategy so long as it is designed to help businesses achieve specific goals. In fact, SEO can easily generate the most revenue of all digital marketing strategies, especially if the best SEO agency in Washington DC is driving the effort.

Should Businesses Hire SEO Agencies or Hire Internally?

One main tip for plumbers seeking digital marketing solutions that focus on SEO is this: should they build their own internal team, or hire an agency? Plumbing companies would be wise to scout out the top SEO companies Washington DC has to offer, make a shortlist, and call each one to find that perfect partner.

From a cost-perspective angle, plumbing businesses will likely spend an insane amount of money to run SEO internally. First, the tech tools used for keyword research, running audits, collecting backlinks, competitor spying, and other strategic practices can cost companies thousands of dollars each year. However, when plumbing companies invest in an SEO agency, all of those tools, as well as the certified experts trained to use them, are all part of the package. Then there are the additional people you would need to hire, train, and the extra salaries to cover. Most companies that have small internal marketing teams spend a few hundred thousand dollars every year simply on maintaining that department. Partnering with a digital marketing agency that focuses on SEO is a fraction of that cost, and agencies deliver better results.

Expert Agency Tip: Use a Pillar Page and Blog Cluster Strategy

The old saying “content is king” is overused, but accurate. Content is roughly 80% responsible for getting the right kind of content to rank for ideal audiences, using the best keywords and search terms. Since 2015 when Google’s RankBrain algorithm rolled out, the search engine has been able to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand a searcher’s pain point and exact need. This means content needs to be properly structured so that Google can understand context and intent.

Here’s how to do it:

Primary service pages need to have roughly 800 to 1000 words, using the right keywords in a context that reflects the customer’s needs and why the business provides the best solution.

Every pillar page should link to the site’s homepage to circulate “SEO juice”.

Create clusters of blogs that reflect each primary service that the plumbing business offers. These should link to their respected pillar pages, and also link to one another.

Each blog should have a unique title, speak to a specific buyer persona (homeowner or contractor), and use main keywords in the anchor texts.

When the top SEO companies in Washington DC use a pillar page and cluster strategy, plumbing businesses can expect to see an increase in their site’s domain authority, a surge in keyword rankings, more organic traffic to the site, and greater conversions.

Here’s a Pro Tip: Improve Results Running PPC with SEO

One digital marketing trick that works extremely well for plumbing companies in Washington DC is to run PPC and SEO together. The strategy should attempt to produce multiple links to the business on page one of Google. This approach can take some time, but once a business has its paid ads on the first page of Google, along with its organic links, a ton of value is created.

When a single company has multiple links on the same page of Google, their click-through rate (CTR) will go up significantly. In addition, customers will get the impression that any business taking up the most real estate on page one of Google is the true industry expert and the best plumber in town. Finally, when the CTR goes up, plumbing companies can expect these two results: an improved SEO performance due to the increase in signals being sent from heightened user engagement, and an increase in business via a higher conversion rate. Top SEO companies Washington DC has to offer will work with their PPC strategists to align these two channels in order to get their clients maximum results.

Contact a respected SEO agency in Washington DC today, and learn how SEO, alongside other digital marketing strategies, can help you hit all of your growth goals. Each blog should have a unique title, speak to a specific buyer persona (homeowner or contractor), and use main keywords in the anchor texts.

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