Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Have you ever walked past someone and thought, Damn, they smell good.” I have. We probably all have. And while I was caught up in the moment jumping from meeting to meeting in the office, I missed the chance to ask my colleagues what they were wearing as a waft of their signature scent derailed my train of thought (in a good way). To make up for it, I sent a company-wide email asking the Coveteur staff for the fragrances they’re wearing right now. It’s always a process of trial and error to find a signature scent that beautifully compliments you, but when you do, you’ll know it was well worth it. In the spirit of National Fragrance Day, here are the fragrances that have instantly become our staffers’ signature scent.

Floral Fragrances

Amazing Grace Lavender Twist Eau de Toilette

Top Note: Lavender

I always come back to lavender. While some might have a favorite sweater, I have a favorite note, and this is it. From my aromatic morning showers to my afternoon anxiety hour, I live in lavender. I love that it’s uncomplicated and undeniably sexy. So, when I’m leaning back into lavender, everything else in my beauty routine can go a little rogue.


Amanda Beausoleil, Associate Manager Brand Partnerships & Sales

Coco Mademoiselle

Top Notes: Jasmine & May Rose

Someone once told me, “A woman with a signature scent is a woman with a plan.” Chanel Mademoiselle has been my signature fragrance for 15 years. This scent makes me feel powerful, sensual, and truly like a woman with a plan. I love how the aroma transitions from strikingly floral to subtly sweet and everything in between–it’s as if the fragrance tells its own story throughout the day. At this point, it’s fair to say that Chanel Mademoiselle has seeped into my skin.


Claire Flanagan, Associate Producer

Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne

Top Note: Fig Leaf

This light, floral scent has become my everyday go-to. I love that it’s bright and refreshing, but with an earthiness that balances it out.

Jo Malone London

Fresh Fragrances

Camille Freestone, Senior Style Editor

Les Brumes Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Citrus & Wood

I love a scent that feels fresh and clean, but I also don’t like anything that comes off too girly. Les Brumes is my favorite scent from ORMAIE Paris because the woody undertone gives it a little body without weighing it down too much. I feel very luxurious when I wear it but that might also be due to the circumstances associated with obtaining my first bottle—sitting around a studio table in Paris with their fabulous founders. Not to mention, the bottle warrants its own display.


Citrine Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Lemon Blossom, Lotus Flower

This is the no-brainer scent I reach for. With the perfect blend of citrus lemon and mellow lotus flower, this perfume isn’t overpowering and stays fresh!

Nest New York

Amber Fragrances

Glossier You

Top Notes: Pink Pepper & Spice

Everyone and their mother knows someone who swears by Glossier You at this point, but there’s a reason this fragrance is a serious crowd-pleaser: it actually smells different on every single person. With bright and spicy pepper top notes and a delicate balance of floral and woodsy notes that follow, it blends with your body’s chemistry to create a truly unique aroma that enhances your natural scent. Bonus points: it wears just as well from the first spritz in the morning as it does well into the evening.


Patricia Foster Stein, Executive Beauty Director, Brand Partnerships & Sales

Eidesis Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Black Pepper, Frankincense, Sandalwood

This woody, spicy unisex fragrance is the perfect spring addition to my fragrance wardrobe. The scent taps into my creative side and makes me want to daydream with no boundaries. If you are a visionary and want a special fragrance, Aesop’s Eidesis is for you.


Woody Fragrances

Talun Zeitoun, Head of Brand, Editorial & Creative

Ummo (no.3)

Top Note: Tobacco

I was introduced to XINÚ while visiting Mexico City for my birthday last year and a dear friend of mine told me to visit their store in Polanco. Their beautifully designed space is an immersive, sensory experience that allows you to fully explore each of their five fragrances. I lean more toward muskier scents and the rich, warm, and smokey notes of UMMO captivated me from the start. Despite muskiness being a thing now, I never smelled anything quite like this muskiness before. In fact, I get stopped every time I wear it. Needless to say: wear it at your own risk.


Greg Brossia, Managing Director + Chief Digital Officer

Another 13

Top Note: Ambroxan

Another 13 is a hypnotizing and unique scent with notes of ambroxyde, jasmine, and moss. The velvety, musky aroma wears beautifully throughout the day.

Le Labo

Gourmand Fragrance

Black Opium Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Coffee, White Flowers, & Vanilla

As someone that has never been a big fragrance person, this YSL Perfume is a true game changer. The warm, sweet notes of coffee and vanilla combine to create the ultimate long-lasting effect without the overpowering sentiments other perfumes can leave behind. Plus, there’s always an added confidence boost telling someone I’m wearing YSL perfume.

Yves Saint Laurent


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