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When spring starts rounding the corner into summer, it’s as if the collective volume gets dialed up. Years ago, as I strolled through a park in Brooklyn on a late May afternoon I was puzzled by an indistinguishable noise coming from the distance. It turned out to be so many people talking at an outdoor brewery that the sound traveled from almost a mile away. These are the sounds of Gemini season: birds chirping in the air, people coming together for park hangs, and alfresco dinners that spill over into late nights out. If you chilled out a little too hard during the comfortable yet complacent Taurus season, prepare to be hit with a blast of fresh air. 

Gemini comes third in the Zodiac lineup and it’s when we start learning how to communicate and desire connection. We’re curious about the world around us—we have a lot of questions and want to know all of the answers! This makes Geminis the best people to have long gab sessions with, since they have a ton of information and gossip buzzing around in their brains. They’re one of the friendliest astrological signs and can fit right in with any group, making them incredible hosts for gatherings and parties. 

On the flip side, Gemini gets saddled with the annoying reputation of being two-faced and flighty. Not all Geminis (IYKYK) have dual personalities, but they can get scattered and overwhelmed when trying to stick to plans. This can be challenging when trying to move to or decorate a new space, but they make up for it by being infinitely adaptable and open to trying everything at least once. This season, follow the lead of these 11 Gemini celebrities for making your home a fun and fascinating place to be. 

Reading nooks and lots of books 

During Troye Sivan’s home tour, the musician delights in showing off his special reading nook and extensive art book collection that he spreads around his funky Victorian-era Melbourne home. Geminis are major readers—these bibliophiles love consuming novels, buzzy articles, and, in Troye’s case, collecting homoerotic art and photography books. This Gemini season, consider picking up a new coffee-table book or investing in an accent chair like Troye’s vintage Tobia Scarpa piece to really get in some quality page-turning time. 

Boring items can be fun

Geminis are blessed with natural youthful energy, which typically makes them look and act younger than their age. But this can make them prone to Peter Pan syndrome, resisting the boring parts that come with adult life and home ownership. Emma Chamberlain circumvented this issue when sourcing the more mundane items for her 1950s log cabin-esque LA home. She made a point of finding the interesting versions of things, like corn stools and cat beds. You can follow her lead and also purchase a Kartell step ladder or an overpriced spherical cat bed. 

An exceptional coffee station

I’m constantly amazed by the Geminis that I know and the sheer volume of energy they possess. A close Gemini friend of mine is able to handle a million plans all while maintaining her sanity. She usually has a mason jar of coffee in her hand, as Geminis need a steady caffeine flow to keep up with their active lifestyle. Emma turned her coffee fixation into a successful business, so obviously her aforementioned mint green kitchen has an entire area dedicated to an espresso machine and Chamberlain Coffee products. Maybe it’s time to get rid of your broken Keurig and upgrade to a fancy Chemex or Breville. 

Embrace open space

As a flighty air sign, Geminis don’t like to be closed off in secluded, private rooms. They need plenty of space to dash around without pesky walls and doors in their way. Naomi Campbell’s sprawling Kenya estate is mostly massive rooms that blur the line between inside and outside. Unfortunately, we can’t all live in beautiful compounds in Africa, but you can always experiment by rearranging your furniture to maximize space or simply leave the windows and doors open more often.  

Lean into your impulses

Over ten years ago, Lenny Kravitz decided to visit a friend for a night at a Brazilian compound and ended up staying for six months. During that time, he picked up a cowboy lifestyle and learned how to farm. Eventually, he bought the entire property and now it’s an ever-evolving home filled with vintage furniture, Pop art pieces, and a bunch of animals. Lenny made his transition from musician to full-blown farmer on a total whim, which is extremely Gemini behavior. Mulling over a big move or investment? Try not to think too hard about it or accept any rogue invitations that come your way. 

Vibing with variety 

Variety is a lifeline for Geminis—they can’t be in the same place with the same design for too long without getting dreadfully bored. Geminis Naomi Campbell and Emma Chamberlain both highlight the need to design every room differently in their respective homes to keep things interesting and capture the totality of their tastes. If your home’s feeling a little bit stale, take this month to revamp each room to give it its own special look. 

Creating your own community

Lenny and Naomi are AD alumni who shared not only their personal homes but compounds that could double as tiny towns. Geminis are big on either being directly involved in their community or, in this particular case, creating their own that extends to the locals in close proximity to their home. Consider opening the doors of your home to your neighborhood and hosting a book club or stoop sale. 

Fun facts

As a regular collector of fun facts, Geminis like their art and tchotchkes to have a weird history that they can sound off to guests. Zachary Quinto does this while making his way through his crystal-filled NoHo loft with partner Miles McMillan—he pulls a small trinket off the shelves that was apparently once Tennesse Williams’ drug dish. Next time you pick up antiques, find some that have wacky backstories. 

Trick or treat 

Infamous Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and, as we know from Mercury retrograde, the planet has a few tricks up its sleeve. Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka’s historic Harlem brownstone is a veritable funhouse with an animatronic parrot, old apothecary drawers filled with gifts for guests, and a piano that can play itself. Add a little bit of quirky Gemini magic to your home with some vintage flipcard art or tiny dioramas like the Harris-Burtkas. 

Share with your audience

If you haven’t already noticed, many of the Gemini celebrities featured in AD are multihyphenates—because a Gemini can’t just have a singular profession. Most of them are more specifically content creators who share their homes for more than just their Open Door debut. Molly Sims’ interior designer Dan Scotti had to keep this in mind while putting together the actress and model’s Pacific Palisades pad—he knew it was going to be shared on her various social channels. If you’re investing so much time into your home, make sure you share it with your audience, even if your follower count is little bit less than a celebs. 

Independent hosting

Some astrological signs need their privacy and space to do their own thing, and others want their home to be a hub of activity. Geminis fall in the latter category—with Gemini celebs such as Molly Sims, Tate Taylor, and Naomi Campbell emphasizing the importance of having a space that friends can stay and congregate at in their home tours. But they also share a vision of guests living independently during their visits—a Gemini isn’t going to try and smother anyone! 

It takes two 

The universal symbol for Gemini is twins, so it makes sense that Geminis like things that come in pairs. Scott Disick specifically calls out his unique double kitchen islands during the tour of his Calabasas modern farmhouse-style pad. The symmetrical islands offer an interesting spin on the classic kitchen addition. If you’re looking to buy something new for your home, why not buy a matching set or just straight up buy two of it? 

Home is where the gaming center is

Visiting a Gemini’s home is guaranteed to be a fun experience as they’re natural entertainers. They’re always up for throwing theme parties or hosting a game night, so they need to have supplies on hand. Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer (and noted cursed Gemini) points out his extensive board game cabinet while touring his compact Calfornian home. This Gemini season, pick up a new game, especially one that could double as a chic coffee table art piece. 


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