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A new year often sparks urges for a refresh — toward healthy habits, goal setting, clutter clearing and bringing in more positive energy. For home decor enthusiasts, that all translates to the home, and often means clearing out the old and bringing in the new. Unlike fashion, though, home decor trends tend to take their time easing into major seasonal shifts (it’s easier and cheaper to swap out your wardrobe than your decor — sustainable too!). Some home decor trends that are here to stay going into 2024? Sustainability and indoor-outdoor living, the former driven by millennials and Gen Z, according to a new design report by global surfacing company Cosentino.

They pulled designer and homeowner data to forecast top trends for 2024 and beyond, along with insights from some of the country’s top designers. We asked some of our favorite designers too what they think will be hot next year. Here are new trends to watch and incorporate into your home – plus, rental hacks to try if you’re not down with a whole renovation!

Enter The “Spathroom”

Design: Devon Grace Interiors | Photo: Dustin Halleck

Spas are all about relaxation and self care, not rushing out in the morning to work. Big bathtubs, open showers, saunas, and spa-like amenities are all going to be a big trend in 2024. According to the report, designers and homeowners agreed that a spa-inspired bathroom was among their top 3 home priorities overall.

Photo by Viktorya Sergeeva for Pexels

Rental hack: If you’re not ready to remodel or you rent, things like marble or stone accessories, plants, and if there’s room, a chair or settee will give your bath an elevated sanctuary feel. Adding a bath shelf is an easy and affordable way to create an ultimate spa bath too!

Bold Dramatic Moves

Design: Maestri Studio | Photo: Jenifer McNeil Baker

The neutral trend transitioned into more earthy tones in 2023 and will get even bolder come the new year. “I think 2024 is going to be all about bold, dramatic moves,” says Devon Wegman, founder and design director of Devon Grace Interiors in Chicago. “People are tired of playing it safe and sticking with neutrals, soft textures everywhere. Today, we’re incorporating more and more graphic stone, provocative artwork, area rugs and large statement chandeliers in spaces.”

Glam Metallics Are A Go

Cosentino Le Chic Eclectic Pearl Collection

Metallics always add a bit of luxe glamour to a space and 2024 takes them up a notch, using them in areas like kitchens and baths. According to the design report, designers chose metallic accents as their top up-and-coming trend, while homeowners rated it number two.

Photo by Sammsara Luxury Modern Home for Pexels

Rental hack:Add a vintage mirror, gold-based vase or lamps, or metallic drawer pulls to upgrade your decor.

Hotel Vibes

Design: JOSHUA SMITH | Photo: Lance Gerber

Travel can bring major inspo to your decor. According to the report, 70 percent of designers find inspiration from resorts and hotels. Look at bedding, art, and elegant details next time you’re staying at or just dining at a resort or hotel. Even a thoughtfully designed Airbnb can inspire your design to upgrade your personal home style.

Photo by Kader D. Kahraman for Pexels

Rental hack:“Grand, luxurious floral arrangements are a hallmark of hotel lobbies,” says Sarah Eilers of Houston-based Lucas/Eilers Design Associates. “Placing a floral arrangement on a console table or in an elegant vase in your entryway can set the tone for your entire home.”

Kitchen Is King

Design: Living with Lolo | Photo: Life Created

The central headquarters of any home, the kitchen remains a focal point for design. Homeowners are looking to upgrade their kitchens for their own use (the best appliances and conveniences) but also for entertaining their guests with comfortable spaces to sit and have conversation.

Investment in the kitchen remains the number one priority for homeowners and designers in terms of budget too. More than 80 percent of designers are now bringing kitchens to the backyard as well, says the Cosentino report.

Photo by Alexy Almond for Pexels

Rental hack: Bring in furniture you can take with you that creates an inviting space for you and your guest; add a chandelier or pendant to replace rental “boob” lights; and create a counter “scape” with cutting board, vase, and cookbooks as a focal point.

Brown In All Its Shades

Design: Living with Lolo | Photo: Life Created

“We’ll be drowning in brown in all the best ways in 2024,” says Brad Ramsey, principal and founder of Nashville-based Brad Ramsey Interiors. “Think about coffee, cappuccino, and lattes and how those warm colors hit the spot just like your afternoon Starbucks fix.”

Design: Living with Lolo | Photo: Life Created

Look to make brown your next color accent. Pair your woods and leathers with a complimentary color to offset the mix of brown tones. Greenery always helps to infuse more color too!

Patterns and Bold Marble

Design: Urbanology Designs | Photo: Matti Gresham

Designers all agree that the rustic farmhouse aesthetic is out for 2024. “I think it’s time for the coastal California look to step aside. This came in hot after Modern Farmhouse faded away, and I think people are ready for more drama and uniqueness,” adds Wegman. Don’t second guess yourself in 2024 in all the ways, including decor — the bolder you are, the better!

Biophilic Design Elements

Photo by Charlotte May for Pexels

Bring the outdoors in for a healthy, happy home in 2024. “Biophilic design will thrive in 2024,” says Ginger Curtis, CEO and founder of Urbanology Designs in Dallas. “This trend centers around bringing the outdoors inside, creating spaces that foster a stronger connection with nature. Expect to see more indoor plants, living green walls, natural materials like stone and wood, and large windows to maximize natural light and reduce the barrier between the interior and exterior.”

What trends are you most excited about? For even more home decor inspo, sign up for our weekly email newsletter!

Header image via Cosentino

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