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While there’s no need to redecorate or renovate your home every year, new trends can give you inspiration and ideas to spruce up your spaces. Trend predictions can also be a fun way to understand how home design fads from the past and present will work together in the future to create what we’ll come to know as the contemporary look. The home renovation and design platform Houzz compiled insights from the site’s data, referenced hundreds of home design photos, and interviewed dozens of home design professionals to come up with a list of home design predictions for 2024.

The insights include existing trends, like the use of warm neutrals over stark whites, which will continue into the new year, and newer trends, like the use of soothing blues as a primary shade in home interiors. Keep reading to learn more about Houzz’s 2024 home design predictions.

2024 Home Design Predictions, According to Houzz

Blending Backsplashes

Patrick A. Finn, LTD., Photographer: Studio West Photography

Maybe you love the trending look of a modern slab backsplash but also love the timeless quality of tile backsplashes. Well, this hybrid design choice could be the best of both worlds. According to Houzz, some designers are choosing to install a slab of stone of quartz behind the range or cooktop in the kitchen, while keeping the surrounding backsplash areas tiled. This allows you to blend the more modern and the more classic look in your kitchen without having to fully commit to either.

Fluted Cabinets and Details

parsons i.d., Photographer: Shanna Hickman

In response to the hyper-minimalism trends of the past few years, home designers have been gravitating toward ways to add more texture back into the home. One of the most popular ways is through the use of fluted details, whether that’s on kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, or living room furniture. Even if you want to keep your style more minimal, fluted textures can instantly add more visual interest and help bring more charm to a space than flat, harsh edges can.

Warm Neutrals

ANA Interiors, Photographer: Ana Cummings

It’s probably not news to you by now that all-white and gray-toned interiors are being escorted out of style. And with that, warmer neutrals, like beiges, creamy off-whites, and rich browns have been taking their place. While this trend isn’t brand new, it’s expected to stick around for a while, creating a calmer, more welcoming backdrop for home interiors.

Blues in Focus

Brittany Lyons Interiors, Photographer: Mike Healey Photography

From all the 2024 Color of the Year predictions, blue is the standout color we can’t ignore. Even though warmer tones are taking over in the neutrals space, blue is expected to play a much bigger role in home color palettes as people look for ways to infuse more bold pops of color into their homes.

Timeless Style

Photographer: Chuck Collier, Designed by: Molly J Littlejohn Design, General Contractor: Kraft Custom Construction

According to Houzz’ 2023 U.S. Kitchen Trends Report, many homeowners are requesting more traditional details and materials that create a timeless style and that can be a sustainable choice during renovations. Even in more modern homes, homeowners are finding ways to incorporate elements that feel more aged, like brick, clay tiles, rustic wood elements, and arches.

Handmade Features

Copper Sky Design + Remodel, Photographer: Marc Mauldin

In conjunction with the trend toward adding more timeless elements to the home, more handmade and custom features are being added as a way to add more charm and uniqueness to a space. Houzz experts say this includes things like handmade tiles, custom bathroom vanities, and other bespoke elements. The 2023 Houzz U.S. Bathroom Trends Report supports this trend, finding that the majority of renovating homeowners (62 percent) opt for a custom or semi-custom vanity.

Appliance Garages

kate roos design, Photography: Andrea Rugg Photography

Appliance garages are a helpful kitchen feature for visually decluttering the space. They can conceal countertop appliances, such as blenders, coffee makers and toasters while keeping them easily accessible and organized. (A win-win in our minds!) According to Houzz, appliance garages are regaining popularity in kitchens as homeowners seek ways to declutter their homes while also incorporating more gadgets in the kitchens. (If you’re someone who has an air fryer, Instant Pot, and every other trending appliance in your kitchen, this might be the design move for you.)

Herringbone Everything

Rochelle Lee Interiors LLC, Photography: Shanna Wolf Photography

Patterns, like every all other trends, come back around—and Houzz experts say herringbone is next on the revival list. It’s a classic pattern for flooring, kitchen and bathroom tile, and more, and it can done in new ways to make the style look refreshed and modern.

Mud-Laundry Rooms

Design by Karen Berkemeyer Home, Interior Design by Sandy Effren, Built by Greyrock Homes

We love a design trend that’s all about practicality—and a combo laundry and mud room is exactly that. According to Houzz, this increasingly popular setup lets homeowners place grimy sports uniforms, sandy beach towels, or muddy winter coats directly into the wash before they track dirt further into a home. This is especially smart for households that have a lot of mess going in and out of the house. To make the multi-functional space even more useful, Houzz design experts recommend adding storage components, like cabinets, hooks, and cubbies, to help organize all the gear.


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