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For decades, your home was considered a place where you come after a long day of work to relax. As such, it was never designed to help you concentrate or boost your efficiency. That’s what the office was for! But as the trends have been steadily (and not even all that slowly!) changing for the past several years, more and more people opt to work from home

For a while, we were fine working from any spot in the house, but soon, it became clear that having a designated space was not only more convenient but actually helped the work process. This gave rise to home office ideas that, in the long run, would change the way we work from home.

How Can I Make My Home Office Look Good?

Obviously, your office has to be functional, but if there is something we learned from the corporate environment, it is that the more beautiful and personalized our workplace is, the more likely we are to want to spend time there and produce outstanding results. 

While there are a lot of home office interior design trends, many of them can make your space feel outdated really fast. That’s why, when choosing a design, go for modern home office ideas that aim for a timeless rather than trendy look. Below, you’ll find 42 home office design ideas to create your ideal workspace. Let’s get right to it!

1. Add chic

Who said your home office should look like a cubicle? If you are ready to embrace chic and fashion while keeping it functional, go for it! A black accent wall will give your space depth and help you create a perfect backdrop for the video calls you have to make. A glass chandelier will be an ideal statement piece to center your office. You may even include some golden fixtures for added glamor.

2. Green for the Win

A lot of green plants around the monitorImage credits: neederland

Plants breathe life into any space, so why should your home office be any different? Not only do plants keep the air around them clean, but they are also said to have a soothing effect on you, and the pots you house them in will serve as additional decoration. Even if you have no previous experience tending to plants, try starting with one and see how long it takes to turn your home office into a small jungle.

3. Let Your Inner Artist Out

Are you a DIY artist, a graphic designer, or an art enthusiast? Frame it, put it on shelves, on your desk, anywhere it can shine, and make your space full of vibrant energy. Surround yourself with the things you love to create an atmosphere that makes you want to create more. And in this case, don’t worry about less being more — go all out!

4. Tie the Room Together With a Rug

It is difficult to overestimate how a rug can bring together all the elements in the room. You can choose one that complements your overall color palette or go for a neutral color like gray. This will make your space even more interesting visually but also add coziness. Pair the rug with simple, sleek furniture to keep the room simple and classy. 

5. Try Hygge

If bright colors and overly cozy environments tend to distract you from work, try practicing Hygge for your home office decorating ideas. Neutral colors, natural textures like wood and textile, and simple and functional furniture will give you that mood that makes you want to create throughout the day without feeling stuck in a lifeless space.  

6. Create Your Own Gallery Wall

Whether it is your memorable moments or printable art you bought online, become your own art curator and create a gallery wall for your cool office space. You can place it right above your desk for the time you need extra inspiration. Use removable wall strips to easily swap pictures when you have a new addition to the gallery.

7. Old & New

Don’t feel like you have to go on a shopping spree for all-new furniture if you are just setting up your home office space. Items that are biding their time somewhere else in the house, not serving a purpose, paired with a couple of new things, can create a truly unique vibe. If you have a vintage rug or lamp collecting dust in the attic, bring it downstairs to add chic.  

8. Let There Be Light

Natural light is always your friend. It is essential in a small office because it makes the space feel bigger. That’s why, if in any way possible, try to set up your home office closer to the window. 

9. Embrace Colors

As with most things, colors are subject to trends. If you want to save yourself a trip to the hardware store and a mess in the office space every time a new hue becomes popular, choose colors that speak to you personally rather than to the masses. You can paint the walls, the ceiling, and the furniture in one color to create the feeling of spaciousness or go for a pop of color with just a couple of items. In both cases, your office will be a perfect reflection of your personality.

10. Use Every Inch

Organizing your space in an efficient way is a super important concept, especially when it comes to small home office ideas. Don’t neglect vertical space; you can mount cabinets and open shelves on the walls to free some of the valuable floor and desk space. If you use a printer or other bulky equipment, try putting it in the corner or tucking it under the table. 

11. Library Feel

If you have always been fascinated by that moody feel of home studies and libraries described in 19th-century classical literature, go for dark colors, like mahogany or black. An antique desk lamp or a massive armchair will only enhance this vibe, while a built-in bookcase will provide excellent storage.  

12. Bare Minimum

black flat screen computer monitor on white wooden deskImage credits: Hillary Black

If all you need for your work is your laptop and a notebook, you can skip the elaborate home office design and go for a minimal setup. You can do it in any corner of your house, as long as it gives you enough space to set up a comfortable desk and chair. And note that minimal doesn’t mean devoid of any and all decor. You can still have something on the desk or the wall so your workstation doesn’t feel empty; just make sure you keep it in sync with the rest of the minimalist design.

13. Don’t Ignore Vertical Space

Vertical space is often overlooked in home office design. And yet, it is a game changer, especially if your home office shares space with another facility, like a kitchen or living room. There are a lot of storage units and desks that can be mounted on the wall to visually de-clutter your space. 

14. Sit With Style

Wooden bookshelves in home officeImage credits: Karl Solano

You spend most of the day in that chair; of course, you would want it to be comfortable and stylish. And no, these two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Take time to find a chair that supports both your creativity and your back.   

15. Go Natural

Using natural materials of neutral tones will give you a calm and soothing look. One thing to look out for when going natural is using matching tones of wood to avoid visually uncoordinated design. Mix textures and use natural materials for decoration as well.

16. Every Nook and Cranny

Do you know those awkward nooks that are neither a full room nor a part of any room? Most of the time, they stay empty or — more likely — accumulate all the unused stuff in the house. Now, you can turn it into your very own workspace. Just install a desk, put a piece of art on the wall, and voila! Bonus points if your nook comes with a window!

17. More is More

Not a fan of minimalism? Go all out! Mix colors and patterns, and don’t stop at that — try mixing styles to create your own unique home office setup ideas. Showcase your bright and playful personality in your office design by embracing maximalist decor!

18. Vintage All Over

Room with bookshelves and tableImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

Feeling nostalgic for the past era and its aesthetics? Recreate it in your home office with vintage furniture and decor. Shop flea markets for an antique desk and last century’s printed art to create a feeling as if you stepped out of a time travel machine.

19. The Right Angle

Whether we sit facing the wall or away from it, it is common practice to place your desk against the wall. Go against the grain, and if your space allows it, position your desk in the middle of the room or at an angle to one of the corners. This will create an interesting visual division. 

20. Wallpaper Statement

Sometimes, all you need to elevate the look is a statement wallpaper. If you are just starting to design your home workspace, you can choose the wallpaper color and pattern first to work your way around for the rest. 

21. Industrial Equals Industrious 

It might not be easy to incorporate industrial style in the entire apartment, but if there is one room where it would fit like a glove, that’s your work area. An open brick wall, metal furniture, and distressed wood create an environment that boosts your productivity.  

22. Slender Silhouette

Pink curtains and chair near white tableImage credits: Max Rahubovskiy

If your office area is on the smaller side, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Many modern designs take into consideration small spaces when making office furniture. Go for slender and sleek silhouettes that maximize function while still looking gorgeous. 

23. Visual Inspirations

The importance of inspiration while working from home can’t be stressed enough. Infusing your workspace with your style and personality will not only make it aesthetically pleasing but also push your creativity forward.  

24. Elegance in Everything

If your home office is a part of another room in your house, it absolutely doesn’t mean that it will disrupt the style of that room. Go for a massive wooden desk and a faux leather chair that will match the elegance of the rest of your living room. Now, you can maintain the visual integrity of the entire space. 

25. Table Lamp as a Statement

It doesn’t matter in which part of the room your desk is located — a good table lamp is a must. Apart from giving you all the necessary light, especially if you have to work in the evening, it is a quick and easy way to make a statement, add a pop of color, or tie the entire workspace together. 

26. In Sync With Nature

You don’t have to go work in the park for some fresh air and picturesque scenery. If you have a window or a door that leads into the garden or backyard, place your desk next to it and enjoy the view. Opt for light, understated furniture for an office nook that oversees an open-air area.    

27. Mount a Wall Hutch

Need both open shelving and a chest of drawers but don’t have enough space? A wall hutch will solve this problem for you. At the same time, its solid structure will enhance the style of your home office. 

28. Rest & Recuperate

Getting work done is very important, but every now and then, we all need a moment to recharge. A comfortable reading chair or couch placed opposite your desk will serve as a spot where you can take a moment to regroup your energy or switch positions for a better creativity flow.  

29. Mix & Match

Don’t be afraid to mix materials when working on home office decor ideas. Wood, glass, metal, or ceramics — mixing and matching them in your workspace will create more depth and give the place its own personality. 

30. Free Float

If your office space is big enough, instead of putting your desk against the wall, try positioning it as close to the center of the room as possible. This will give it visual weight and make it the focal point.

31. Warm Colors

The colors you choose for your office will significantly affect your work process, so while bright and vivid colors are good for boosting your energy levels, go for warm colors if your work requires concentration and focus. 

32. Garage Workstation

If you are not a handyperson type whose garage is full to the brim with all sorts of tools, instead of letting that space go wasted, why not transform it into your home office? You get to have a stylish space that is far enough from all the distractions your house offers but still close enough should you need a snack.

33. Layered Curtains

Your windows deserve just as much attention as the rest of the office, especially if you are working from a small space with not many possibilities for decoration. Layering shades, blinds, or curtains will allow you to let as much light in as you wish while simultaneously creating depth and style.

34. Basement Office

Break the stereotypes by transitioning your home office into the basement. Complete it with a coffee table and an area rug, and suddenly, your least cozy space in the house becomes the most attractive one.  

35. Accent Wall

You can create an accent wall with patterned wallpaper or bold paint. While giving this look to the entire room might feel distracting to some, an accent wall is a great way to create a statement while still keeping things toned down. 

36. Explore Chalkboard

Chalkboard paint creates a stylish accent wall in and of itself, but you can take it one step further and turn it into a monthly calendar, an inspiration board, or a project planning space. 

37. Large-Scale Art

It might seem counter-intuitive, but a large-scale statement piece of art will work much better in a smaller space than a bunch of small pieces. Coordinate it in style with your desk for an immediate, effortless chic.  

38. Leaning Desk

A leaning desk is another great space-saving solution. Not only will it provide you with a work surface and a storage unit, but also add character to a home office and double down as a decorative piece.   

39. Organize With a Pegboard

Pegboards are very easy to DIY, even if you have never made anything like this before. It will work wonders in helping you organize your office supplies and provide space for decorations. The best part: you can make a pegboard as big or as small as you want and rearrange stuff to suit your mood without major renovations.  

40. Wall-Mounted Desk

One of the best small home office ideas that also work if you don’t have the space for a standing desk is wall-mounted desks. Install them in any place for maximum comfort. Some of them can even be closed when you don’t use them and play the double role of a desk and a bookshelf in an open position. 

41. Spot for Your Pet

Keep your pet close to you for emotional support during the work day. Include your dog’s bed or your guinea pig’s cage in the design, and enjoy their company while still completing 100% of your tasks.

42. Stylish Storage

How often do we ignore filing cabinets as a way to decorate the office? Most of the time, the only feature we look for when buying them is how much stuff they can hold. And while that is utterly important, why not combine it with style and character?

How Do I Set Up an Inexpensive Home Office?

With all these marvelous creative home office ideas flowing in the air, one question that still needs addressing is, “How do I set up an inexpensive home office?” While we all agree on the importance of a well-designed and well-equipped office, a project like this can become really expensive really fast.

42 Home Office Ideas For An Inspired And Productive Work ProcessImage credits: IKEA

A good place to start is to take a look at IKEA home office ideas that offer stylish yet inexpensive solutions for offices of all sizes and characters. Because one thing you shouldn’t be cutting down on when setting up a home office is your character and personality. 

4 Inexpensive Home Office Decor Ideas

Some of the best home office ideas don’t require a lot of financial investment. Let’s take a look at ways you can create a comfortable and functional home office without having to break the bank. 

1. Paint

Painting the walls in your room is probably the cheapest and easiest way to give it a fresh look and infuse it with your personality. Whether you choose warm colors for a calmer and more focused feel or bright hues for a boost of creativity, it won’t take longer than a weekend to turn a spare room in your house into an inspiring workspace.   

2. Upcycle Furniture

If you are working with a tight budget when equipping your new home office, a good solution is to invest in one big piece of furniture, such as a desk or a large filing cabinet, and assemble the rest with things you already have at home. 

Give that antique armchair that has been collecting dust in the attic a new life! Upholster it and turn it into your new desk chair. No one is using the dining table for its direct purpose? Give it a fresh coat of polish and make it the centerpiece of your creative work.  

3. Work With Details

We tend to overlook details when it comes to renovation, but it’s often the details that make the room. If you already have a place you work from but would love to update it, you don’t have to go all out and change everything. Just taking care of several details will do the trick. 

For example, change the storage unit’s fixtures to match the metal of your furniture and lights, put up some office wall decor to complement the overall style of the space, put a floor lamp next to your desk, or, if you’re working in a living space that doubles in function (living room or kitchen), position your desk in such a way that creates a visible divider between them.   

4. Maximize Functionality

Need a desk and a storage unit, but buying both falls outside your budget? Fortunately, there are plenty of options that value functionality while remaining stylish. From wall-mounted desks to peg walls that provide organization and decor, these modern home office ideas provide the perfect solution if you need to make the best out of a small space and a limited budget.  

What Should I Put in My Office at Home?

At first, the answer might be obvious — the same things you used to have in your company office. But once you start juggling different home office design ideas, you realize it is much more complicated — and much more inspiring — than that. Setting up a home office differs considerably from doing the same in a corporate environment.  

Most of the time, you need a desk if you work from an office. Some sort of a sitting arrangement comes as a logical extension, but after that, you are full of questions. Should you go for shelves or cabinets? What kind of light works the best in the home office environment? Is it okay to have a carpet as part of your home office decor?

In terms of furniture, always consider your practical needs. For example, if your occupation includes lots of paperwork, you will find that investing in filing cabinets will be a great solution to keep your home office organized and tidy. Similarly, if you constantly need quick access to small-size supplies, buying an office desk with an inbuilt chest of drawers will be helpful. 

If your living arrangements allow you to set up your home office in a separate room, avoid having a TV in it, if possible, to make sure it doesn’t affect your productivity. However, it does not mean your home office should be devoid of all comfort. If space allows, incorporate a relaxation zone for the times when you need a moment to recharge but don’t want to go into the living room so as not to lose concentration. Even if it is just one armchair, it will serve the purpose.    

Of course, not all of us can afford to have a whole room in our house set up as a home office space. You may be working from a small nook or even a desk on one side of your studio, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a comfortable setup that will boost your productivity. Even if your entire home office only occupies one wall, there are tons of small home office ideas to help you make it more comfortable and inspiring.   

Home Office: Myth or Reality?

So, what is the final verdict? Is it possible to create a space in your home that will help boost your productivity and, get things done, keep your creativity flowing, all while maintaining a sensible budget and combining style with functionality?

The short answer is yes. Whether you are setting up your home office in the guest room or right across your kitchen counter, in this article, we’ve covered a lot of home office ideas that will make working from home an inspiring experience. 

FAQ About Home Office Setup

Still have questions about your bedroom office setup? Let’s tackle them.  

Should My Desk Face a Window?

When finding a place for your desk, a lot depends on the size and layout of the space you’re working with. Locating it next to a window gives you the optimal access to natural light. However, if that is not possible for some reason, consider placing it at an angle against one of the corners. 

Where is the Best Place to Put a Home Office?

Of course, if you can afford to allocate an entire room to a home office, that’s great. But what if that’s not the case? Well, honestly, there is no wrong place if it makes you feel productive and inspired. Whether you manage your first company from your master bedroom or place your desk against the back wall of your garage, what matters most is what you get accomplished. So, as long as the space is big enough to fit everything you need for successful work, you can confidently call it your home office.  

How Do I Make My Home Office Feel Like an Office?

The first piece of advice here is to get rid of any possible distractions. If there is even the slightest possibility to set up your office in a place where there is no TV, take it. If you’d rather spend your day taking naps, it’s probably best not to get tempted by a sofa next to your desk. 

How Can I Make My Home Office Look Expensive?

Even the best rosewood desk won’t give your office that expensive look if the rest of the space is mismatched. Nothing creates a more inspiring home office than the feel of a well-thought-through design. 

Try going for a monochromatic look, or if that’s too boring for you, play with different hues of one pastel color. For example, use different shades of blue for the walls and cabinets. Another interesting idea for an office is trying a black-and-white look. 

Home office decor is also important for creating that expensive look. For example, layering small and large coffee table books will create depth and give a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic look. Even the stationery you use plays a part in this. Whether you use a desk organizer or just a pen holder, go for something that seamlessly blends into the general look instead of feeling foreign. 



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