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Are you ready to give your home a makeover?  Maybe something that incorporates both the modern and contemporary styles? Interior design is personal and while you may want an Instagram-ready look, it’s not something you can achieve with a couple of clicks on Pinterest.

However, you can easily create a space that reflects your style on your own with a little help and inspiration. Here are five classic and contemporary interior design tips to take on board this autumn.

1. Furniture

Furniture is one of the most important elements in setting the tone of a room; whether modern or classic.

When it comes to picking furniture for a classic home, it’s all about finding pieces that make you feel like you’re living in the past. Classic furniture is made with rich wood, intricate details, and soft fabrics. Think of beds with fancy headboards, chairs with comfy chairs, and sofas made of velvet. This style focuses on craftsmanship and looks more than just practicality. 

In contrast, modern furniture is all about making the most of your space. Look for beds with storage or desks that can also serve as dressing tables. The focus is on clean lines and minimalistic designs that are both stylish and practical.

2. Flooring

hardwood flooring

When it comes to the classic design, nothing compares warmth and character of wooden floors. Whether it’s the rich, dark tones of mahogany or the lighter shades of oak, wooden floors bring a sense of history and elegance to any space.

If you’re more into the contemporary style, tiles offer a stylish, modern edge. The diversity of tiles’ finishes – glossy for a sleek appearance, matte for subtle elegance, or bold for statement – is what makes them such a great choice. Tiles can also help make a room feel larger, brighter and open.

If you want to add a touch of modern sophistication to your home, look no further than Royale Stones. Their collection of tiles is perfect for any room in your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, with wall and floor tiles.

3. Decor

luxury living room interior

Classic decor often involves items with historical or artistic significance – antique vases, hand-painted ceramics, and ornate picture frames. These pieces serve not just as decor but as conversation starters. They add depth and warmth to a room, creating an environment that feels both luxurious and homely.

For contemporary spaces, the approach to decor is often minimalistic but impactful. The goal is to create an environment that feels spacious and uncluttered. Think sleek, geometric shapes, abstract art pieces, and bold yet sparse color splashes against neutral backgrounds. Decor in these settings is used to accentuate the room’s design rather than dominate it.

4. Heating

fire place

Did you know that heating can also elevate your home’s aesthetic?

For a classic interior, incorporating a fireplace would be a great choice. It not only serves as a stunning focal point but also radiates warmth, nostalgia, and romance.

In contemporary settings, radiators can be a surprisingly minimalist addition. Gone are the days when radiators were bulky, loud, and ugly. Modern designs from stores like Best Heating are sleek and stylish and can even make your room look better. Plus, you can easily mount them to the wall or have them blend in with your decor. 

5. Storage

luxury bedroom wardrobe/storage

Classic interiors often feature a range of storage solutions that reflect a sense of opulence and attention to detail. These can include large, intricate wardrobes and vintage trunks, as well as wooden bookcases with detailed carvings. This type of storage is not only for the purpose of storing items, but also to add a sense of richness and depth to the design. 

Modern interiors, on the other hand, are characterised by sleek, functional storage that is designed to maximise space without overwhelming the room. This could be sleek, hanging shelves, floating cabinets, or modular storage units. 

Seek professional interior design services

Creative designer advises client and shows color sample in color palette
Creative designer advises client and shows color sample in color palette. Interior designer presents selection of color and paint swatches

Sometimes, blending classic and contemporary designs can be a complex task. If you find yourself struggling to strike the perfect balance, it might be time to call in the experts.

A professional can help ensure that each element in your home serves a purpose and contributes to the overall aesthetic. Whether it’s choosing the right color palette, selecting furniture that compliments your space, or finding the perfect layout, an interior designer can transform your vision into reality.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, reach out to House Designer for a tailored solution ensuring your home is not just stylish, but also a true reflection of you.

The bottom line

As we pursue modern interior design trends, it’s easy to overlook the warmth and richness of the classic era. But the secret to a truly stunning home makeover is ensuring that you’re not overdoing one style at the expense of the other. Combine the sleekness of contemporary design with the elegance of classic touches to create a space that’s not just trendy but also timelessly inviting.

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