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Every person, no matter how nomadic by nature, has a vision of their dream home. For someone, this can be the place where the house is located, for others having a special room like a library or a winter garden is more important, and for some people, it’s all in the details. But that’s exactly the beauty of a modern dream house: you don’t have to follow a pattern, but rather do what makes you feel happy and, pun intended, at home.

If you were handed house blueprints for your own real estate property, how would you build your dream home? I know that my dream house would have amazing views from all windows and include a playground for pets. Of course, custom home design might be more expensive than choosing a standard one, but the comfort and contentment it gives you is totally worth it. 

For this article, we collected dream house ideas people share online. If you are still unsure what you want your dream house to look like, hopefully, you will find some inspiration for your future home designs in this article. Upvote the ideas you would gladly incorporate into your own home, and let us know in the comments what your idea of a dream house is. 

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “I’d want a small shack in the middle of some woods, that has a secret stairwell, to the Underground house.”

mad_man_ina_box Report

“I am but a simple man and would like a hidden room, revealed by a bookcase, that moves when you pull on a light fixture.”

dcbluestar Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “It’s not that strange, but I think an irrationally large number of decisions in my life have been motivated by the desire to eventually have a study with high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves so I can have one of those ladder things that sits against the shelf and have it be justified.

I would add an octopus tank but I think they live like two years tops and having to bury a pet biennially seems depressing.”

Nrussg Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “A moat. No one has a moat anymore. Do you not want to talk to people? Pull up the draw bridge! And in the winter you have your own personal skating rink!”

Hardlynotpoor Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “An orangery! I have a lot of plants and having a room with all those windows would be great.”

Centerfugal Report

“I’d make an environment-friendly house as much as possible. But most importantly, I’d built it underground with a small house on top. That way family would think my house is too small to visit me too often and the underground house would be just a safe spot for me to retreat from society.”

KingStrijder Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “I want a hobbit pantry. Earthy, timber-stone decor that is climate controlled to be a perfect storage area for wheels of cheese, sausage links, and beer.”

Shangiskhan Report

“I would like a Lego room with display shelves all along the sides for previously assembled projects and a giant table in the middle with enough space to assemble the biggest sets, lots of little cup-holder type spots to hold the legos as I sort them… yeah. Always wanted that growing up…still want that now.”

well_uh_yeah Report

“I did build my dream house this year. Added a bathroom just for our cats. Has its own fan that is motion activated with a timer, has space for multiple litter boxes, and is out of the way from the rest of the living space. Best idea ever.”

BruceInc Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “My girlfriend and I both agreed that if/when we move to an actual house we’re gonna have one room be the coziest darned library in existence and the doors will be replicas of the TARDIS’.”

ashi2210 Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “I saw a cool house online yesterday that had an indoor greenhouse and I am here for that.” Report

“My wife and I planned our dream house that had a mud room with a dog bath. Sort of a low-tiled shower contraption.”

bigredcar Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “A fireplace with Smaug crawling down the chimney, face turned toward the fireplace, apparently breathing fire. He is of course imbedded with some of the rocks and crystals I’ve collected over the years. Oh, and this is all in my hobbit hole made out of cob.”

Ethnafia_125 Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “I want a freshwater pond in a central location inside the house.”

DoctorSneak Report

JustABoyAndHisBlob said:
“A cylindrical atrium at the center, that goes from natural rock and water features at the bottom, with spiral staircases and steps around the outside that lead to a glass-roomed sun deck with a hut that overlooks the entire thing.”

Orkenda replied:
“I’ve always wanted a courtyard-style house like in ancient China or the villa style of Rome. House feels more spacious, plus every hall has a view/access to your hidden paradise!”

JustABoyAndHisBlob Report

“A spacious, soundproofed room that’s mostly empty except for some plants, fluffy rugs, and a few cushions. 5 people squeezed into a tiny house and with 3 kids and a husband there is no room that is just my own (I’m sure my fella would love one of his own too). Somewhere I can just sit, alone.”

EvilDrGreen Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “I’ve always dreamed of having a theater room. A nice projector and a screen. Dark room with comfy seats and snacks. It would be a dream come true.”

NotValid_123 Report

“A migraine room. Completely dark and soundproof with a comfy bed and pillows.”

ninja_candles Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “Absolutely a secret beautiful bathroom just for me. I don’t know what it is but I just really value bathroom time and the luxury of getting washed and relaxing and getting ready in a big beautiful marble bathroom. But nobody else can use it. Like the secret bathroom in B99.”

cats_rule_on_mars Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “Slides. Slides all over the house to get you from any room down to the living room or den.”

hausomad Report

“I would build it over an existing stream and have bridges that cross it in every room as it flows thru the middle of the house.”

From-the-Trailerpark Report

“A hidden door that leads to the ultimate nerd room. Gotta have a place to showcase merch and play D&D with the boys.”

Leroy_Spankinz Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “I really want one of those natural bathrooms, that looks like you just walked into a jungle, everything is stone and steam and plants and sounds of a waterfall. Or one of those open staircases where the back wall is completely glass and there’s a leafy garden under the stairs. Basically just a tropical oasis for plants.”

YEEyourlastHAW Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “Definitely one of those huge showers with the water coming from all directions and a bench for a steam room situation. Add some good speakers in there for blasting tunes. And then a jacuzzi tub for comfortable baths. And to top it off, a state-of-the-art Japanese toilet with all the bells and whistles.”

Sirnando138 Report

“I’m 6’4 so a custom part of a kitchen counter that can be raised and lowered so I can cut things without feeling like I’m turning into the Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

1m_1ll1T3RAT3 Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “Professional kitchen. Hoods, stainless steel everything, floors on a 1° slant, and one whole wall is a drain, the works.”

easyroscoe Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “I’m actually getting ready to build mine right now. It will include a dog shower and a recording studio.”

RevRaven Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “A home brewing lab akin to an actual brewery. But it’s a secret lab hidden by a bookshelf door.”

obi-jawn-kenobi Report

rr777 said:
“I always wanted a floor drain in a garage.”

RandBetweenXandY replied:
“Trench drain here, similar to a fire station. Water hookups out there so you can wash the car indoors in the winter.”

rr777 Report

“No specific bedroom, but wardrobe beds in every room. You wanna take a nap? Bam! Bed! You are too tired to walk up the stairs? Pulls at the mysterious knob and reveals bed!”

Cliffbreaker-d Report

“A replica of a Blockbuster. Maybe a pizza oven in the back wall. And the largest assortment of VHS tapes. I’d call it Mockbuster and give family and friends rental cards so they could check out movies and games.”

cannibal87 Report

“I’d put an extra washer and dryer in the master closet. That way you don’t have to walk all through the house to do laundry. I hate doing laundry.”

PanoramicTrouble Report

“I want an outdoor area dedicated to taco night. It’s gonna have a meat smoker, and a tequila bar, and pepper plants, and a huge grill, and an awesome speaker system and it will be fiesta themed and amazing!”

DreyaNova Report

“A clock tower with flying Medusa heads, like basically every Castlevania game.”

deuteranopia Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “I want a basement that looks like a bar. Not just the “bar” part, but booths, TV’s, a pay phone on the wall, arcade games, a men’s room with a urinal, a woman’s room, etc.”

NotThisNonsense Report

“A huge underground shaft where I will be able to build and store a rocket/spaceship. I want to go to space even if is the last thing I do.”

ramtax666 Report

“If I had unlimited money I would essentially recreate my childhood bedroom but make everything proportionally larger to reflect how large things would be for me at that age.”

DonovanMcLoughlin Report

“I’m going to have an armory. With hidden weapons lockers built into the wall that is activated by fingerprint scanners. From the day I achieve this goal to the end of my life, I will still be waiting for a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion.” Report

51 Dream House Ideas To Make You Feel At Home “That scene in the Lord of the Rings where the fellowship gets surrounded by goblins in the mine of Moria right before the Balrog comes.

I want that giant hall and just as dark.”

Graikopithikos Report


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