Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Are you getting ready to renovate your home or just give it a refresh? There’s no better platform to scroll for the latest looks, trends, and information than TikTok. From the micro trends you’re going to want to accessorize your home with to inspiration for major renovation projects, this platform has it all. So, what’s in and out for 2024? Here are six trends that TikTok creators say will be hot next year. 

What’s Old Is New

After years of trends where everything looked the same, there’s a new gravitation towards unique finds. According to creator @renowayoflife, what’s old is new again. Considering how popular thrifting became in 2023, this is no surprise. People want furniture and decor that tells a story. So, watch out 2024—the search for vintage is on. 

Statement Furniture

Simple minimalism and neutral color palettes were the predominent trends for years, and it’s easy to understand why. During chaotic times, this style brought a sense of peace and calm. However, people are now looking to have more fun and express their personalities through their furniture. Whether it’s a wood dining table painted red or a brightly patterned accent chair, 2024 will be the year for statement furniture to shine.  

Almond Beige

Even with home design trends going more bold and maximalistic, beige has been the color that won’t go away. Not only is trendy, it’s also timeless. There isn’t one color that beige doesn’t compliment. However, some people are sick of it. So, almond beige provides the same neutral feeling, but with a slightly warmer and more updated tone. Expect to see almond beige cabinetry in both modern and contemporary kitchens in 2024.

Unexpected Accents

Paint can do so many things. Truly an unsung hero, it’s easy to do yourself and an affordable way to make a major design impact. While we saw a lot of painted arches in 2022 and 2023, this concept will evolve to more unexpected accents in 2024. This includes painting ceilings, moldings, and railings a bold pop of color as well as color drenching—which involves painting walls, ceilings and trim all in the same color.

Burnt Amber

Warm cozy colors are perfect for fall and winter, but they can also be a welcoming touch all year round. Burnt amber accents—whether via velvet pillows, linens, or decor pieces—can be a perfect companion to antiques and vintage-inspired spaces..

Walk-in Pantries

Walk-in pantries are next-level fabulous and they’re likely to be a must-have home renovation feature in 2024. Considering how popular precisely organized kitchens have been in recent years, it’s easy to understand why. From snacks organized by color to decanted everything, having a walk-in pantry takes this concept to the next level. Expect to see this feature in new homes as well as renovated homes with larger kitchen spaces.


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