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a table with plates and foodpinterest

Keep It Simple

a table with plates and glasses
Photography by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

“Set the table with love and intention. It doesn’t have to be perfect—bring in natural flowers and vines to fill the table.” —Caren Rideau, founder, The Kitchen Design Group


Add an Egg-Cellent Accent

a table with plates and glasses
Photography by Edward Rollitt

“I always like painted eggs placed in baskets on the table. They can be real ones, or lovely Russian painted eggs. Moss looks lovely surrounding bowls to enhance this meadow effect.” —Carolina Irving, cofounder, Carolina Irving & Daughters


Match Florals and Tableware

a table with plates and food

“Incorporate fresh flowers, greenery, and floral tableware into your decor to evoke the feeling of spring. Easter is synonymous with pale pinks, yellows, and baby blues.” —Skye McAlpine, founder, Tavola

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Bring Your Furniture to the Table

a table with a tea set and teacups
Photography by Aimée Mazzenga, Styling by Cate Ragan

“Blush velvet chairs are the perfect backdrop for whimsical florals and fun tablescapes!” —Alexandra Kaehler, interior designer


Layer Your Glassware

a table with glasses and plates of food on it
Casa de Suna

“Don’t overlook the impact that thoughtfully chosen glassware can have. We love including a variety of shapes, such as wine glasses, water goblets, and even specialty glasses for specific beverages. Experiment with heights to create a dynamic look: Place taller pieces toward the center and gradually transition to shorter glasses toward the outer edges. This decrease in height adds a subtle layering effect that draws the eye across the table.” —Andrea Wells, founder, Casa de Suna


Mix in a Moodier Hue

a table with a vase of flowers and candles on it
Courtesy Studio McGee

“I suggest trying a darker palette for your Easter table styling, layering in lighter and brighter elements along the way. With a neutral gray color scheme, this look appeals to brighter, sunnier days without diving full force into white.” —Shea McGee, interior designer

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Layer Silverware and Patterns

a table with plates and food
Photography by Anna Routh Barzin

“Don’t be afraid to mix pattern and color. A table can immediately be elevated for springtime with graphic pattern play and key visual layers, such as placemats, glassware, or serving pieces. Depending on how bold you’d like your table to go, the addition of demure solid-color china and simple silverware can help anchor the tablescape.” —Ally Holderness and Morgan Hood, founders, Elliston House


Play with Pattern

a table with plates and silverware
Ren Adkins Photography

“Lean into a color and elevate your table’s fun sensibility by being bold in your choices. Mixing and matching can be intimidating, but start with a graphic tablecloth, patterned dishware, or glassware and build off a color story from here. Colors can be married together across the table through your florals and other accessories, like servingware, or even the color of the drinks you might be serving.” —Olivia Massie, founder and creative director, Maison Venu


Keep the Candles Lit

a table set with glass candlesticks
Loris Casonato Photography

“I enjoy decorating with long contemporary candleholders in eclectic colors in a precious combination with Murano glass artifacts or collectible Japanese porcelains that I use only for special events. This evokes the sense of forgotten elegance and is a lovely way to connect with our roots from Venice, by creating a visually stunning ambience that delights both the eye and the soul.” —Marina Cighir, founder, Aina Kari

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Mix Vintage and Modern

an easter table
The Edition 94

“Combine different styles, along with vintage and modern pieces, to add an eclectic aesthetic and visual interest to your table setting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with contrasting shapes for a playful and dynamic display.” —India Montgomery, founder and creative director, The Edition 94


Add Kid-Friendly Decor

a piano in a room
Kim Seybert

“Set a beautiful table with spring floral colors like pastel-hued placemats, napkins, and glasses. Add something playful and whimsical for the kids too, with a piece like our Hop Napkin Ring adorned with a cute bunny. Charming accents will make your Easter gatherings truly memorable.” —Kim Seybert, founder, Kim Seybert Inc.


Keep a Consistent Theme

a table with plates and glasses
Misette Table

“Consistency is key. You want your tablescape to look purposeful, and not just a mishmash. We color-match all our collections so you can freely mix and match our dishware with our linens without a worry. Finish with centerpieces, whether it’s fresh flowers in standout vases, hand-painted candlesticks, greenery, sculpted butter, food art, or all of the above.” —Amy Burstyn Fritz, cofounder, Misette

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Go Monochrome

a table with plates and glasses
Courtesy of Collecto

“I love combining different shades of a specific color, such as green or blue—it’s quite chic! To give the table some movement, I pair tablecloths with placemats, use textured flatware or glasses, and arrange simple florals for a fresh touch.” —Federika Longinotti Buitoni, founder of Collecto


Swap Pastels for Gold Details

a marble table with gold and beige plates napkins and accessories

“Gold accents bring a beautiful layer of richness and elevated living to an Easter brunch table setting. Gold doesn’t need to be exclusive to the winter holidays—it is festive any time of the year.” —Kelly Wearstler, interior designer


Don’t Be Afraid to Over-scape

easter tabletop
Jonathan Adler

“Family gatherings can be fraught—sibling rivalries, parental neglect, the whole megillah. Want to know what’s not controversial? A colorful table. Everyone can rally around a setting that’s sunny, optimistic, and chic, so pile on your favorite pieces, and don’t worry about over-scaping. It may seem counterintuitive, but when the table is too spare, people are afraid to move anything and don’t feel at home. You’re welcome!” —Jonathan Adler, potter and designer

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…Or Keep It Low Key

easter tabletop ideas
Courtesy Bespoke Only

“We think an Easter table can be approached with a simple, minimal take. Incorporate the pastel palette through fresh blooms and the produce that the early spring has to offer. These pale hues can often be found in some of the most beautiful seasonal elements at your local farmers’ market.” —Melissa Lee and Erika Chou, Bespoke Only


Find Perfection in Imperfection

easter tabletop ideas
Courtesy Fete Home

“I confess: I love a festive table! I remember watching my mom set tables for special occasions, each one created with so much joy, love, and understanding of the people around it. It wasn’t about perfection (though her tables always were, in my opinion). Instead, she would add soul. Old family photos tucked into flowers, funny wind-up toys scattered down the center or a sprinkle of glitter for, well, just because! She knew just how to bring life to the table, and it encouraged us to talk, listen, laugh, and celebrate our core values. And when I see my own kids drawing pictures or writing silly jokes to decorate family dinner tables, I’m filled with pride.” —Jennifer Potter, founder of Fete Home


Create a Storyline

easter tabletop ideas
Courtesy Roman & Williams

“Everything we design is underpinned by narrative—What time of day are you eating? What season is it? Nature and the food you serve establish a sense of place and occasion. Easter is so close to the spring equinox, so I bring in seasonal flowers to provide color, and cut them to different heights to create a table meadow—one of my favorite things. I like to put flowers in unexpected places, like the wine cooler, and even have subtle blooms on the linens and echoed in the undulating rims of the plates. I keep everything else crisp to let nature’s wild imperfection and the food we cook shine.” —Robin Standefer, cofounder of Roman and Williams

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Candlelight Is Your Friend

easter tabletop ideas

“When done correctly, candles can be a great way to elevate a home’s interior lighting by adding a comforting, soft glow to the space. Candles can also highlight an art piece, underline a table setting arrangement, and accentuate a dining space, bringing the attention to a certain detail whether a floral arrangement, textured drinkware, or colorful plating. There is a simplicity and elegance that comes with pairing artistic tableware pieces with textured accessories that amplify a party setting.” —Eduardo Valdez, director of marketing at Diptyque


Embrace the Unexpected

easter tabletop ideas
Courtesy L’Objet

“It’s a family gathering occasion, so the table should be festive. Don’t be afraid of colors, and be sure to mix in unexpected objects—they are great to start a conversation. Beautiful, crisp, pressed linens and colored exotic orchids are a must.” –Elad Yifrach, founder of L’Objet


Helena Madden is ELLE DECOR’s associate market editor, and covers all things product and trend, from flatware and furnishings to kitchen and bath. She previously worked as a staff writer at Robb Report, where she covered luxury news with a focus on interior design.

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Sean Santiago is ELLE Decor‘s Deputy Editor, covering news, trends and talents in interior design, hospitality, travel, and luxury. He writes the So Courant! column for the magazine and


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