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A couple in Perth have hit out at an upmarket day spa for its ‘bogan luxury’ after comparing a treatment upgrade to a gazebo in someone’s backyard.

After shelling out $330 each for a massage package at Vanilla Face and Body Spa, a privately run business inside the Rendezvous Hotel on the beachfront in Scarborough, the pair forked out an additional $55 per person for an hour in the private couples balcony experience.

In a clip posted to TikTok, which has since been viewed more than 32,800 times in a week, a gazebo is pictured within the spa’s space of the hotel. Through the curtains, an outdoor setting can be seen despite the arrangement being located inside the building.

The gazebo with outdoor furniture (left), bird poo on the gazebo roof (middle), and the view of the view of the interior of the Rendezvous Hotel in Perth (right).

The TikTok video revealed a gazebo inside the Rendezvous Hotel in Perth with ‘bird poo’ on the roof. Source: TikTok/ditchwitch69

“Here is a bottle of wine,” a woman called Beth says as she pans around the inside of the gazebo. “It was $12 on Dan Murphy’s website, I checked.”

Zooming in on rubbish on the ground, she adds: “There is a cork from the previous people on this balcony.”

Pointing the lens upwards, the customer captures a series of marks on the roof.

“That’s bird poo,” Beth said. “So it looks like this gazebo was just from someone’s backyard, maybe off Gumtree, which is nice, cutting costs.”

The woman then pans the camera across the table where three plates of treats sit, including cookies and orange slices.

“We had a few little nibbles from the other lounge where everyone got to go for free,” she said, before moving on to the decor.

“Fake flowers of course,” Beth then pointed out. “You’ve got to make sure the flowers don’t die and fake flowers don’t die.”

Cutting across to the view from the gazebo, is the interior of the hotel.

“Here is some miscellaneous machinery that was part of our view, our vista,” the woman said. “[A] bit of dust too. If you squinted the dust could look like sand on the beach.

Laughing now, Beth adds, “So yeh, only $55 extra per person for an hour on this balcony. Very good, very cool.”

Plates of food inside the gazebo (left) and Beth's partner inside the gazebo (right).

Beth said they received a ‘few little nibbles from the other lounge where everyone got to go for free’. Source: TikTok/ditchwitch69

‘This looks like a DIY

After posting the video to TikTik with the caption, “Perth strikes again with the bogan luxuries”, the couple left users horrified at their experience.

“This is like a horror movie,” one person said. “I have no words,” added another.

“Is this a joke, surely this can’t be real?” someone else asked. “Refund please,” wrote a fourth.

While another said the set-up ‘looks like a DIY’ another compared it to “a dead mall in the suburbs”.

“How did the workers keep a straight face taking you to the balcony?” one person asked.

Yahoo News Australia contacted Vanilla Face and Body Spa for a comment but hadn’t heard back at the time of publication.

Spa shuts down gazebo after video goes viral

In the wake of the viral TikTok video, Vanilla Face and Body Spa has issued the couple a full refund and it’s “sincerest apologies”.

“As per our website, it shows this is an inside private lounge area with a bottle of bubbles and chocolates,” the company said in a statement to Yahoo News Australia. “We apologise for the error in judgment with this package.”

“We can inform that we have decided to remove the area as part of this included package. We now offer a bottle of bubbles and chocolates for this package in our open lounge area.”

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