Wed. May 29th, 2024

As we gently approach the month of May, there’s only one special day to make important plans for: Mother’s Day. And if our own experience counts, it’s hard to ever refute a pampering day at the spa. There’s no better gift then, for your superwoman in your life—to experience the utmost relaxation, whether in the form of a spa experience or a specialised facial.

While all wellness treatments will revitalise and rejuvenate, full-body spa experiences are some of the most indulgent and intensive forms of self-care, for they allow you to temporarily put life on pause and prioritise for your body and mind in a tranquil, restorative environment. These treatments are particularly thoughtful and considerate gifts for mothers, new or veteran, and can remind them to take time for themselves and prioritise their own wellness in a world that has unrelenting expectations of motherhood

Just like as any gift, it can be difficult or even impossible to find the right full-body pampering treatment for your mother amongst the endless sea of options as the big day nears. But while purchasing a spa gift card has never been easier, finding the perfect, indulgent experience that meets all of your mum’s needs and preferences will bring joy to you as well. From Gilded Age-inspired sanctuaries to cult-premium skincare with trailblazing technology, here is Vogue Singapore’s list of spa experiences that will have mum thoroughly relaxed and revitalised this Mother’s Day.


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