Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

The hustle and bustle of the city can be stressing. Once in a while, one needs a breakaway to serenity.

I opted for a weekend away in a wooden cabin; the epitome of charming rustic decor.

It is a perfect example of a minimalist housing concept. You too can have one in your home, at the farm, or business.

You will enjoy the luxury of wood and a magical experience. The simplistic cottage is located in Sinza resort Hotel which is part of Osaanidde Village orphanage in Bussi Island, Wakiso district.

The bedroom

The island is about 10 kilometers on Lake Victoria from Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe town. The wooden cabin has a distinct environment that feels calm and welcoming.  

Its rustic exterior coupled with a striped design of wooden panels gives it a timeless look. The windows and door are well-positioned to let in plenty of sunlight. Unlike some wooden houses that are finished with ceramic or cement floorings, this one is all wooden and the vanished panels give off a sparkling look.

The ceiling, too, has an African traditional feel. Instead of concrete or wood, the designer chose ordinary mats. The different pieces are knitted together in a creative design that fills the roof with rich patterns and colours.

The interior is divided into the living room and bedroom with en-suited bathroom and toilet. However, simplicity and minimalism are a strong element in the wooden cabin design.

For example, the upholstery and furniture including the wooden bed, craft chairs and table plus the window shutters are moderate with simple designs. In some wooden houses, the bathroom and toilet are detached and built with bricks.

 Mats in the ceiling

Mats in the ceiling

However, in this cabin house, the walls are sealed with a white plastic material, from top to bottom. The screws are visible, meaning, in case of need; it can be removed by unscrewing. Meanwhile, the white material protects the wood from getting in contact with water. Away from the interior to the outside, one can decide to chill from the balcony.

What you need to build a cabin

John Kanabo, the general manager, says not many Ugandans appreciate the beauty of wooden cabins. They fear for their safety and durability. However, he says the cabins can be as strong as concrete houses if built and maintained well.


“Modern homes should have these cabins in their front or backyard. They can act as guest wings, hosting or entertainment corners,” he says adding that: “The cabins can also be used in commercial settings like hotels and recreation centers.”  

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