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Since its inception in 2013, Fashion Foundry has carved a niche for itself in the beauty and hairstyling industry. Boasting a global presence, the company has garnered a reputation for producing top-notch beauty technologies and accessories through private label partnerships and its own range of brands. What sets Fashion Foundry apart is not just its innovative products but its unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

In an exclusive interview with, Christine Theriot, the Sales & Marketing Director at Fashion Foundry, delved into the company’s ethos and vision. According to Christine, diversity and inclusivity are not merely buzzwords at Fashion Foundry; they are fundamental pillars of the company’s identity.

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“Our products and brands are created by a broad spectrum of people with different experiences,” Christine affirms. “From who’s hired to the consumers we create these products for, diversity and inclusivity have always been integral to our vision.”

Indeed, Fashion Foundry’s leadership team reflects this commitment to diversity. Christine proudly highlights the presence of queer leaders, including herself, and diverse voices within the company, emphasizing the importance of representation in the beauty industry.

But Fashion Foundry’s dedication to diversity extends beyond its internal structure. Each of its brands is meticulously crafted with a specific vision to cater to diverse demographics. From the sleek and modern appeal of Tiri Pro to the quirky individuality of Glister, Fashion Foundry ensures that there’s something for everyone.

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“Tiri Pro was the first brand to start it all,” Christine explains. “One of the primary missions of Fashion Foundry is taking a serious approach to the quality and manufacturing of hair care products, and Tiri Pro embodies that completely.”

With Tiri Pro, Fashion Foundry maintains a focus on quality and innovation, collaborating closely with suppliers to ensure the highest standards. The brand’s commitment to excellence resonates with professionals and everyday consumers alike.

On the other hand, Glister embraces a more eccentric aesthetic, celebrating freedom of expression and inclusivity. Christine highlights how Glister’s unconventional designs resonate with a younger audience, filling a void in the beauty industry for products that truly represent individuality.

“People not only identify with Glister, but they’re thankful that these products were made. They finally felt seen in the beauty industry,” Christine shares.

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The remaining brands in Fashion Foundry’s lineup, such as Almost Famous and Hauteness, further exemplify the company’s dedication to glamor, innovation, and inclusivity.

Looking ahead, Christine envisions a future where diversity and inclusivity are the norm in the beauty industry. She hopes that Fashion Foundry’s commitment to representation will inspire other brands to follow suit, creating a more inclusive community for consumers worldwide.

“When people can identify with our brands, they’re able to find a community not just with us, but with other Fashion Foundry shoppers too,” Christine reflects. “We want to build that community and ensure that our customers feel supported and seen.”

With brands like Tiri Pro, Glister, Almost Famous, and Hauteness leading the charge, Fashion Foundry is not just revolutionizing the beauty industry; it’s fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment for all.

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