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MILAN — Wondering what to get the most important woman in your life this month? Gifts with a design-forward vision that are steeped in storytelling make for a thoughtful way to recognize mom this year. As the world turns to more conscious spending, here is a list of decor items from around the world that she’ll be inclined to keep forever:

1950s Mazzuccato Aquarium Murano Glass Paperweight on Abask


1950s Mazzuccato Aquarium Murano Glass Paperweight on

Courtesy Photo

If you are prone to FOMO, just know a gift like this one will likely not come around again. A whole underwater world was designed by glassmaker Gaetano Mazzuccato in the form of a paperweight. The artist, otherwise known as Gino, fell in love with glassmaking as a child, which led to the founding of his company in 1958 on Murano shores. Throughout the ’50s and ’60s, Gino worked on his own spin on the Muranese tradition of crafting the glass aquarium.

3,690 euros on

Leanne Ford’s Kiln Collection for Crate & Barrel

Leanne Ford plates

Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Inspired by the first “wonky wobbly” (her words) tableware that Leanne Ford created in her Pittsburgh, Pa., ceramic studio, these plates bring the designer’s touch to the family table. Molded in Portugal by craftspeople, this Crate and Barrel collection celebrates organic forms and imperfections, recalling Ford’s original creations. Lightly speckled with off-white glaze finishes, each plate is infused with an artisanal touch and a rock ‘n’ roll edge.

$159.60 for a set of eight pasta bowls on

Balizie Brass and Travertine Table Sculpture by Dimitri Zephir of Dach&zephir for CB2


Balizie Brass and Travertine Table Sculpture by Dimitri Zephyr.

Courtesy of CB2

Gifts from CB2’s Black in Design collective and platform are infused with a sense of pride and wonder, thanks to this commercial consortium that brings together diaspora and African designers from all over the world. The Balizie brass is designed by Dimitri Zephir of the French design duo Dach&zephir and is made with antiqued brass, crafted into an abstract sculpture of hanging heliconia (also known as “balizi” in the West Indies), which is a celebrated flower on the island of Guadeloupe. “Offering a bouquet with this flower is a way of showing attention and loyalty,” the designer explained. Balanced atop honed white travertine, the brass sculpture is finished with an aged lacquer.

$199 on

Original Sin With Apple Candle by Fornasetti

Fornasetti Original Sin with Apple Candle

A little something to remind mom she had a life before you came along. Rekindle her sassiest moments with this Fornasetti Profumi home candles that promises to “create a sensorial experience where time is suspended.” The Fornasetti fragrance Frutto Proibito (Italian for forbidden fruit) combines citrusy Mediterranean top notes with the soft embrace of jasmine, tuberose notes and sweet rosewood.

$270 on

Lauren S. Thompson Tetrasella Tetrahedrons

Lauren Thompson

Tetrastella collection

Courtesy of Lauren S. Thompson

When you meet Los Angeles-based Lauren S. Thompson she might ask you to write down an intention and also remind you about the benefits of 4-7-8 breathing. Ultimately, her art is aimed at improving daily life. Years of research regarding the power of tetrahedrons led to the debut of her Tetrastella collection of geometric marble sculptures to align with human energy. In more depth, the Tetrahedron or pyramid shape is known as the sort of sacred geometry that calls on the mind, body, and spirit to achieve a greater purpose.

Price upon request at [email protected]

Justina Blakeney Josephine Sunrise Rug

Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney Outdoor Josephine Sunrise Rug

Courtesy of Ruggable

Designer and Jungalow brand founder Justina Blakeney’s Josephine Sunrise Rug for Ruggable is a sunrise in itself, detailed with a magical jungle filled with a flora and fauna motif. With its oranges, pinks, teals and greens surrounded by a sun-filled sky, Blakeney channeled the calming effect of the jungle at sunrise. The extra-durable, machine-washable material is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use, especially high-traffic areas.

$169 to $709 on

Beret Season by Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson

Courtesy of Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson, a New Yorker with roots in west Texas, ignites the sort of at first sight, big city spirit that 20th-century illustrators like Miroslav Šašek brought to the eyes of children and their parents alike. “Some of these drawings, like Beret Season, were made after wandering around New York. I’ve realized there are certain times of the year where everyone wears berets,” he told WWD. Elsewhere, Wilson brings his witty spirit to projects for clients that include Design Within Reach, Valentino, HarperCollins, Todd Snyder NY and The Wall Street Journal.

$100 on

Teapot With Dragon From Gunia


Teapot with Dragon

Courtesy of Genia

Gunia brings together handmade items infused with a modern interpretation of Ukraine’s cultural heritage. The brand said it specializes in folk crafts to raise awareness of its traditional culture by creating designer artisanal pieces for everyday life.

The Teapot with Dragon’s design is hand-painted and based on a stone plate from the 17th-century Uspenska Church in Krylos, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The composition is adorned with geometrical ornaments and festive symbols — the stars.

$130 on

Slamp’s Clizia Mama Non Mama Battery Lamp


Clizia Mama Non Mama Battery Lamp

Ezio Gosti

With its golden leaves, the Swamp Mama Non Mama lamp is a bouquet like no other. Wireless and fully rechargeable, it can be easily moved from place to place and inside to outdoors. Perfect for al fresco dinners or a romantic bedside glow, the dimmable LED system lasts up to 60 hours.

380 euros on

Seletti’s Raw Heart


Love in Bloom vase

Courtesy of Seletti

Seletti’s Live in Bloom was designed by artist Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba and is indicative of the creative’s wild, playful spirit. While other versions are made out of porcelain and infuse the art of Kintsugi, this gold version is made of fiberglass.

Smaller vases start at $164 on

Poltrona Frau Water Illusion Vase by Assia Karaguiozova

Poltrona Frau

Courtesy of Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau has been on a roll these days — linking up with creatives from the fashion and design world and this is no exception. Author, designer and artist Assia Karaguiozova has designed glass containers that mimic the sort of close contact seen between water and the shoreline, the waves and the sky and the sort of poetic patterns found in these elements. Poltrona Frau said its Water Illusion series is entirely handmade in Italy, using 100 percent recycled glass and the complex technique of Cast Glass, a particular process where crystal and “cotisso,” a recycled glass, are melted in crucibles at temperatures as high as 1,500 degrees Celsius.

Price upon request at

The Selby Comes Home

The Selby

The Selby Comes Home

The Selby

One of the first to hit the blog scene in 2008, photographer Todd Selby has been drawing attention to the inner sanctum of celebrity homes for over two decades. Over the course of his career, he has captured the lives of curious individuals in three books: “The Selby Is in Your Place,” “Edible Selby” and “Fashionable Selby.” Along the way he also started his own family and became more interested in how creatives find ways to incorporate children into their spaces. 

His latest book, “The Selby Comes Home,” explores a new dimension of inspiration by looking at families around the world and their vibrantly colorful homes. “Complete with Selby’s signature questionnaires, whimsical illustrations, and inventive design, ‘The Selby Comes Home’ inspires anyone who lives with family, pets, roommates, or just their own chaotic selves to find beauty and joy in their spaces,” Selby said.

$65 on


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