Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is always a good time for chilling at home. Barely anyone is working full hours, everyone needs a break from the holiday frenzy, and this year, omicron is giving us yet another reason to hibernate for a bit.

But we could also use some serious pampering and self-care right now, too. So why not combine the best of both and bring the spa to your own home. Now’s the time to get out your favorite face masks, and hair and body treatments — and if you don’t have any handy, then whip some right up. These three super easy DIY recipes and treatments for face, hair and body will freshen you up for the year ahead.

Honey’s known for its anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for use in a calming face mask. (Photo Metro Creative Services)

Face: An Oatmeal & Honey Face Mask

Honey and oats are both anti-inflammatories, and help even out skin tone. And honey and coconut oil boast antibacterial properties, while the latter encourages collagen production.

To make the magic happen: In a blender, whizz one third of a cup of oats into a powder. Pour that powder into a big bowl and mix in a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Using a spoon, add in small amounts of water (between 1-2 spoonfuls) until it forms a paste of about medium thickness.

Apply the mixture to your face using your fingers as you would any mask, and leave it on to get slightly dry. After 8 to 10 minutes, rinse off with warm water, rubbing any dried bits off carefully. Dry your face gently with a towel and apply moisturizer to achieve maximum softness.

Hair: Yogurt & Honey Hair Mask

Honey plays a key role again in this concoction, bringing out its moisturizing and calming qualities as an emollient, softening your hair. It’s also vitamin-packed, which makes both your hair and scalp happy. Meanwhile, the proteins and fats in the yogurt leave it shiny and glossy.

To make the magic happen: Mix four tablespoons natural yogurt and two tablespoons of honey together in a bowl or cup, and let it come to room temperature. Apply the mask to your hair, starting at your scalp and massaging with your fingers all the way to the ends of your hair. Leave on for 30 minutes and wash out.

The skin soothing and softening benefits of a face mask continue well after you’ve washed it off. (Photo Metro Creative Services)

Body: Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

Silky, smooth skin all over is the goal here — and this combo makes it astonishingly easy to achieve. Pro tip: If you’ve got any residual oil left on your skin after washing off the scrub in the shower (and you probably will), take an extra moment to rub that into your skin for an even more hydrated, soft-as-can-be effect.

To make the magic happen: In a pot, slowly heat a half cup of solid coconut oil over low heat and melt it, then let cool for about 3 minutes before stirring in a cup of sugar (any kind is good, though raw sugar is a somewhat stronger exfoliant since it’s more coarse) and a teaspoon of lime essential oil. Transfer to a container and next time you shower, use as an exfoliating shower scrub (avoid your face, since it can be a bit too harsh) and wash off. Expect to walk out of the shower with spectacularly smooth, supple and hydrated skin.

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