Sun. Mar 26th, 2023
Nothing is more valuable than your mental health; life today can be stressful. A high-stress job, a lack of “me time,” and feelings of isolation or loneliness can all impact your well-being. In reality, many factors contribute, so discovering new methods to boost mental health wherever possible is extremely important.Our house is supposed to be a haven from the outside world, where we can unwind and let our worries fade away.
Sejal Parikh an Interior Designer, recommends five interior design ethics to optimise your space for improved mental health.

Let the Light Shine In
Since we’re on the theme of nature, you may need to realize that sun daylight is one of our best friends. Daylight makes a space feel less restricted and strengthens our overall mood. This is because sunlight is thought to boost the amount of serotonin released by your body, making you feel calm and focused.To improve your mental health, incorporate as much natural light as possible when designing a home. This could entail installing massive windows, extra lamps, lighting or skylights, and positioning furniture in areas where it will receive the most light.

Opt for Richness through Art
The sight of blank walls can be saddening. If your walls feel bare, consider purchasing a few frames, murals, or decor that will brighten your day. Because art is subjective, find a style that speaks to your personality and fills you with joy. Consider adding other decorative items. On an empty hall table, place a small sculpture. Decorate your bathroom vanity with lovely drawers. Put a beautiful vase between the books on your bookshelf. To bring you joy, art does not have to be large or expensive. Find stuff that speaks to you and reflects how you want to live and feel in your home.

Go Green with Nature Elements

Plants can completely change the mood of a room, transforming it from grey and lifeless to dreamy and inviting. They improve the environment, reduce anxiety and stress, and can generally boost your mood. Plants add color, interest, and elegance and are surprisingly simple to integrate by hanging planters or a kitchen vegetable garden.
The effect of biophilic design on our emotions and well-being is well known. Many studies have shown that biophilic interior design can even improve our cognitive abilities, which is why it is popular in office spaces too.

Lean on to Color Palette
Color is one of the essential aspects of any design, especially when it comes to interior design and mental well-being. The ancient Egyptians examined the impact of hues on mood, and there’s no doubt that the colors we choose can influence a person’s state of mind and overall personality. A simple change in walls and ceiling colors can turn a bright, open space into a dramatic, moody cocoon.
Graphic designers and marketing professionals also use colors to attract customers, the same as interior designers; Color has the same effect on mood, stress, and well-being.
When it comes to colors that promote good mental health, cool, calming colors are your best bet.

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Charm

Everyone desires to live in a beautiful home with exquisite decor. The mood of your residents can be affected by old furniture that lacks aesthetics, comfort, and quality. If they don’t like the interior, they’ll never be truly happy at home because they’ll be preoccupied with how much they want to change.
People frequently make the mistake of associating luxury with an expensive price tag. Buy luxury that is affordable but will make you cherish it at the same time.

Final Thoughts
Creating a space you love is one of the most positive points you can do to work on improving your mental health through interior design. Consider your home an extension of yourself, and make design choices that bring you joy.
If your walls look bare and home empty, consider investing in artwork that motivates you and raises your spirits. Alternatively, hang photos of family and friends in the places where you spend the most time, and add furniture and furnishing items.

Inputs by Lokendra Ranawat, Co-Founder & CEO of a furnishing company


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