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What does Jeremiah Brent, interior designer and the newest Queer Eye star, have to say about home? It turns out, quite a lot. Brent, who counts hosting the Ideas of Order podcast among his talents, shares insights into what makes a house a home and how his career as a designer inspired him to pursue audio storytelling, among other projects, in this interview with the SURROUND Podcast Network, home to leading shows from design standouts.

Jeremiah Brent Talks Design, and More

SURROUND: As an interior designer, what excites you about hosting a podcast? What’s the story behind Ideas of Order?

Jeremiah Brent: As a designer, every project I’ve ever worked on has begun with asking the client a series of questions. Questions like: “What’s your favorite time of day?” or “Do you have any family heirlooms? If so, can you tell me their story?” That’s where inspiration for the design comes from.

It’s funny how hosting the Ideas of Order podcast feels so similar to that process. I get the opportunity to ask questions that uncover the stories and memories from each guest as we explore the true meaning of home.

Jeremiah Brent on a black chair
Jeremiah Brent. Photography by Adrian Gaut.

SURROUND: How did you end up partnering with California Closets; what about the brand made it an ideal fit?

JB: My firm has been using California Closets in our design process for years. The brand is all about personalization within home and personalization can only come from asking the right questions. It’s been such a natural partnership for me, every step of the way.

Want to hear more narratives of home from design luminaries? Listen to Ideas of Order podcast.

SURROUND: On Ideas of Order, you often ask guests what home means to them. We’d love to hear your answer; what does home mean to you?

JB: It’s simple—for me, home is wherever my husband and children are. As passionate as we are about design, our lives are rooted in each other.

SURROUND: Are there elements of your childhood home that influenced your decision to become a designer?

JB: Yes! My earliest memories of design really exist around my grandmother’s home. Her space was the first that I really felt connected to as a kid. I remember my mother and I going to open houses together, too. As we walked around, I created these stories in my head about the families that would live there and how they would fill the space.

a dining area with white walls and cabinets
Brent and husband Nate Berkus’ dining area. Photography by Kelly Marshall.

SURROUND: Ideas of Order features an impressive roster of guests that stretches beyond interiors to the broader design world, from Queer Eye star Tan France to makeup icon Bobbi Brown. How do you decide who to feature on each episode?

JB: I love that we were able to welcome conversations with such a variety of talents, vocations, backgrounds, and personalities these past two seasons. That’s always been a priority for this project. I’ve known many of the guests for years and the others I became fast friends with after recording together.

SURROUND: As your inaugural guest on Season 1 of the podcast, you hosted your husband, designer Nate Berkus. How does your family home reflect your individual design aesthetics?

JB: Nate is a maximalist. I, on the other hand, love nothing more than a singular bowl being the only thing decorating a monochromatic room. Our home has become such a happy hybrid over the years—it’s balanced and full of pieces that tell our story.

SURROUND: What’s something unexpected you’ve learned in the process of working on Ideas of Order?

JB: How much we all really do have in common.

the cover of Jeremiah Brent's book
Cover of Brent’s book, The Space That Keeps You.

SURROUND: It seems like your newly released book The Space That Keeps You: When Home Becomes a Love Story is, in many ways, an extension of Ideas of Order. Where did the book idea originate?

JB: The Space That Keeps You has actually been in the making for years. The questions I asked myself when writing the book really wove themselves into the fabric of everything that I do—what we would discuss on the podcast, how we decorated our home during the renovation, the pieces I choose for my clients—everything is tied together.

ID: It’s been announced that you’ll be joining Season 9 of Queer Eye as the interior design expert. What most excites you about being part of the show?

JB: There are so many beautiful people to meet and stories that will be shared—I’m honored to be a small part of it all. I have such a respect and love for the whole cast and crew. I really can’t wait to see these stories come to life.

SURROUND: With so many different types of projects in the works, how do you recharge? Where do you find fresh inspiration?

JB: Travel! Always travel. We have a month in Portugal waiting for us this summer. We take some time as a family every year to disconnect, recharge, and find beauty together.


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