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First impressions are crucial and the entryway of a home sets the tone for the rest of the house where a statement-making entryway is one that immediately captures the attention of visitors and there are a few design elements that can be incorporated into an entryway to create a space that is both welcoming and unforgettable. A first impression might not be the last but it sure matters that’s why your foyer must make a style statement while adding functionality.

Home decor, interior design ideas for a statement-making entrance foyer (Photo by Smartworks Coworking on Unsplash)
Home decor, interior design ideas for a statement-making entrance foyer (Photo by Smartworks Coworking on Unsplash)

The entryway or the foyer also sets the theme for the rest of your home as an entrance foyer is the first impression of your home or office. Therefore, it’s important to make a statement with its design.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Rahul Mistri, Founder and Principal Designer at Open Atelier Mumbai, suggested:

  1. Preview of Design Style – The entryway is excellent for introducing guests to the home’s design style. For example, a modern console table paired with contemporary artwork and a sleek floor lamp can convey a minimalist design style. On the other hand, a vintage dresser with an antique mirror, paired with a Persian rug and potted plants, can set a bohemian tone for the home.
  2. Enhance Small Foyers – Smaller entryways can be challenging to decorate, but they offer an opportunity to create a cosy and intimate space. Adding a comfortable chair or bench and a few decorative accents, such as vases, candles, or a unique lamp, can create a welcoming atmosphere. Wall textures, such as exposed brick, wallpaper or even a painted mural, can add visual interest to a small foyer. For example, a bohemian-style entry can be created by adding a macrame wall hanging, a rattan chair and a colourful rug. Alternatively, a vintage mirror, a muted palette and a monochrome photograph can be used to adorn the entryway.
  3. Integrating Textures, Mirrors and Elements – Creating the illusion of space is a great way to make a statement in an entryway. Seamless textures such as marble or terrazzo flooring can make a small entryway appear more prominent. Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of space and can reflect light into a dark entryway. Adding a console table with an oversized vase or lamp can create a focal point. The entryway is a space that should be noticed and grab attention when designing a home. A statement-making entryway can set the tone for the entire house and make a lasting impression on visitors.

Bringing his expertise to the same, Sajal Lamba, Co-Founder and Director of Wriver, recommended a few ways to create a space that displays your personality while making a grand entrance for the rest of your home:

  1. Add a console – A console can be the focal point of your foyer. If you want to set up a grand entryway, a marble or metal console can layer this space with elegance. Similarly, a sleek wooden one works well for contemporary homes with compact layouts. Consoles also provide storage opportunities and can help make use of vertical space. As your guests transition from the entryway to the heart of your home, tastefully displayed artefacts, planters etc., can show off your personality and design aesthetic.
  2. Shoe stand or coat rack – Another timeless entryway element is a show stand or coat rack that will never go out of style. It might be a classic wooden shoe cabinet with louvres or something more dramatic. Likewise, a coat stand can easily fit into a small space in the corner. It’s particularly useful during the winter and rainy seasons and can also be used to keep umbrellas.
  3. Light it up – While you may prefer as much natural light as possible in the entryway, layering a small space with recessed lights or even lamps can make it feel open and inviting. On the other hand, tasteful lighting elements can illuminate the entryway during the evening and night. For example, you can opt for a floor lamp or perch it on a long, narrow credenza or console. Additionally, you could try a side table and a small lamp.

She said, “Apart from the above, you can also create a layered vignette in the foyer by arranging photographs or wall art, flower vases, or tchotchkes. Besides this, wallpaper is also an effective way to make a style statement without taking up any added footage. If there’s insufficient space, shelves arranged asymmetrically also make a great first impression. All you need is a few small touches and well-placed furniture to decorate the foyer and set a lasting tone.”

Talking about how designers can imbibe the qualities of warmth, elegance and luxury through just one material in this space, Akhilesh Chitlangia, Executive Director and COO at Duroply Industries Limited, emphasised about wood veneers and said, “Wood veneers are thin layers of natural wood that can be used to adorn walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture to enhance the interior quality of any space. They come in a variety of finishes and are used to create distinctive and sophisticated designs.”

He advised some design ideas for using wood veneers to create a statement-making entrance foyer:

  1. Create a Feature Wall – A feature wall can instantly add drama and personality to your entrance foyer. One can choose a single species of wood veneer or mix and match different species to create a unique design. A popular option is to use a herringbone pattern, which adds a timeless and elegant look to the space.
  2. Add Wood Veneers to the Ceiling – Ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to design, but adding wood veneers to a foyer’s ceiling can make a big impact. They can add a sense of luxury and texture to the space while also creating a sense of height.
  3. Install Wood Veneer Floors – Veneer floors come in a variety of finishes, from classic oak to exotic species like teak and mahogany. The natural grain of the wood adds a character to the space that creates a lasting first impression right at the entrance, when someone walks in.
  4. Use Wood Veneers to Create Custom Furniture – Using wood veneers to create custom furniture pieces can add a unique touch to the entrance foyer. From a sleek and modern console table to a rustic bench, wood veneers can be used to create a variety of furniture styles. Using a high-quality wood veneer ensures that your furniture pieces will be both beautiful and durable.

He concluded, “By using wood veneers in the entrance foyer, designers can create a space that is both inviting and visually striking. Whether it’s a bold pattern or a natural wood finish, the versatility of wood veneers allows for endless design possibilities. It’s not just about aesthetics either, as the durability and sustainability of wood veneers make them a smart choice for any home. With timeless elegance and unmatched luxury, they can make any space stand a class apart.”


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