Wed. May 29th, 2024

Interior design elements from decades past have come and gone, but which ones are riding strong today, and which might have staying power beyond 2024?

Home decorating looks popular this year include plays on fabric, along with curves and scalloped edges on furniture and accent pieces, says Anna Franklin, designer and owner of Stone House Collective ( studio and retail boutique, 4518 N. Oakland Ave., Shorewood. A curved back on a chair, for example, adds a chic yet relaxing look to living spaces.

In recent years, gray has been a go-to interior paint color. It still is, but Franklin says people are now enjoying more color and patterns. “They’re mixing floral with stripes, or stripes and gingham,” Franklin observes. “People are having fun with colors and patterns.”

Sherwin-Williams’ Colormix Forecast 2024, Anthology: Volume One is a color trend report comprised of 48 hues trending this year. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, notes colors like Stardew SW 9138, a dreamy slate blue, balances warm and cool undertones.

“Blues and greens, especially lighter ones like Stardew, are great to use in respite rooms like bedrooms for their association with calmness and resting,” Wadden advises. Earthy tones such as Fireweed SW 6328 plays into the rust- and brown-toned trend and can be used in spaces like dining rooms to bring an energetic ambiance to social gatherings.

Wadden often hears the misconception that dark colors can overwhelm a room and make it feel smaller or closed in. “For those who are hesitant to try a dark color in their homes, these hues, when done right, can contrarily make a space feel very cozy and intimate,” she says. “I would recommend using the dark tones in a room that you want to create those feelings of respite and coziness.”

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However, if the goal is to make a small space seem larger, Wadden recommends lighter shades that create a more spacious look that’s brighter and airier. Dark hues often absorb the light instead of reflecting it.

People are also going beyond paint—wallpaper is trending in a big way. “It’s back, and the horror stories you heard about wallpaper not coming off doesn’t happen if a wall is prepped properly. It’s a fun way to create textures and colors in small or large spaces.”

Those of a certain age might remember the groovy wallpaper murals of sunsets and stripes popular during the ‘70s. Those are trending again, but in modernized, interesting ways. “Murals are big—not a painting on a wall, but rather a wallpaper mural, or a continual mural around a dining room, on a featured wall, a staircase or a home office,” Franklin says. Popular designs include landscapes and cityscapes.

Vintage and Timeless Looks That Outlive Fads 

The abundance of vintage retailers and antique shops in Milwaukee speaks to a decade-plus of growing interest in vintage furniture and décor. “Vintage pieces are definitely all the rage right now,” Franklins affirms. “Pairing a special family heirloom, or pairing vintage with a contemporary sofa creates an eclectic, purposeful and thoughtful space.”

Franklin predicts that vintage furniture and accessories aren’t going anywhere fast. “Vintage is vintage for a reason. It’s still around, and we still love it. Many of those pieces kept well over time. That light fixture, or that piece of furniture has so much soul and a story. It will never go out of style.”

For those that don’t want to redo their digs every few years, avoid trendy colors and stick with timeless colors, Franklin advises. Dark browns are coming back into vogue but may or may not stick long-term. Instead of dark brown, consider a warmer tone such as taupe.

Wadden says the light and airy blues that are currently trending have staying potential beyond 2024. “Blue is a color that evokes positivity and tranquility, and it brings forth the best energy possible into a home. This is something homeowners always look for, no matter the year or trends,” she says. The color pink is enjoying a moment in the spotlight thanks to cultural moments like the Barbie movie, but Wadden believes it’s a short-term fad that won’t stick around long-term.

People are again implementing natural stone and wood elements beyond the kitchen and onto walls and archways throughout the home, Franklin says. The look has had a presence in many homes on and off over the years.

Still undecided about experimenting with a decorating trend? recommends having a dedicated trend zone, such as a small accent wall or a wall behind shelves, to explore different color palettes, wallpaper and décor.


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