Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

The moment you consider buying a shipping container, you want to think about it carefully. This is because there are many points to consider when buying a shipping container. A shipping container is generally used to transport products across the ocean. They are loaded into ships, but they are also transported overland by trains and trucks. The use of a shipping container is very versatile and especially in the world of transport it is ideal. They are very easy to load, and you save a lot of time during transshipment. This allows you to work a lot better with your company and everything goes a lot better. Shipping containers are available in different types and dimensions. How to buy a used shipping containers? In this article, we will discuss this in detail, so you will know all about it.


If you want to buy a shipping container, you need to look closely at the dimensions. These can differ a lot from each other, and this is very important. After all, there is a chance that a container that is too large will not fit on the lorry. You most often come across the TEU size, and this is a standard shipping container. This is also referred to as a 20-footer and is equal to approximately 6 metres in length. Of course, there are also larger and smaller shipping containers, but in general you use the standard dimensions. If the design also appeals to you, you can also choose between different colours.

Different types

There are a few different types of shipping containers and a choice has to be made here. The most common shipping container is the standard shipping container. This is made of steel and is used for transporting goods. It could also be that you want to transport perishable goods and for this you should use a reefer. This is a freezer-cooler container and can better cool the products. Finally, there are also special containers for transporting bulk goods.

Eveon containers

When buying shipping containers, it is important that you do this from the right provider. Especially second hand containers need to be paid attention and may have many defects. Eveon containers has been a reliable provider for many years and offers a wide range of different containers. You can buy high quality second hand containers here, which often have no defects at all.







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