Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Succession may be over, but the “quiet luxury” style it launched is anything but. The show’s fashion cues—subtle, understated, but incredibly posh—have also become a big, buzz-worthy TikTok trend, as people look for a polished, classic vibe for their homes.

“Traditional design and classic details are making a marked comeback, which aligns perfectly with the quiet luxury look and trend,” says Heather Goerzen, lead interior designer at Havenly. “This look is about remaining relevant and tasteful for decades.”

If you’re looking to develop this on-trend aesthetic, try these tips to bring it home.

Keep the Colors Subdued

To get that quiet luxury vibe, avoid any colors that might be considered “bold.” “This is all about a crisp, mostly neutral color palette consisting of shades of white and ivory, soft browns and tans, and understated hints of bold black, deep navy, earthy olive, or rich sienna,” Goerzen says.

Mix and Match a Little

While it may seem like this look is all about a traditional decorating style, you don’t want to stick with a single design era. “What sets this look apart is that it doesn’t go all-in on a single design style,” Goerzen says. “it’s a thoughtful, curated mix of modern, traditional, and warm minimalism all rolled into one. Picture this: a cool, sculptural coffee or side table made of travertine, neutral marble, or warm walnut, paired with a crisp off-white linen sofa with striped throw pillows, and warm cane accent chair.”

So break up that matchy-matchy set of loveseat, sofa, and chair to add a little variety to your living room, for example.

Look for Vintage or Antique Details

This aesthetic definitely doesn’t look like you have the same stuff (from the same store) as everyone else on the block. “Nothing says ‘quiet luxury’ like an impossible-to-find, one-of-a-kind vintage accent chair or reclaimed wood desk meticulously sourced from a local antique store or 1st Dibs,” Goerzen says. Spend some time searching your local antiques store and you might find the perfect piece that delivers style and character but stays within your budget.

And don’t forget about antique rugs. Goerzen suggests choosing one that suits the mood of the room you’re decorating and works with that quiet luxury palette—like a burgundy and navy rug in a cozy library, or a soft ivory, olive, and tan one in a lighter-hued space.

Opt for Classic Patterns

If you are adding patterns to your decor for texture, keep them simple, like a subtle floral or ticking stripe, and use them sparingly—perhaps in a few throw pillows.

Think more about adding textures through different materials, like a linen throw pillow or a bouclé sofa.

Go for Quality, Not Quantity

Those maximalist, cluttercore accessories don’t have a home in the quiet luxury design aesthetic—but you also shouldn’t veer too heavily toward the minimalist end of the spectrum. (Consider quiet luxury the happy medium between the two extremes.) Pare down what you’re including, but make sure that every element is posh. The bonus: Who wouldn’t want to curl up on a sofa with a cashmere throw?

Add Some Wall Interest

Wall detailing like wainscoting, picture or crown moldings, or board and batten treatments lend the room a timeless style—and are definitely a hallmark of quiet luxury design. “Woodwork adds a classic, luxe feel to any interior and looks beautiful juxtaposed against modern furnishings,” Goerzen says.

And don’t forget the wall art. You may want to opt for a French-style gallery wall, populated with artwork that fits the look and ideally has personal meaning for you, too.

Invest in Pieces That Are Built to Last

“Cut anything that’s overly trendy, like squiggle mirrors or checkerboard print,” Goerzen says. “The overall aesthetic here is timeless and classic—nix any decorative items or furniture pieces that recall a specific era, trend, or design style.” The big key to quiet luxury style is choosing pieces that are high-quality and have timeless styling—so they’ll still work for you a decade or two down the line.


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