Thu. May 23rd, 2024

A CELEBRITY interior designer has shared a list of purchases he’d never recommend making.

To avoid stress and a lot of dust, he stays away from five items at all costs.


Celebrity interior designer Jeremiah Brent posted a video to share a list of items he would never buy for his houseCredit: TikTok/jeremiahbrent

As a well-known and respected creative, Jeremiah Brent (@jeremiahbrent) considers his design advice valuable.

And luckily, he had no problem sharing it in a recent TikTok video.

Although he was apprehensive about “telling people what to do,” Jeremiah still revealed the five items he would never buy for his house.

“First is LED light bulbs,” he admitted. “I know they last forever, but I’m not interested in looking like I’m tanning underneath my bedside table lamp.”

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Jeremiah gets stressed from the unappealing color they omit.

His preference for lighting is a soft glow, “like a vampire lives here.”

Next, Jeremiah said that fake plants aren’t to his taste.

“I like to call them dust collectors because I’m not really sure what other purpose they serve,” he said.

The maintenance of this faux greenery is too much work.

Not to mention, Jeremiah prefers to bring in seasonal plants to add life to his home.

“Number three: I have a visceral reaction to plastic blinds. It stresses me out. It reminds me of my childhood. They break,” he said.

Jeremiah opts for either drapes or linens.

The celebrity interior designer sported a look of disgust when he brought up acrylic furniture.

He acknowledged that his disapproval of these pieces is controversial.

However, the dirt and scratches they warrant aren’t worth the aesthetic they add to a space.

Finally, Jeremiah proclaimed he would never buy wall decor that had a quote on it.

“I don’t need to see my mantra on a wall. It just feels super dated,” he admitted.

Over 4,000 viewers rushed to add their opinions on Jeremiah’s never-list.

One support exclaimed: “Yes! Perfect list.”

A follower wrote: “Babe, I love you, but what kind of LEDs are you buying? They come in a wide variety of shades.”

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“Real plants also get dusty,” one woman added.

“It stresses me out when wealthy people tell me that common things in regular homes are unacceptable,” an upset viewer pointed out.

LED bulbs, fake plants, acrylic furniture, plastic blinds, and wall decor with quotes on it stress him out and collects too much dirt


LED bulbs, fake plants, acrylic furniture, plastic blinds, and wall decor with quotes on it stress him out and collects too much dirtCredit: TikTok/jeremiahbrent


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