Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Christmas isn’t Christmas anymore. As each festive season comes and goes, we are seeing more and more people going above and beyond with their home decorating.

I swear each year, the neighbors across the road add a giant new inflatable something to their front garden and everyone in the street feels the need to “keep up” with their efforts.

We’re sorry to say it, but the OTT Christmas decorating is here to stay for another year.

And despite the current cost of living telling us otherwise, we need to add… more.

Having one Christmas tree isn’t enough anymore

According to interior designer and Balsam Hill’s Chief Merchandising Officer, Jen Derry, gone are the days of having one boring old Christmas tree in the living room decorated in multicolored lights from Kmart, and a token gold star or angel on the top.

An interior designer suggests multiple trees throughout the home to share the holiday spirit.
Getty Images

“We’re seeing a number of people putting up multiple trees in various rooms around their home to feel the Christmas spirit throughout the whole house,” Jen tells Kidpsot.

“We’re also seeing themed trees, with meticulously curated ornaments serving as a focal point for other decorations.”

Don’t be surprised if the kids want a little something added to their own bedrooms too.

“You can also get the kids involved by each having a smaller Christmas tree in their personal designs in their bedroom. Whether it’s in the theme of their favorite reindeer, Christmas movie, or even their favorite superhero, you can truly make Christmas decorations unique and personal,” Jen adds. 

Kids may want trees in their bedrooms too, according to the designer.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Of course, no one should feel the need to follow trends and if you’re not up for multiple trees in your home this Christmas, there are ways you can make your home look Kardashian-Christmas-worthy. 

How to style your home this Christmas

According to Jen, no matter how you choose to decorate this year, there are some key themes that people are following. And they will take your tree from standard to boujee instantly. 

“This year, gold colour palettes are at the forefront of Christmas decor trends. The opulence of gold combines beautifully with ivory and clear glass elements, resulting in a visual spectacle that exudes sophistication,” Jen says. 

“To embrace a contemporary approach, incorporate earthy tones and textures, to give off an heir of warmth, authenticity and cosiness at home. You can also add an ethereal touch by integrating crystal drops and garlands, introducing luminosity to your festive decorations.”

Gold palettes are in this year for Christmas decor.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The key to making your Christmas tree pop, always starts from the type of tree itself, says Jen. 

“I always start by selecting the perfect tree and foliage for the space. Then, choose a theme that ties everything together, whether it’s based on a colour palette, ornament collection, or personal interest,” she says. 

“Begin with classic ornaments in timeless colors like silver, gold, white, red, and green. Fluff and shape your tree meticulously to achieve a lush and lifelike appearance.”

The biggest mistake we make when it comes to Christmas tree lights

Derry suggests checking your tree for balance from top to bottom while putting on lights.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Getting started on decorating the tree always begins so cheerfully.

Everyone is in the Christmas spirit… until the tangled lights come out and you remember haphazardly tossing them into the storage box last year. 

But according to Jen, there is a way to make arranging the lights on your tree that little bit easier — and as it turns out, we’re doing it wrong. 

“When it comes to lighting (if your tree isn’t pre-lit), check the lights before stringing them on the tree. To decorate like a pro, view your tree in sections and style each section from top to bottom, ensuring a balanced and layered look,” she recommends.

Yep, we definitely don’t do that. 

Once the lights have been homed, it’s then time to decorate the rest. 

“Hang ornaments strategically, starting with larger ones tucked deeper within the foliage for depth. Smaller ornaments can be placed on the tips of branches to create a draping effect. Consider clustering ornaments of the same style or mixing various designs for a playful contrast,” Jen adds. 

“Add texture and fill sparse areas with Christmas tree ribbons, layering different styles and widths for a textured look. Christmas tree picks and sprays bring variety and texture to your tree. Heirloom ornaments and intricate accents elevate the overall appearance.

“Complete your tree with a personalised topper or a custom creation that adds personality. Finally, choose a Christmas tree skirt or decorative tree collar that matches your theme, creating the perfect backdrop for your holiday presents.”

And of course, while trying to make the home look pretty and festive, always ask yourself: “is it safe?”

“When decorating, keep in mind practicality and safety. Don’t overload electrical sockets or powerboards with different lights and plug-ins. Any extension cords should be safely tucked away so that the space is still liveable. You want to be able to live comfortably in your space so that you can enjoy the magic you’ve created. It should still be a home, not a showroom.”

Bring on December 1st (or maybe sooner…!)


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