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LOOKING to spruce up your home, but don’t have the budget to spend hundreds?

Redecorating your home can get expensive, that’s why Fabulous spoke to Interior Designer Leah, who runs a TikTok account dedicated to finding budget interiors that look expensive.


Interior designer, Leah from London often shares where to find bargain gems on her TikTok accountCredit: Leah Interiors_Shopping
She recommends playing with different textures and finishes to create a luxe look on a budget


She recommends playing with different textures and finishes to create a luxe look on a budgetCredit: Leah Interiors_Shopping

On her TikTok account, Interiors_Shopping, the mum-of-three shares the best budget finds in a variety of high street shops, here she gives her favourite tips for finding budget-friendly pieces that look expensive.

Where to shop

According to the interior designer, there are a few shops totally killing it when it comes to budget interiors.

Leah said: “Primark, Dunelm, and B&M are smashing it when it comes to budget, on-trend interior pieces.”

Leah admits the shops are great for expensive-looking buys that she uses in her own house as well as in clients, but notes it’s important to hunt out a good store near you.

“Products available depend on store locations, so hunt around and see which ones offer the best selection of their interiors.

“I think supermarkets can usually be hit and miss, but Sainsbury’s almost always has something good in.”

Little details

Making your home look expensive on a budget means you should always pay attention to the little details, said Leah.

“Pay attention to the finish, if it looks plastic it will look cheap.

“Scalloped edges always work well to create a luxe feeling as does interesting texture on ceramics like vases and dining ware.”

She also recommends keeping an eye out for cushions or blankets which have tassels on the end, the extra finishing touch often makes them look high-end even if they’re not.

Mixing prints and texture

Mixing different prints is another way to make your home look more expensive while adding your own individual style to your home.

If you’re unsure of what prints work well together Leah suggests sticking with black and white tones, “the monochrome look is big right now and always gives a classic look.”

The same goes with adding different textures to your home.

You can do this by having an array of cushions in different textures and patterns to create a unique design for you.

She added: “Buy a cushion cover and fill it with a duck feather insert from Dunelm for £7, chop it in the middle (Mrs Hinch style) and you have a stunning put-together bed.

“You don’t need to spend lots of money buying cushions from designer brands.”

And this way, you can swap out your cushion covers as often as you like to spruce up your space.


Another easy and cheap way to make your home look more expensive is by featuring greenery in your home.

And Leah said they don’t have to be real.

Leah Suggests: “There are lots of great artificial plants out there now.

“Make sure they look more expensive than they are by checking they have details on the leaves.”

“Greenery will always make your home look more welcoming and can make a space look completely different.

“IKEA has a great selection of houseplants to choose from for really affordable prices.”


There are no rules on where you can use certain products in your home, so use them wherever looks best explains the interior designer.

Leah said: “You can repurpose candle jars for storage, or use pretty kitchen bowls and fill them with flowers to style a coffee table.

“If you have lamps dotted around your home, switch the lampshades around to create the feel of new furniture without hitting the shops.”

The interior designer said: “Not only will you save money repurposing items you already have, but it’s also more sustainable too.”

The expert said you can even reuse your old interiors for different purposes to refresh your home without spending anything


The expert said you can even reuse your old interiors for different purposes to refresh your home without spending anythingCredit: Leah Interiors_Shopping
Some of the interior designer's favourite shops to find gems include Sainsbury's, where this lamp is from and Primark


Some of the interior designer’s favourite shops to find gems include Sainsbury’s, where this lamp is from and PrimarkCredit: Leah Interiors_Shopping

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