Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

AN interior designer has urged consumers to think carefully before they purchase their next sofa.

Investing in the wrong style could be a costly and wasteful exercise, she warned.


TikTok user Erin has some advice for sofa shoppersCredit: TikTok/niftynest
A thin bottom sofa is not a good sign


A thin bottom sofa is not a good signCredit: TikTok/niftynest

But there were makes on the market, however, that she rated highly, including one she loved from The Home Depot.

It ticked all the boxes as far as Erin (@niftynest) was concerned.

Erin’s no-nonsense approach to home styling has seen her build a TikTok following 431,000.

She focuses on budget-friendly ideas, and that was put to good use in this post.

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“Interior design don’ts,” she said. “Sofas. I don’t want you to waste your money on.

“Sofas aren’t cheap, they’re meant to last a long time.”

Erin then listed what to look out for when sofa shopping in order to bag yourself something that would last.

Structural integrity was something to look out for.

“So when you’re looking for a new sofa, don’t get anything with a really thin bottom pad. They just don’t stand the test of time,” she wrote.

Neither was she a fan of modular furniture, a style where you can attach the different pieces together.

She continued: “[These] just wear out very quickly.”

But she had some advice if you were looking for something that would age well.

“As far as timeless, anything with a swooping arm or a block track arm, you can’t go wrong,” she figured.

“That said, anything with a really thin arm, stay away from. It just does not last over time because of its super-thin construction.”

Erin had some handy advice for sofa shoppers.

“When you’re looking at sofas make sure the arm does not wriggle around. Make sure it’s nice and tight.”

But a model from The Home Depot was given a big thumbs up.

“This is actually a really good price from Home Depot. I love the one single cushion on the bottom and the arms on this.”

She also expressed another bit of sofa love for her long-time lounging companion.

“My Ikea sofa has been amazing. Ours has held up to three sons, eating, pets, and is still solid as hell.”

There were hundreds of comments to her post.

One person agreed with her about one of the styles.

“Learning the hard way about modular section. Sagging in the middle after less than a year.”

Another thought her suggestions were sound: “This is a good post. Nothing worse than finally choosing a sofa and then realizing it’s not going to hold up.”

She rated this Home Depot sofa highly


She rated this Home Depot sofa highlyCredit: TikTok/niftynest
She said modular sofas tended to wear out quicker


She said modular sofas tended to wear out quickerCredit: TikTok/niftynest
Sofas with a swoop arm or a block track arm were likely to be good models she said


Sofas with a swoop arm or a block track arm were likely to be good models she saidCredit: TikTok/niftynest
Her Ikea sofa was her first love


Her Ikea sofa was her first loveCredit: TikTok/niftynest


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