Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the three things that instantly make your home look cheap – including the curtains he’ll NEVER recommend. 

Zachary Luke suggested avoiding matching furniture sets, instead recommending a more curated look. 


Zachary shared a list of three things that can instantly make your home look cheaper – including matching furniture setsCredit: tiktok/@zacharylukedesigns
He also suggested steering clear of grommet curtains, claiming they're outdated


He also suggested steering clear of grommet curtains, claiming they’re outdatedCredit: tiktok/@zacharylukedesigns

He also claimed grommet curtains are outdated, and should be ditched for custom drapery panels instead. 

He said: “Three things that are making your house look cheap as f*** from a modern transitional interior designer. 

“I see these common mistakes in homes when I meet new clients for consultations.

“Here’s what to avoid to not make your house look like a piece of sh**.

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“The first mistake to avoid is grommet curtain panels.

“They were fine for your late teens and your early 20s but it’s time to move on.”

Instead, the interior design pro suggested custom drapery panels with a hook and ring system for a more modern, polished look. 

His second tip – mix a range of colours, textures, and fabrics, rather than opting for the quick fix of a matching furniture set. 

He continued: “The second mistake to avoid is buying full furniture sets from places like Ashley Furniture Home Store or Rooms To Go.

“For example, go for a more custom curated look, like mixing fabrics, textures, materials, and colour. 

And finally, while Zachary loves a DIY solution, he warned about going overboard. 

“The third mistake to avoid is too much DIY. There’s been so much with bedroom furniture and pottery/accessories. 

“Focusing on accessories especially, there are plenty of budget-friendly options out there.”

He added: “I hope this video helps you avoid some really sh** mistakes when designing your own home.”

Fans loved his quick tips, with his list gaining more than 4,300 likes and 329,900 views. 

Known online as @zacharylukedesigns, the North Carolina-based interior designer regularly shares his top tips and home hacks with his 6,100 followers. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “I love the content. Keep it up. It’s funny and the suggestions are solid,” commented another. 

Another put: “Gee my home needs help!”

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Although not all were convinced, with another adding: “Eff that. I love my grommet curtains. So much easier to close.”

“I cannot with people who tell you what needs to be in your home,” shared another.


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