Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

A PRO interior designer has revealed how to level up any home with a simple trick. 

Loren Kreiss, who is the CEO of a luxury furniture brand, has worked with the likes of Matthew McConaughey, DJ Khaled and Magic Johnson.


A pro interior designer has shared the one trick that will elevate any roomCredit: tiktok@lorenkreiss/
He said you should always paint your trim and walls the same colour


He said you should always paint your trim and walls the same colourCredit: Getty
Loren said this makes a room have cohesion and look sophisticated


Loren said this makes a room have cohesion and look sophisticatedCredit: Getty

With his track record in the industry and his wealth of experience paired with the clients he’s had, Loren knows a thing or two about interior design. 

And he often takes to his social media accounts to share his knowledge. 

With this in mind, he posted a video of himself explaining the simple painting trick anyone can do to elevate their home. 

He explained: “When choosing a paint colour for your trim and ceilings, always choose the same colour that you’ve painted your walls. 

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“Painting your ceiling and trim a different colour than your walls will make your home look unpolished and sloppy.”

Loren went on to share that having the trim and ceilings the same colour makes a room have “cohesion and sophistication”. 

He added: “If you want to kick it up a notch, lime wash them all the same colour. You’re welcome in advance.” 

“Use this dead simple painting tip to level up the look of your home,” TikTok user @lorenkreiss wrote in the caption of the clip. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts as one person wrote: “I agree! Picking out a good neutral color is my problem. Loving the lime wash suggestion!!!” followed by a red heart emoji. 

Another shared: “Great advice. Do you think the ceiling should be a shade or two lighter?”

Loren replied: “Depends on the lighting”. 

While a third posted: “Cohesion baby!!!”

But others weren’t so sure about his pro tip on making a room look more sophisticated as one person argued: “Contrast ceilings can be fantastic. Great way to add color & interest”. 

Another said: “This is called “color drenching” and only works on historical or unique or high end homes, not basic buildergrade, would need lots of trim/moulding”.

Loren responded: “Not true.” 

And another said: “Only works in a large volume of space, not within the average sized home,” to which he replied: “Don’t agree at all”. 

What do you think? 

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