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With summer now just days away, many homeowners are looking to give their homes a design overhaul. However, interior design isn’t cheap and can end up costing more than people realise. Now, an interior expert has shared how to make their property look luxurious and expensive with affordable price tags.

Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Blinds and 247 Curtains spoke exclusively to about how making the most of your space is a priority to achieving the luxury look.

She said: “Maxing out on usable space is one of the most effective ways to make your home feel more expensive, and also add value. 

“Look at your existing room configuration and furniture layout and ask yourself if the space could be working harder. 

“If there’s a bare corner, could this be made into a cosy reading nook?”

Or for those who have a large window, they can “create a window seat with the addition of some affordable textured cushions”, says Amy.

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The interior pro claimed that “first impressions” play a “really important” role in creating a “super stylish and luxurious” look.

This can be improved by a lick of paint added to entrance hallways.

Amy said: “The first impression of your home is really important, so try painting your front door a fresh new colour to bring your entrance up to date. 

“Pink front doors are becoming increasingly popular and when teamed with brass handles or door knockers, they can look super stylish and luxurious.”

Expensive-looking homes are often free of clutter and appear to be light and airy.

The interior designer said: “A smart and tidy home will instantly feel more appealing and expensive, so keeping clutter to a minimum is key – especially in high traffic areas such as hallways.”

High-traffic hallways are the first room people see when they walk into the house so have a coat rack and put shoes in storage cupboards or baskets on a regular basis. 

Amy also suggested adding storage solutions and curtains to help “hide clutter”.

She said: “Opt for some stylish storage solutions or create a simple partition wall from timber batons if you aren’t afraid of some DIY.

Curtains can also work wonders for hiding clutter and coats in an entrance hall or under the stairs for a softer alternative to a cupboard door. 

“Try to colour match the curtains to your walls when using them in this way.”

The expert also advised homeowners to “focus on furnishings” when creating a luxury decor theme.

She said: “If you’re looking for a complete room transformation, keep costs low by opting for paint over wallpaper and let your accessories lead the way. 

“Candlesticks, photo frames, cushions and rugs are readily available for all budgets and can really elevate your home to give it an expensive feel.

“Layer up your coffee table with books, bases or small ornaments but avoid it becoming too cluttered and keep it feeling chic and clean.

“Finally, adding some small touches of black always helps to achieve a sense of sophistication in your space.”

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