Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

When LaTavia Roberson debuted over two decades ago as part of the legendary girl group Destiny’s Child, her talent was undeniable. Alongside her bandmates, the Houston native earned two Grammy Awards while selling millions of records, changing the landscape of pop culture itself with chart-topping women’s empowerment anthems. That same theme of sisterhood shows up in Roberson’s work today, namely as a businesswoman in the realms of fashion and beauty. Last month, the designer showcased the Fall/Winter 2024 collection of her fashion line, LMR Collection, at New York Fashion Week. This moment not only showcased her flair for fashion as a businesswoman and entertainer but also attracted positive responses from attendees.

“I am a fashion enthusiast, and I take the things that speak to me, and I’m going to make them my own. When I’m in the process of creating, I want to see how the world is going to perceive it. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback, and I’m so happy with everything happening. I’m into people expressing the way that they are, loving and embracing who they are. It is something that I do every day.”

Roberson’s impact on beauty and fashion isn’t slowing up anytime soon. In fact, it’s expanding with her makeup line, The Queens Kollection. The collection features an array of beauty products in multiple varieties and was born out of a collaborative effort with Roberson and her business partner.

“It’s so great when you have so many wonderful people that pay attention to the things that you’re doing. And my business partner Lisa, the founder of Bouji Lip Cosmetics, reached out to me and said, ‘Sis, how about we do this? We can create a Queens Kollection.’ It blossomed into everything that we’ve done; she is just amazing. She’s a wonderful woman, and I’m so glad we crossed paths even before this opportunity came about. From then on, we always exchanged ideas, and we just made it work. We are women and mothers; we do everything and know the importance of feeling beautiful.”

As the mogul continues to build her empire, it’s worth noting that she’s been influenced by the women in her own life when it comes to beauty trends that she incorporates into her latest endeavors.

“There are so many women in my background that have influenced beauty for me, especially my mother because I wouldn’t have all this if it weren’t for her. My mother was one of the first Black women to own a nail salon in our hometown, so I grew up around beauty a lot. My mother, aunts, and others have influenced me in terms of beauty differently. Your skin tone, skin type, skin complexion, or anything else does not matter. It’s about adding to the beauty that you already have. There’s no makeup, there’s no foundation, there is nothing that you can put on your face that makes you feel more whole than believing in the woman and the person inside that you are.”

Outside of her entrepreneurial pursuits, Roberson has also delved into artist management, signing Houston native Roland Champaine.

“I have an ear for music and listen to various genres, including alternative and rock music. I know a good voice when I hear one; when I hear it, it’s something that no one would ever expect from me. I always go against the grain and like to do things that no one would expect me to do. That’s why I decided to be my own boss: so I can create my own narrative in everything I do. I signed Roland Champaine, a Houston native, and what I love about him is his spirit and everything he has to offer. His voice is very pure, and he’s someone that I can work with, and our vibe is impeccable. I’m able to be creative and also believe in someone, but also being able to be a boss while letting people know that there’s enough money for all of us to go around and there’s nothing in my spirit and nothing in my being that is wanting to take away from anyone else. I want to see people win. I’ve wanted people to see me win for years, but I felt like I had been shut out. So I’m a giver. That’s one of my love languages, acts of service, and I love being that person.”

As Roberson continues to leave her imprint on music, business, fashion, and beauty, she wants her supporters to take this new journey with her with no expectations other than receiving Roberson in all of her fabulousness.

“What I expect for everyone to expect is me. I am not going to hold anything back. You can take me or leave me. I am who she is at the end of the day, and it took me many years to understand that about myself. I want people to go on the journey with me through my makeup. Because of the people who have given me so much love, I listen to all the comments, I see all the comments, and I also incorporate that into everything that I’m doing. There is no comment or anything that is not noticed.”


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