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Occasionally a meme pops up on social media about someone’s unhinged summer bucket list. If I were to offer you one for this year’s Leo season, it would include: Post as many hot photos of yourself as possible, throw an over-the-top karaoke party where you’re in control of the mic, get into an irrational fight in public, and fall into an ill-fated fast-and-furious summer romance. Okay, this list is a little dramatic, but it wouldn’t be Leo season without a bit of drama. By the end of July, we’ve been swimming in the deep emo waters of Cancer season for a month and we’re ready for a change of pace. Enter Leo: a boisterous fire sign that excels at having fun and, if not facilitating a good time, at least a memorable time. Leos are passionate creatures who are constantly starring in the performance of their life—think major main character energy. It’s not their fault they think everything revolves around them! If you were ruled by the Sun, you would think so too.

An astrology teacher of mine once said that whoever created astrology must’ve been a Leo, since Leos are blessed with a plethora of enviable qualities. They’re courageous, attractive (they especially have great hair), artistic, associated with royalty—the list goes on and on. Leos bring this confidence into their everyday lives and you can see it in their interior design choices. Leos are going to excel at creating a space that’s unique to them and they’ll want to show it off to the whole world! Don’t be fooled, though—underneath all of the bravado is a yearning for acceptance and approval. They might seem like show-offs, but Leos really just want to be adored; they’re just big-hearted softies on the inside. This summer we’re getting an extra dose of Leo activity, as Venus, the material-girl planet, has an extended stay in the sign of the lion. It’s the perfect time to tap into our most fierce, fantastic selves, which we can do with some guidance from these 10 Leo celebrities.

A statement mirror for selfies

If you were to open up a Leo’s camera roll, you’ll find that most of the photos are of themselves. Leos are constantly scouting out the best lighting for pictures and finding the best mirror to take selfies in. So it’s essential that they have a mirror that reflects their personality—whether it’s a funky miniature to frame their face or a massive floor-length mirror to capture their full OOTD. For the best of both worlds, get one like Demi Lovato’s huge pink Curvy mirror by Gustaf Westman, which almost takes up an entire wall in their glam room.

Be the star of your decor 

Not only do Leos love to take photos of themselves, they also love when other people turn them into the subjects of their art. The fashion designer Michael Kors proudly shows off a portrait of himself by artist Michael Vollbracht that takes up hefty real estate in his chic Greenwich Village apartment, while country star Kacey Musgraves has collaged fan art of her nestled within her treasured trinkets. Do you have a photo of yourself that you absolutely love? Now’s the time to blow it up and hang it on your wall.

Say yes to high drama statement art 

If you’re feeling a little too shy to turn yourself into the centerpiece of your own gallery wall, opt for a piece that exudes high drama to get into the Leo groove. Viola Davis, who mentions being a Leo within the first minute of her and her Capricorn husband Julius Tennon’s home tour, points to a striking photograph above her fireplace as an example of her Leo-esque taste. Find a print or piece of mixed-media art that will dazzle all those that come through your home.

Great entertainer energy

If I could score an invite to a party hosted by any Open Door celebrity, it would absolutely be at Cara Delevingne’s Los Angeles adult funhouse. The model acts as the ringleader of the glamorous circus inside her home with a David Lynch–inspired red poker room, a swinging pink sex lair, and wall full of zany hats that guests are required to wear. Leos are great entertainers because they get bored easily, so they typically want to be having fun at all times. If you can’t DIY your own ball pit like Cara’s, you can always invite friends over for makeshift karaoke (and hog the mic like a true Leo) or create your own dress-up closet from leftover Halloween costumes.

Reject quiet luxury

While quiet luxury and stealth wealth might be all of the rage, Leos aren’t going to hide their love of flashy labels just because it’s trendy right now. This commonly manifests as designer bags and clothing, but why not bring high fashion into the home? Cara Delevingne covered her Los Angeles pad in heron Gucci wallpaper, and Demi Lovato followed her lead with floral Gucci wallpaper in the kitchen. It might not be cheap, but an Hermès blanket or Alexander McQueen candle will absolutely elevate your space.

Get all glammed up

It doesn’t matter where they’re going, Leos aren’t leaving the house without donning a full-blown look. Therefore, they need ample room and supplies to make sure they’re turning heads whether they’re hitting the red carpet or the grocery store. Bretman Rock went full Leo mode by installing his own glam room that’s basically like an in-house Sephora. If you can’t use a spare bedroom exclusively for MUAH, consider purchasing a new vanity or LED light mirror to upgrade your getting ready experience in a small space.

Unleash your artistic expression

Leos are about as creative as they come and can easily excel at whatever artistic pursuits they set their mind to. Many of them are actors, painters, writers, musicians, and some are even multihyphenates, such as Leo legend Kacey Musgraves. While she’s made her name as a Grammy-winning musician, Kacey lets us in on the secret that she’s also an artist during the tour of her beautiful Nashville home. Kacey has a room dedicated to all things artsy such as painting, clay work, and pottery-making to keep her grounded and creatively balanced. This Leo season take a moment to find what creative practice brings you the most joy, and seek out a place in your home to practice it.

Lounging with lions 

Lions are known as the king of the jungle, but they also have a reputation for being lazy—often seen in a deep sleep or simply hanging around. Leos take after their animal namesake and need plenty of downtime to recharge, preferably in couches and chairs that sink deep like Vanessa Carlton has in her industrial SoHo loft. As the singer notes, she needs as many lounging places as possible in her apartment, truly channeling her inner lion. Dare we suggest a conversation pit?

Lay on the leopard print 

It’s all too easy for animal print to take the turn from tasteful to tacky, but when done right, it can add intrigue and exoticism to a space. You can find excellent jungle cat inspiration from plenty of Leo celebrities, such as Vanessa Carlton’s threadbare tiger print rug under her piano or Viola Davis’s oversized zebra print couch. Cara Delevingne wins the triple crown for wild animal incorporation with leopards on her rug runners, lion pillows on her bed, and lion statues guarding her Los Angeles bungalow.

Do some inner child work 

A common thread among the Leo celebrities is that their current homes are like the grown-up version of where they would’ve wanted to live as a kid. Leos begin their lives with an exaggerated imagination that evidently doesn’t fade as they get older. For example, David Dobrik’s Studio City place is giving “12-year-old boy dreams coming true,” with a gumball machine, flame thrower, and pool and ping-pong tables scattered throughout the house. What did you dream of having as a child that you can now make happen as an adult with a disposable income? Follow David and get in touch with your inner interior decorating child.

Peter Pan syndrome realness

After getting married in 2018, John Stamos had to relinquish his self-proclaimed bachelor pad status, but he held onto something that screams childlike wonder—his impressive collection of Disney memorabilia. I’m not saying that all Leos are Disney adults, but Disney does seem to appeal to a Leo’s love of all things fantastical. While we don’t have to get as crazy as John and purchase the Disneyland entryway sign, maybe find a vintage decorative Disney tchotchke online to remind us to be like a Leo and find the magic in everyday life.

Curate from the heart 

A harsher judgment of Leos is that they only think about themselves, which you might accuse actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of doing when he purchased his Los Angeles home without his wife’s input. But despite the evidence otherwise, Leos have huge hearts and want to celebrate their loved ones, even within their home decor. Nikolaj made up for his impulse purchase by purchasing Peruvian plates that feature the astrological signs of him, his wife, and his children to display in his home. He accidentally bought the wrong sign for his two children, but it’s the thought that counts!

Have pride in your home

Terry Crews has an infectious, goofy attitude while touring his Downtown Los Angeles “man cave,” but he changes his tune when reminiscing about his humble start as a factory security guard. To Terry, his towering apartment is reminiscent of the incredible ascent of his career. Leos love to see themselves not just as the main character, but a hero that is capable of beating any and all odds that life throws at them. How does your home represent the winding tale of your own triumphant ups-and-downs? It might seem like a strange suggestion, but Leos have a strong sense of pride in whatever they do, and we could all benefit from doing the same.

Be as extra as possible 

Ultimately, the best summary of the Leo celebrities comes from Bretman Rock, who describes himself as “extra as hell” during his home tour. Leos are never not going to be doing the most, so we might as well take a note from them and just embrace it! Do you want a Monster Truck–painted golf cart to roam around your property like Bretman? A vagina tunnel to move between rooms like Cara Delevingne? Or the most out-of-control, slightly alarming collection of Disney memorabilia like John Stamos? A glitter wallpaper-covered “shroom room” like Demi Lovato? Do you! Leo season is truly about being ourselves, no matter what anyone else thinks.


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