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In 2024, the world of luxury interior design is buzzing with fresh ideas, while also saying goodbye to some of the past trends. It’s all about creating spaces that reflect personal style, comfort, and the latest in design innovation. 

Let’s dive into the top trends that are shaping luxurious living spaces this year and those that are gracefully bowing out.

What’s In

Sustainable Luxury

The focus on sustainability is stronger than ever, with high-end interiors embracing materials and practices that are as kind to the planet as they are luxurious. Think reclaimed wood furniture, eco-friendly paints, and decor made from recycled materials. It also emphasises the importance of investing in high-quality, durable furniture that looks elegant and reduces the environmental impact. For example, consider a well-crafted sofa made from sustainable materials instead of a cheap sofa that might need frequent replacements.

To find the perfect durable and sophisticated furnishings to suit your style, you should explore the extensive ranges provided by FurnitureInstore. They have everything you need for a luxurious and environmentally-friendly home. 

Biophilic Design

Bringing the outdoors inside continues to be a major trend. This year, it’s not just about houseplants; it’s about creating a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Sofas positioned near large glass windows that offer views of the outdoors or provide easy access to a garden or patio area, enhancing the indoor-outdoor flow.

Multifunctional Spaces

As our homes continue to be our sanctuaries, offices, and everything in between, the demand for multifunctional spaces is on the rise. Designers are getting creative with furniture that can serve multiple purposes and easily reconfigured spaces.

Warm, Earthy Tones


While cool greys have dominated the past, this year is all about warmth. Think terracotta, burnt oranges, and sandy beiges. Choosing these tones for your furnishings, including sofas, can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. These colours complement the sustainable materials and biophilic design, tying the entire aesthetic with a sense of warmth and earthiness that’s comforting and grounded.

Bold Wallpapers

The resurgence of bold wallpapers marks a vibrant shift from monochromatic interiors to rooms bursting with personality. 

Today’s wallpapers are not just about adding colour; they’re about making a statement. The choices are limitless, from intricate geometric patterns that add depth and dimension to a room, to large-scale botanical prints that transform your walls into a lush garden. 

Wallpaper technology has also evolved, offering textures that can mimic materials like silk, leather, or even embossed metal, adding a tactile dimension to your walls. These wallpapers can be used as dramatic backdrops in living rooms, striking feature walls in bedrooms, or even to add an element of surprise in smaller spaces like powder rooms. 

Statement Lighting

In luxury interior design, lighting has ascended from its utilitarian roots to become a centrepiece of room decor. Statement lighting fixtures—be it a cascading chandelier, an oversized pendant, or a sculptural floor lamp—act as the jewel of the room, drawing the eye and setting the mood. 

These pieces are as much about art as they are about illumination, designed to spark conversation and admiration. The materials and designs range from sleek and modern metallics to organic shapes inspired by nature, and even avant-garde designs that challenge the conventional. 

What’s Out


The minimalist trend, known for its clean lines and decluttered spaces, is evolving. Today, there’s a noticeable pivot towards interiors that showcase more depth through layering, texturing, and a personalised approach. The contemporary interpretation of minimalism embraces a blend of styles, inviting an eclectic mix of patterns and a richer palette of colours into the home. In minimalist interiors, the sofa often becomes the room’s focal point due to its size and function.


Opting for a sofa with clean lines and a neutral colour palette can anchor the space while keeping with the minimalist aesthetic. This shift reflects a desire for more lived-in and personal spaces, where each piece tells a story, and rooms exude warmth and character. The focus is on balancing simplicity with individuality, creating environments that feel inviting and reflective of the inhabitants’ personalities.

Cool Metals

The cool, sleek appeal of silver, chrome, and brushed nickel is giving way to the warmer, more inviting glow of brass, gold, and copper. 

These warm metals bring richness and depth to interiors, lending spaces a more curated and bespoke feel. Incorporating these tones through fixtures, fittings, and decorative items can instantly elevate a room, adding a layer of sophistication and warmth. 

Open Floor Plans

The once-popular open floor plan is undergoing a re-evaluation as desires for privacy and functional separation in homes grow. This change in preference can be traced back to the increased time spent at home, where the need for distinct zones for work, leisure, and relaxation became evident. 

In these open layouts, sofas can cleverly serve as flexible dividers that subtly separate different functional areas without the need for walls, maintaining the airy feel while adding structure and privacy where needed. The move towards separate spaces doesn’t mean a return to closed-off layouts but rather a more thoughtful approach to space planning that accommodates a variety of activities and moods within the home.

Industrial Design

The industrial design trend, known for its raw, unfinished aesthetics like exposed pipes, ductwork, and a stark, utilitarian vibe, is becoming less dominant. This trend, which once celebrated a sort of rugged minimalism, often using materials such as concrete, metal, and wood in their most natural forms, is seeing a decline in popularity. 

As people seek warmth, comfort, and a sense of personal sanctuary in their living spaces, there’s a noticeable shift towards interiors that blend softness with luxury. Plush fabrics, warmer colour palettes, and more detailed, handcrafted decor are taking the stage. 

This move doesn’t entirely dismiss the clean lines and functional aspects of industrial design but rather incorporates them into more nuanced, layered, and inviting spaces. The preference now leans towards trends like Grandmillennial, which focuses on creating welcoming and lived-in environments, where comfort and style coexist seamlessly, reflecting a more holistic approach to modern living.

In Short

As we embrace the new trends of 2024, remember that the most important aspect of luxury interior design is creating a space that feels like home. Whether integrating sustainable practices, bringing in natural elements, or choosing bold wallpapers to express your style, the goal is to create a luxurious space that reflects your personal taste and meets your needs. 

The trends may guide us, but it’s how you interpret them in your space that truly defines luxury.


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