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Maddie Ziegler isn’t just a leading lady. She’s also a beauty girl. The 21-year-old Fitting In star and Teen Vogue‘s 2024 New Hollywood inductee has always known her way around a makeup brush or two. As a former competition dancer, she’s spent a lot of hours perfecting her red lip and winged eyeliner, so exploring the beauty space as an adult is an expected feat.

Whether she’s running to fashion shows across the globe or heading to her next movie premiere, Ziegler prioritizes a clean, natural beat when it comes to her nighttime looks. Below we caught up with Ziegler before she attended the Armani Beauty Prisma Glass Lip Gloss launch party and talked about her getting ready process, favorite fashion faux pas, and beauty products she can’t live without.

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Kirby Gladstein

Teen Vogue: Tell me about what you are wearing?

Maddie Ziegler: I’m wearing an Armani little black dress. It’s timeless, but also kind of like sexy, flirty and fun. I feel very sleek and confident in it. As soon as I put it on, I just like felt like a better version of myself.

TV: What does fashion mean to you?

MZ: Fashion means so much to me, and it’s truly the best form of self expression.  It’s fun to use fashion as a way to play different characters or express how I’m feeling; sometimes I want be flirty, other times I want to be understated, or masculine, or feminine.  Fashion is the best way for me to express myself, so I don’t usually worry about feeling too tied to one type of look.

TV: What’s a mandatory step in your getting ready process?

MZ: I think it has to be yummy treats along the way. An inspiring environment. And, having good people around me during glam is a must. Glam really is the most fun part because we have these sometimes deep and sometimes silly conversations which become the best way to get ready for wherever you’re going.

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Kirby Gladstein

TV: What’s your preference for big events: intense 2016 style makeup or natural 2024 style?

MZ: Definitely natural. I think because I grew up doing competitions where I wore so much make up as a child, now I’m stripping it back and I feel way more confident with natural makeup on. It’s fun every once in a while — like tonight — to do like a little glitter, and a pop up color, but still, I look natural and like myself, just enhanced.

TV: What are some products you can’t live without right now and why?

MZ: Honestly,I just got a sneak peek of this incredible new Armani beauty Cheek Tint cream blush. I am not going to be able to live without it after today — I’m sneaking it out of here! Especially in the summer, my favorite thing is just a bit of blush and then a gloss… and sunscreen!! The Armani beauty Prisma Glass Lip Gloss is incredible because it’s super hydrating and they don’t stick at all. Plus, the colors are so fun and fresh. Those are my staples. Blush, gloss and sunscreen. You have to keep your skin protected and especially starting young so that you don’t face a lot of problems like sunspots in the future. I use the clear EltaMD sunscreen and it’s great.

Prisma Glass Lip Gloss

$38.00, Armani Beauty

EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

$43.00, EltaMD

TV: How does your personal style affect your fashion choices for big events?

MZ: I would say comfort is key, but recently, I have not been putting comfort first. I’m okay with a bit of “beauty is pain.” I just want to feel my best — so maybe I do wear the high, high heels. Truly my style is about what is going to make me feel my best and most confident — and sometimes, that means a snatched corset wins, and other times, sneakers trump.

TV: What’s a fashion faux pas you live by?

MZ: I don’t think there are true faux pas. It’s about what makes you confident and like the most “you.” If I had to pick though, I’d say wearing black and blue together.

<h1 class="title">_</h1><cite class="credit">Kirby Gladstein</cite>

Kirby Gladstein

<h1 class="title">_</h1><cite class="credit">Kirby Gladstein</cite>

Kirby Gladstein

Originally Appeared on Teen Vogue

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