Ranking every home and away kit from worst to best

We are just weeks away from kickstarting the long-awaited Euro 2022. Host nation England are in good stead after winning the Arnold Clark Cup but reigning champions The Netherlands and Olympics runners-up Sweden are also hot contenders. The return of Ada Hegerberg has also stirred up some excitement over whether […]

We are just weeks away from kickstarting the long-awaited Euro 2022.

Host nation England are in good stead after winning the Arnold Clark Cup but reigning champions The Netherlands and Olympics runners-up Sweden are also hot contenders.

The return of Ada Hegerberg has also stirred up some excitement over whether the Norwegians can clinch the title.

Thereโ€™s a lot to get excited about as the Euros draw closer, especially with a spread of new kits ready to make their debuts on the European stage.

GiveMeSport Women has ranked every Euro 2022 home and away shirt that have been released so far, ranging from not much to write home about to absolute works of art.

25. Netherlands away

The bold colours of the crest make it really pop and stand out against the background, but thatโ€™s pretty much the only aesthetically pleasing feature on this shirt. The patterns are inspired by the De Stijl art movement but the spacing of the shapes makes things feel a little too haphazard.

24. Iceland home

Not a huge fan of the neckline and the floral strip down the side kind of looks like leopard print from far away. Feels like a bit of a step down from previous Iceland shirts which have really hit the mark.

23. Finland home

This is essentially the same design as the menโ€™s strip from last year but the detailing has been made lighter. The block colour blue is a bit basic compared to the previous gradient style.

22. England away

It has to be said, the red rose design from 2019 really set the benchmark when it comes to England away kits. Itโ€™s going to take something spectacular to ever measure up to that beauty.

But even in the shadow of the 2019 World Cup shirt, this falls way below the mark. Why is it orange?

21. Italy home

Another shirt featuring the Puma Libertyโ€™s London floral is Italyโ€™s home jersey. The pattern is lovely to look at but, again, from afar it looks a little too similar to leopard print.

20. Norway away

The general design is simple and classic but the lines down the front kind of give off training shirt vibes. However, the 12 lines represent the 11 players on the pitch and the 12th man โ€” the supporters โ€” which is a really nice touch.

19. Switzerland home

The Libertyโ€™s flower print on this shirt is less leopard-y and therefore makes for an excellent all over design. The deep red is striking, although the collar is not to my personal taste.

18. Denmark away

Without the pattern, this would be a little underwhelming as quite a standard plain white shirt with a touch of red. However, the fine details all over make it very easy on the eye.

WIENER NEUSTADT, AUSTRIA โ€“ JUNE 12: Kathrine Kรผhl and Karen Holmgaard of Denmark celebrate after the teams first goal during the international friendly match between Austria Women and Denmark Women at Wiener Neustaedter Stadion on June 12, 2022 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. (Photo by Jasmin Walter/Getty Images)

17. Netherlands home

The Netherlands never really miss with their home shirts. Their trademark orange and black look is always a winner and the simple Nike design makes for an overall really smart kit.

16. Spain away

Something a little different but it really works. The cool blue and the black crest marry up really well together and the colours are strikingly different from the flaming red home shirt.

15. England home

Definitely not the best England home shirt in recent years but not the worst of the bunch by far. The pearlescent details are beautiful and add a touch of character to the shirt.

14. Germany home

The central position of the crest is a great look and thereโ€™s something about a white Adidas shirt with black detailing that really hits the spot. The flashes of colour on the sleeves are also a nice touch.

13. Spain home

A striking home shirt as usual from Spain. There isnโ€™t much else to be said other than itโ€™s yet another classic piece from the Spaniards.

12. Finland away

Quite simply just an overall stunning design. The shade of blue and the detailing on the shirt makes for a really solid away kit.

11. Austria home

One of the best Puma designs this year and the floral-cum-leopard print is a lot more subtle which looks lovely in the striped design. The classic Puma logo above the club crest is also a great look.

10. Sweden home

Now into the top ten and Sweden kick us off.

When it comes to home kits, itโ€™s not often that the Swedes put a foot wrong. Their trademark yellow and blue is always a winning combination and the fact that it features a guide on how to beat them is rather ballsy. Love it.

9. Belgium away

This doesnโ€™t seem to be getting the love it deserves. The pale yellow is a lovely colour and the subtle black details make a simple yet very effective away kit. Also a huge fan of the collar, personally.

8. Denmark home

A very, very nice red home shirt here. The deep shade of the shirt is just beautiful โ€” it looks silky to touch and makes the white detailing pop. A great product from Hummel.

7. Belgium home

A very different look for Belgium this year as they stray away from their usual red home strip but it really works. The yellow and red detail on the black looks great and like Germany, the centred logo and crest is a great look.

6. Northern Ireland home

Northern Ireland are sporting a classic, almost retro looking home shirt for their first ever Euros. The collar and Adidas stripes go great together and, again, a centred crest โ€” a lovely design.

5. Germany away

Another great turquoise design from Germany for a big occasion. Like the home shirt, the central crest looks great and overall itโ€™s just something a little bit different. Great to look at.

4. Norway home

A simple but very effective home shirt for Norway. The vibrant red and subtle pattern is everything you need. Minimalistic and classic.

3. Sweden away

Another captivating blue away shirt from Sweden. The shade of navy teamed up with the yellow detailing is beautiful โ€” overall a stunning shirt that is very easy on the eyes.

2. France away

This colour combination is so effective and marvellous to look at. The soft palette is something a little different and contrasts nicely against the bold of the France home shirt. Absolutely love the rose gold trim and detailing.

1. France home

Continuing the pattern of high-ranked blue shirts and topping off this list is the unrivalled France home kit. There isnโ€™t really anything to be said, just look at it. A work of art. *chefโ€™s kiss*

France may have won the GiveMeSport Women kit ranking list, but can they win the Euros?

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