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Whether you are an England fan, a supporter of an adopted country or just in the ‘Anyone but England’ camp, there’s always something to look forward to with the release of the World Cup kits.

With 64 strips potentially being used at the tournament though there are likely to be a mixed range of hits and misses – and not everyone is going to agree on what those are.

Still, Sportsmail has given it a go as we have produced an overall rank for EVERY country’s World Cup kits that they will take to the pitch in Qatar. 

England have turned to a Euro 96 inspired shirt for their home kit to be worn at the World Cup

32. Belgium

We love originality as much as the next World Cup kit connoisseur, but Belgium’s home strip sadly looks like something a child would wear to a Year 6 disco. Not too sure what is going on with the away number either with the sleeve trim but the end of Belgium’s golden generation deserve better than this.

31. Canada

Oh (dear) Canada, what a let down. It’s just their second ever World Cup, their first since 1986 so you would expect Nike to serve up something eye-catching to mark the occasion. Instead they get a standard red shirt with some wavy lines on the sleeve for lazy detail. Still at least the away kit is probably a bit bett… wait, it’s just a white shirt?!

30. Holland

We didn’t want to put Holland this low, we really didn’t, but that home kit is unforgivable. It was common knowledge you couldn’t make a bad Holland shirt, until you tried making it metallic. Not even a traditional blue away kit can save the national team either with its bland black trim. 

Holland unveiled an unusual shiny home kit as they return for the first time in eight years

Holland unveiled an unusual shiny home kit as they return for the first time in eight years

29. Serbia

It’s now we will have to carry a slight warning with this. Puma’s decision to try and ruin an away kit by placing a huge badge in the centre is not unique to Serbia. What counts against Aleksandar Mitrovic and friends though is the slightly tacky red and gold combination going on with the home kit. It’s just not needed. Inspired, maybe, if it leads to glory. But how many of you who got Serbia in the World Cup sweepstake are happy with your pick? 

28. Costa Rica 

New Balance have one team at this tournament so you would think they would go all out to launch a memorable kit for Costa Rica. Instead it seems like they have just said: “Oh a World Cup is it? What’s your flag’s colours? Here’s a red shirt with some blue and white trim… you want an away shirt too? Just switch the red and white.” 

27. Poland

We’ve already had a go at Canada for an uninspired design, so it’s only fair that we pick on Poland too who by in large have the exact same strip but in reverse colours. Poland don’t tend to go all out when it comes to wild designs though and we do have to admit the sight of Robert Lewandowski even wearing one of these kits will remain quite a fear inducing one for defenders.

26. Portugal

Not quite sure what’s going wrong here for Portugal who have previous when it comes to releasing some rather odd kits. The away one, we get it. The nation’s flag is clear inspiration but does it really just deserve a quick afterthought wrap around the chest? As for the home kit, it’s a rather clumsy attempt at trying to be unique, with the green extending to the shorts. At least some sort of effort was made though.  

Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to be playing in his final World Cup for Portugal this winter

Cristiano Ronaldo is likely to be playing in his final World Cup for Portugal this winter

25. Switzerland

You somehow feel you have seen this Switzerland kit before and the home kit is tidy enough with the fading pin stripes from the shoulder down. Let’s just hope they don’t have to wear that horrible away kit with that awful box in the middle when they take on Serbia though…

24. England

An England kit without red on it looks odd – or at least without red trim. You can even get away with an all-white design. Trying to pass off light and navy blue trim though is dangerous territory – it worked at Euro ’96 but not here. This is one of England’s weakest home shirts in many years. The away shirt is a huge improvement… except it’s based on an early ’90s design where if you have done your homework on the Three Lions isn’t exactly a period to be celebrated. 

23. United States

No thrills stuff from the United States in regards to the home strip, but in adding blue and red stripes to their sleeves may have accidentally created a Russia flag though. It’s hard to unsee it once you notice it, so an early own goal for their tournament. The away kit looks more like a training top – if we are being kind. They will become classics though if they go far in Qatar while seeing off England in the process.

22. Croatia

We all love a good Croatia kit and yes even they can get it slightly wrong sometimes – but never as bad as this. It’s like there has now been a tax on the amount of red squares you can put on a chequered kit. Even if there was the 1998 kit which showed how you can navigate that problem. What saves Croatia from being even further down this list is the stunning away kit. The fading blue chequered style gives a motion effect and is one of the best at this tournament. 

21. Uruguay

Nothing to shout about from the Uruguay home kit but baby blue and gold trim always did work well with them. The additional white trim on the sleeves and the neck works as does the tidy little button. Then Puma strike again with the away strip. Even with a number in the vacant area, it’s still going to look a bit of a mess.

20. Denmark

We get it. It’s a protest kit against the state of Qatar and the much mentioned controversies but we all know, as well as Hummel, that there is a more effective way of boycotting a tournament than just painting a kit all red and white. Obviously style isn’t going to be a factor here as otherwise it would be bottom, so the message alone bumps it a bit up the order.

The Denmark and Hummel badges and logos will be faded out during the 2022 World Cup

The Denmark and Hummel badges and logos will be faded out during the 2022 World Cup

19. Morocco 

Quite standard stuff from Morocco regarding the home kit – not exactly exciting but neither is it devoid of any idea. What we are impressed by though is being perhaps the only Puma supplied nation who have an away kit far superior to their home strip.

18. South Korea 

Slightly disappointing from South Korea, at least the home kit anyway – with its monochrome badge looking a tad bland on an unremarkable Nike template of random detailed shoulders and sleeves. The outfield away strip though we can get behind. It might be the greatest goalkeeper kit the 1990s never produced.

17. Qatar

The host nation that nobody really cares if they do well or not? Nike don’t appear to have given much thought into their strips anyway. The home kit tries to inspire the national flag in the trim but it comes off looking like a strip looking a bit disheveled. We quite like the off colour effect on the white away kit though.

16.  Brazil

Difficult to go too wrong with a Brazil kit if you keep it basic and we think Nike have just about done enough here. Brazil have had it rough at the World Cup since last winning it 20 years ago but their hopes looking brighter than ever are reflected in the lighter tone of yellow and green in their home kit. The faded leopard-like print on the away kit won’t be for everyone but it could grow on us. 

15.  Ghana

Let’s get the negatives out of the way shall we, Ghana have been shafted by Puma with that template on the away kit but the home kit comes into its own. Country colours as trim on the sleeves and the famous black star on the chest. Nicely done. 

14.  Spain

Spain have gone for a classic look for the World Cup and it’s certainly an upgrade on their patched up looking ugliness worn during Euro 2020. We are still not too sure about the away kit though and its wavy patterns which rather symbolise their major tournament form since winning Euro 2012 a decade ago. 

13. Australia

This isn’t a great tournament for Nike kits but Australia will look good enough wearing the green and gold this winter. They seem to have avoided the tacky random shoulder design. Granted it’s now all over the home shirt, but it looks better like that to be honest. Not too much to shout out about the away offering but it could have been so much worse.  

12. Wales

Wales are back at the World Cup for the first time since 1958 and supporters will be pleased they have two smart designs here they can sing along to the Manic Street Preachers in or shout at the players to give the ball to Gareth Bale. The zig-zag pattern woven into the home strip is a nice bit of detail to give it some life. 

11. Ecuador 

Marathon had one job at this World Cup, that job was Ecuador and they can be quite happy with their results. The home strip while nothing memorable looks smart enough but it’s the away kit that is the real winner. The silver looking trim on the navy shirt with woven in pattern is one of the best away kits of the tournament.

10. Iran 

England go into their opening match already 1-0 down as their opponents have their number in the fashion stakes. Those Iranian flag colours splashed across the chest look glorious and that’s not even the best bit. That would be the slightly hidden leopard looking at you near the bottom of the shirts. It might not be enough to see off the Three Lions but the fight is closer than it should be. 

9. Senegal 

We know, there isn’t too much difference between this and Ghana’s offering, with the home strip also offering national colours on sleeves as well as on the chest. Senegal’s slight advantage though is the away kit, which for reasons we are not entirely sure about seem to actually fit Puma’s dodgy template.

8. Saudi Arabia

Hands up, who predicted Saudi Arabia would be given the Canada treatment and just be given a white home shirt, a green away number and be told to get on with it. This is as unexpected as it is stunning from Nike – on both strips.

7. Tunisia 

Kappa are another team who have a sole focus on this tournament with the Tunisian side – and haven’t they done well? Let’s be honest you wouldn’t have been too surprised to see the Italian brand just dish out a usual stretchy red and white reversible colour home and away kit. And they have done that, slightly – but that woven pattern into both kits is a masterstroke. We are talking Mexico ’98 levels of execution here.

6. Germany

It could have gone horribly wrong this but whoever had the crazy idea to take a Germany shirt and stick a massive tyre size black stripe down the front of it deserves a pay rise. Whether it drives them to World Cup glory is another matter. We are quite jealous actually especially as the away kit is also a work of art.

5. Argentina 

There was a lot of pressure on Adidas this year, with it being Lionel Messi’s last World Cup. What sort of strip would one of football’s finest ever players bow out to? Thankfully they have delivered the goods. The no thrills stripes were all that were needed, leaving experiments to the away strip. The away kit could become symbolic as the design where Messi’s World Cup dreams went up in flames, if you catch our drift. 

Lionel Messi has confirmed that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be his last for Argentina

Lionel Messi has confirmed that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be his last for Argentina

4. Mexico

Mexico have a bit of a problem when it comes to World Cup kits as they are known to get some spectacular looking efforts that when for once they go for a simple look, it’s rather a let down. But Adidas have struck a balance between simple and chaos this year with a tidy home number, leaving the bonkers to the away kit which is just all sorts of crazy with its design and off-white colouring. It really isn’t a World Cup without Mexico. 

3. France

Kits fit for a King. Just as well as France enter Qatar as the defending world champions. Granted, you could argue the France strip is boring but that gold trim on navy blue is ‘magnifique’. The slight detailing on the away strip makes that a winner too as Didier Deschamps’ side look to become the first side to defend the World Cup since Brazil in 1962.

2. Cameroon

Lots to love about these kits from Cameroon. The woven in lion scratch marks, the ‘indomitable lion’ featuring where the traditional badge usually is and the national colours emblazoned on the shoulder. Available in a stylish green and a vibrant yellow, what’s not to love about either of these numbers?

1. Japan

Japan have a good history of producing superb World Cup kits and we are very much pleased Adidas haven’t let us down on that front this winter. A little bit put off by the organised chaos on the home strip? Then the away version just keeps it to the sleeves. Really though, there should be no complaints whatsoever over this. It will be a travesty if they were to be knocked out in the group stage now.

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