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THERE is a lot to consider when decorating your home, but as far as this interior designer is concerned you should be locked up if you commit any of these ‘crimes’.

Garrett LeChic revealed the five trends he can’t stand, and even the way you sit your cushions on your sofa and bed matters.


Garrett shared his list of home trends he hates on YouTubeCredit: YouTube/GarrettLeChic
Your home shouldn't look like and office or waiting room, the pro said


Your home shouldn’t look like and office or waiting room, the pro saidCredit: YouTube/GarrettLeChic

But don’t worry if you’ve got any of these trend in your home – they’re easy to fix without breaking the bank.

Home office chic

“Your home does not need to look like an office cubicle, Garrett said.

This trend includes home offices, but even your living room and bathroom could be guilty of looking like a workspace.

So, if your living room likes like a waiting room, or your bathroom has zero personality – it might be time to rethink the design, the pro explained.

“It should be personal, it should have some detail in it. There should be some character and it should say something about you,” he said.

He continued: “There’s a fine line between having something modern and minimal and having something that looks like the office you work out of.”

I don’t want to get art the same place I get milk, I think that’s weird.”

Garrett LeChic

Pillows turned on their corners

Maybe you don’t think twice about the way your cushions sit on your sofa or bed – but you should, at least according to the interior whizz.

Garrett said having cushions sit on their corners to look like a diamond-shape, rather than square, looks weird almost all the time.

The only exception is if you’re going for a cool “cultural” or “middle eastern” vibe,” he added.

Supermarket art prints

Art from the supermarket is a big no-no the pro said


Art from the supermarket is a big no-no the pro saidCredit: YouTube/GarrettLeChic

It might seem like a great idea to get art from your local supermarket’s home section – but it’s a huge no-no for Garrett.

Making a 2 to 3-inch mistake while decorating can totally throw off your interior design – my ’57’ rule has a big impact

“Not every store has to sell every single thing,” he said.

“I don’t want to get art the same place I get milk, I think that’s weird,” he added.

So, where should you get your art? You could try looking in charity shops for cheap options, or even try creating your own fun artwork and pick out a nice frame for it instead.

Spaceship interiors

Your home shouldn't look like a modern spaceship, the pro noted


Your home shouldn’t look like a modern spaceship, the pro notedCredit: YouTube/GarrettLeChic

Garrett revealed that some modern home trends look like they’re fresh off a spaceship – and it can come across as very tacky, even if you’ve spent a fortune on it.

“They usually have LED lights and interesting structures to them that is not cheap to do or create, but it doesn’t look good,” he explained.

If you want your home to have a futuristic design, take it back to basics and inject some colour into the space instead.

All grey everything

They grey home trend was everywhere a few years ago, but it didn’t look good then and it doesn’t look good now, Garrett said.

Although grey “can be used in a number of ways and look really beautiful,” when it’s overdone it can cheapen the look of the entire space.

Don’t worry if you fell victim to the grey trend though – you can still make it work, the interior whizz explained.

He said: “Turn it into an accent, contrast that with warm tones.

“Grey and camel is the perfect colour combination.”


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