Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Fresh from appearing as a speaker at the Highpoint Market, North America’s largest trade fair for interior design, interior designer Justine Knox is back on the island giving her predictions for interior design trends for 2024.

Justine has won awards for her beautiful interior design projects and has over 20 years’ of experience creating bright, beautiful homes in Mallorca. She specialises in reinventing properties destined to be dream holiday homes perfectly executed and ready for their owners to move into. From reformation and redesign to adding the final interior touches, Justine and her team provide the complete home services package.

“It is quite normal for the new owners to not be on the island during the renovation process, and I oversee the entire process. I insist on the utmost professionalism from my team and we are well known for our excellent results.” Justine describes her signature interior design as “Dopamine decor”. “It’s a style that revolves around creating spaces that stimulate positive emotions and well-being. Vibrant colours, playful patterns, and elements that evoke joy are key components. This design approach aims to trigger the release of dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter, fostering a sense of happiness and satisfaction within the living environment.”

Justine thinks that 2024 will be a big year for interiors, “following the post covid era, households are becoming bored of being scared. They’ve also satiated their appetite for restaurants and travel and our homes are now going to be the focus of our wellbeing.”

Here are Justine’s 7 Interior design predictions for 2024:

Wallpaper will continue to make a comeback, adding depth and character to walls. I’m not just talking “feature wall” wallpaper. I’m talking using wallpaper on all the walls of a room, a lounge, a bathroom or on the ceiling. I‘m talking plain, textured florals, metallics, and a lot of botanical wallpapers this year.

Peach Fuzz bis Pantone’s colour of the year. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I’m kind of in the middle somewhere, but I predict that it’s going to be big. So you’re gonna see it on lots of accessories, on furniture, on papers, on rugs, on fabrics. All the manufacturers are going to be using this colour this year.

If you want to incorporate this into your home, then I would suggest mixing it with one of my favourite colours turquoise to get that real sunset blue ocean vibe going and not Granny’s pastoral peaches. It will bring a harmonious balance to many living spaces.

Soft muted metals are stealing the spotlight, infusing a touch of elegance and modernity, think old gold or soft nickel. We’re going to be steering clear of the cold crisp crowns and silver’s. Think old gold’s, nickel, even bronzes and coppers.

Maximalist florals. As far as prints and patterns are concerned, I’m really excited this year, because I predict that we’re going to go away from small, pretty prints. And we’re going to go maximalists, which really suits me down to the ground. So I’m talking big prints, on fabrics on wallpapers, even on rugs and cushions, and away from all the tiny pretty little ditzy prints and paisleys. We will see a lot of vibrant patterns and rich colours which will create a lush and inviting atmosphere, turning homes into personalised sanctuaries.

Multi-purpose rooms. Another of my predictions for this year is multipurpose rooms. For example, imagine there is a gym in the guest room and an art studio in the kitchen. Think offices in the dining room, basically, we’re going to be spending more and more of our time in our homes. And we want the gym, we want the office, we want the playroom, we want the formal dining room, we want everything in our home so that we don’t have to continuously go out and seek these spaces elsewhere. This is going to reflect the need for versatile spaces that adapt to various activities. Embracing the work from home, train from home, spa at home culture.

Comfort. We are going to have a lot more comfort in our homes this year. Soothing lighting, comfortable furniture that you can cosy up to in comfortable fabrics, soft to the touch, and even comforting fragrances in your home something that just makes you feel like when you get home, it’s giving you a hug. Comfort will take centre stage, with plush furnishings and cosy elements transforming homes into havens of relaxation.

The outdoor room. My final prediction for this year is more outdoor rooms. It could either be an indoor room that’s bringing the outdoors inside if you’re in a colder climate, or if you’re fortunate enough like me to live in a warm climate, then our outdoor spaces really make them into another room. It won’t just be a terrace or a balcony or garden, but actually make them part of your home and add the furniture, the lighting, the accessories, the cushions, everything that makes that space in your home another room. They will blur the lines between nature and home, these areas will provide a tranquil escape while maintaining the comforts of interior living.

If you are interested in interior design or reforming a home in Mallorca make sure you follow Justine Knox on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, or sign up for her email newsletter. You can see all of her information on her website


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