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Since making her debut on Bravo’s “Summer House” four years ago, Paige DeSorbo has parlayed her fame as a reality star into not one but two additional careers. First up: She’s a bona fide fashion influencer, with nearly a million Instagram followers and a regular Amazon Live shopping series dubbed “The Paige DeSorbo Show.” And then there’s her “Giggly Squad” podcast with former “Summer House” co-star and comedienne Hannah Berner, which has become so successful that the duo has taken their act on the road with live shows in major cities like Chicago, Toronto and New York.

“‘Summer House is obviously very different from ‘Giggly Squad,’” DeSorbo says. “The show can dive a little bit deeper into why are you doing that or why would you say that? Whereas, when I’m with Hannah, I’m so free to be myself and no one’s judging you and you can say whatever you want and it’s lighthearted and we’re laughing. I will forever be thankful to ‘Summer House’ for introducing me to Hannah and for giving me my lifelong best friend.”

When she’s not podcasting, performing, filming or traveling to Charleston to visit her boyfriend, Craig Conover (also a Bravo fixture; he stars in “Southern Charm”), DeSorbo is focused on all things fashion. Having attended a week’s worth of events for September’s New York Fashion Week, she was ready to dish on her favorite trends. “I’m extremely excited that riding boots are back in style,” she says, adding, “I love the short version with the buckles circa 2005.” A major color movement is also apparently underway. “The number one color that I was seeing for fall was bright red — but just a pop of it, like in a shoe or bag or skirt,” she says.

Bag lovers everywhere should also take note: “I am so excited that big bags are coming back in style because the micro mini bag — let’s face it, you can’t fit anything in them,” she says.

Below, DeSorbo shares her favorite beauty and fashion finds for fall, all of which are super affordable.

“This is by far the best hair wax I’ve ever used, and it’s tiny enough to pack in your suitcase,” DeSorbo says. “I absolutely live by it for a good Hailey Bieber slick back.” She says that while you can use the wax stick (which, by the way, has nearly 19,000 positive Amazon reviews) on both wet or dry hair, “I typically do it on dry hair — when your hair is greasy and dirty, that’s when it’s the best for doing that slick-back look.” 


“I love that we’re all in our Sofia Richie era right now,” DeSorbo says. “I used to be very against a kitten heel. I thought it was old lady-ish. But I’m obsessed with these! I think they look so cute with a pair of jeans. They’re the perfect fall transition shoe. I’ve worn them a few times, and they’re definitely comfortable!” Available in multiple colorways and patterns, these slingbacks have a 2.6-inch block heel and a rubber sole for traction.

DeSorbo says that in the last few months, this dress from Amazon has been “one of the most viral things” on the site. “I think it’s a great transition dress into the fall when it’s still kind of hot out but you want to be in something that’s covering your legs. Plus, it’s so flattering on everyone.” Made using a mix of modal and spandex, this dress is available in sizes XS to XL, and it comes in multiple colors.

Hero Cosmetics’ hydrocolloid patches are best known for improving pimples without any popping. “I was influenced on Instagram — I’m always sharing what pimple cream I’m using, and I had a bunch of girls DM me and tell me to try these instead,” DeSorbo says. “So, I ordered them, and now I’m absolutely obsessed. I wear them out all the time. My favorite place to wear them is the airport! I love when things are working for my skin when I’m napping.” 

“I’ve had multiple makeup artists swear by this pencil, and that’s where I discovered it,” DeSorbo says. “Wherever Walnut is by far my favorite shade; it gives you that ’90s supermodel lip.” Available in 19 shades, the liner can be applied on your lips, brows and eyes.

“I used to be such an eyelash extension girl,” DeSorbo says. “I never thought I would stop using them, but once we were in Covid, obviously all my eyelash extensions came out, and I’ve been using RevitaLash ever since. Men don’t notice anything — they certainly don’t notice when you cut like 2 inches off of your hair. And my boyfriend has noticed how long my eyelashes are, so that’s when you know it works.” In addition to increasing lash strength and length, RevitaLash also results in lashes curling upward after prolonged use.

“I am not a huge glue-your-eyebrows-straight-up girl. I like a little in between, and I think the Patrick Ta gel does a really good job of feeling like your eyebrows are hydrated, but also you can still touch them — they’re not stuck to your face,” DeSorbo says. Pro tip: Ta recommends applying the gel and wiping off any excess before applying your foundation.

“I love that big sunglasses are back in style,” DeSorbo says. “I just think these look way more expensive than they actually are. Every time I wear them, I always get someone being like, ‘What brand is that?’ And I love answering, ‘Amazon.’” More to know: The Kimorn sunglasses come in multiple colors. 

“I don’t usually spend this much money on a basic, but I wore this tank top all summer; it was my go-to,” DeSorbo says. “It hits at the perfect spot on your stomach.” Cropped and featuring an exaggerated crew neckline, this tank comes in white, black and beige.

One can never have too many baseball hats, and this one from the “Giggly Squad” merch store is DeSorbo’s current favorite. “We love the No Notes dad hat,” she says. “This is a bit we’re committed to on ‘Giggly Squad’ — just answering, ‘no notes’ when you don’t have an answer.” 


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