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If you’re ready to say goodbye to sterile-looking interiors and all-white color palettes, but still want a refined, uncluttered space, give colorful minimalism a try. Dotting homes of all shapes and sizes, this home decor trend is quickly gaining popularity.

What makes colorful minimalism a favorable design approach is its ability to merge vibrant colors with the hallmark “less is more” decorating style of classic minimalist design. So if you’re looking to channel your inner decorator and draw inspiration for your next room refresh, consider these insights from expert designers.

What Is Colorful Minimalism?

Colorful minimalism is exactly what it sounds like—a style that emphasizes minimalist decor bursting with rich hues. Key attributes of this aesthetic also include plenty of light, open floor plans, functional furniture, and an overall cool and collected feel.

“Colorful minimalism is the use of bold colors when designing a home that has a modern, minimal, and neutral scheme,” says designer Hope Austin of Hope Austin Interiors. Typically, only one to two colors are repeated throughout the space. Austin explains this approach honors the minimal feel of this style but with a fresh, playful twist.

Why Is Colorful Minimalism Becoming So Popular?

This recent design trend makes minimalism a pinch more fun and liberating, because you’re free to highlight the details that matter the most to you—an artful painting, a decorative sculpture, or a colorful chair. “Using a strong or loud color provides more personality and fun,” Austin says, adding that this method “can draw attention to an unusual shape of furniture or make a piece of art of accessory pop.”

And since this trend is ultimately an iteration of traditional minimalism, it’s an idyllic way to achieve a high-style space that’s uncomplicated and tranquil. Especially because it still boasts everything familiar and well-loved about minimalism: A neutral base, clean lines, simplicity, natural materials, and purposeful pieces. The colorful minimalism approach can help anyone design energized spaces while keeping the essence of minimalism intact. The best part? No color is off-limits, so you can freely experiment with any hues that resonate with you.

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How to Get the Look

Designer Niki Papadopoulos of Williams Papadopoulos Design recommends the colorful minimalism design trend to anyone looking to embrace color in a more sparingly way. To help inspire your own home refresh, Papadopoulos and Austin share their best tips for infusing color into a minimalist design style in any space.

Keep a Neutral Backdrop

Austin says it’s essential to keep the majority of your space neutral. Colorful minimalism works best when you have a neutral backdrop, which will help you avoid a hodgepodge look. She suggests keeping your flooring, walls, trim, and main furniture items quiet, so your bold colors can really pop.

Choose Colors Wisely

To fine-tune this design style in your own home, it’s best to use color diligently, suggests Papadopoulos. For an optimal effect, be deliberate with the color you lean into. “Every use of your color needs to be executed thoughtfully but with enough of an impact that it does not feel like an afterthought,” she says.

Stick to One or Two Colors

Papadopoulos and Austin both encourage selecting a final palette with no more than two to three pops of color. Choose your colorful accents wisely, placing them in a lively rhythm spanning your full space. Leave no design detail behind: Starting with larger statement pieces and trickle your color into smaller accessories. For example, if you love red, infuse it into statement pieces of furniture and coffee table books. Or, if you adore pops of deep green and bright tangerine, buy upholstered pieces or decorative objects like vases, bowls, or planters.

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