The Coolest Home Releases of January 2022

Happy New Gear! A new year brought some new releases from a few of our favorite brands, whether it was an excellent hard cider brand making a not-so-hard cider for Dry January or a brand known for its rugs starting to get into wallpaper. January already brought about a couple […]

Happy New Gear! A new year brought some new releases from a few of our favorite brands, whether it was an excellent hard cider brand making a not-so-hard cider for Dry January or a brand known for its rugs starting to get into wallpaper. January already brought about a couple of new companies like Graza, which sells some very tasty olive oil, and Outlines, which hopes to revolutionize shower curtain liners (an industry you probably didn’t think needed a revolution). Here are the best new home releases of January 2022.

Ralph Lauren Home Johnstons of Elgin

Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has an underrated collection of housewares, but if there’s one thing you should know from it, it’s the new collection of throws and pillows woven by Johnstons of Elgin, a renown Scottish mill famous for its scarves, hats and sweaters. Its collection for Ralph Lauren Home finds itself very much in the winter spirit featuring tartan and plaid patterns that you should really gift for yourself.

Price: $395+


Dusen Dusen Stripe Napkins

dusen dusen stripe napkins

Dusen Dusen

While these new napkins from Dusen Dusen are named after foods — porcini, pesto, parmesan and prosciutto — they are not in fact edible. But they do make an excellent addition to the dining table, especially with their fun and bright makeup. The 100-percent cotton napkins feature a jacquard weave, and they’re machine washable for the inevitable mess they’ll get up in.

Price: $44/set of 4


Loose Parts Oak Narrow Garment Rack

loose parts oak narrow garment rack

Loose Parts

loose parts oak narrow garment rack

Loose Parts

Loose Parts is a furniture brand that encourages you to assemble and disassemble its shelves, tables and desks as often as you want. Its newest collection, Oak, features a garment rack that can be configured to your liking with ease. It’s made of sustainably harvested hardwood rails, available in black oak or maple.

Price: $1,370


Cold Picnic Wallpaper

cold picnic wallpaper

Cold Picnic

Cold Picnic has its rug game on lock, and now it’s bringing its quirky designs to the wall. The rug brand is now selling wallpaper so you can add fun to bland walls without whipping out a paintbrush.

Price: $50/yard


Shacksbury Mountain Tonic

shacksbury mountain tonic


Vermont-based Shacksbury makes a killer hard cider, but for Dry January, it’s churning out something less hard — a non-alcoholic aperitif called Mountain Tonic. Because Shacksbury is all about the apples, Mountain Tonic starts with a cider base, enhanced with the addition of black currants, gentian, marjoram, cinnamon leaf, galangal, juniper berries, stinging nettle and honey. In its Instagram, Shacksbury compares the drink to the”fresh feeling of walking through the woods with nothing but your thoughts and the smell of the forest floor.” And if that’s not Vermont, then I don’t know what Vermont is (I probably don’t).

Price: $55/3-pack


Sara Hayat The Tetris Sofa

sara hayat the tetris sofa

Sara Hayat

Putting together a sofa together at home is nothing new thanks to Ikea and sofa-in-a-box brands like Burrow and Allform. Sara Hayat brings things a little out of the box with its Tetris sofa named after the popular block game. And the actual sofa is constructed very much like a game of Tetris. Using different fabrics like velvet, suede and leather, the sofa comes together to create a unique place to hang out and chill, while looking nothing like the ubiquitous mid-century modern sofas we see all over the place.


Minor Figures Light Oat M*lk

minor figures light oat milk

Minor Figures

Plant-based milks aren’t going anywhere, and one of the best brands out there is Minor Figures. Baristas prefer its oat milk because it’s able to replicate the texture and consistency of cow milk when paired with coffee. The brand’s newest launch is a lighter version of its oat milk, with less fat and sugar but with all of the same barista-approved qualities.

Price: $27


Pendleton Camp Enamelware Set ‘Camp Ivory’

pendleton camp enamelware set camp ivory


Peruse any campsite and you’ll find a bunch of enamelware like bowls, plates and mugs. Pendleton, known for its wool blankets and flannel shirts, got in on the enamelware game and slapped a teepee on its offerings that doesn’t add anything functional but says you love your outdoors brands.

Price: $70



graza extra virgin olive oil


The direct-to-consumer olive oil game is strong. The newest entry is a brand called Graza, which features two extra-virgin olive oils housed in squeeze bottles. And it’s not just the squeeze factor that makes this some amazing olive oil — it is, of course, the olive oil inside. Drizzle, a finishing oil, and Sizzle, a cooking oil, are made with 100 percent Picual olives from Jaen, Spain. Unlike cheaper extra-virgin olive oils, Graza gets all of its olives from one place and doesn’t feature a blend of sub-par fruit from a variety of regions; it’s also not as expensive as some high-end extra-virgin olive oil out there that some people may use too sparingly because of the high price. Long story short, this is a great new olive oil brand to try right the hell now.

Price: $35


Zumper X Novogratz Apartment in a Box

novogratz sectional sofa


Living in a shoe box is hard. But the folks behind furniture brand Novogratz, interior designers Cortney and Robert Novogratz, know a thing or two about making small spaces seem bigger than they actually are. The pair recently styled their daughter’s studio apartment to have the look and feel of a two-bedroom apartment. In collaboration with Zumper, a home rental search platform, the two brands released a collection of affordable furniture with small spaces in mind. Find pieces like a sectional and TV stand that get scaled down without compromising on looks.

Price: $40+


The Sipsmith x Jonathan Adler Perfect Your Serve Gift Set

the sipsmith x jonathan adler perfect your serve gift set


If you’re looking to up your barware game, check out Jonathan Adler’s Barbell Barware set, which features ice tongs, a bottle opener, a double jigger, and a knife, hung on a brass bar that’s attached to a hefty marble base. The $208 bar kit is actually much cheaper when you purchase it as part of the Perfect Your Serve gift set ($160), in partnership with gin brand The Sipsmith. The kit includes Sipsmith’s “Sip: 100 Gin Cocktails” book, featuring three-ingredient gin-based cocktails, as well as a $5 Drizly code to score your own bottle Sipsmith.

Price: $160


Walmart x The Home Edit

walmart x the home edit


The Home Edit’s Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin brought their acrylic home organizational solutions to Walmart (after a run at The Container Store). Find storage supplies for everything from the pantry to the laundry room — and there’s even some stuff to store all your Christmas stuff while you wait for the next yuletide.


Open Spaces Storage Gems

open spaces storage gems

Open Spaces

Open Spaces makes a wide array of attractive and functional home organizational tools. The latest addition to its lineup is a line of brightly colored acrylic containers that look like little gems (hence the name). The stackable gems come in short and tall varieties, and the lids are dimpled so they can act as a little catchall tray, too. Order a two-pack or a four-pack, and mix and match colors to add some pop of color to your home.

Price: $36


Modernica Parallel Coffee Table

modernica parallel coffee table


I’m drooling over a coffee table. New from Modernica is the double-decker Parallel coffee table (get the name?). The bottom shelf is made of North American walnut, while it’s topped by half-inch thick glass. Do I want this? Yes. Do I have the space? No. Can a boy dream? You better believe it.

Price: $1,295


Grovemade Keyboard Trays and Wrist Rests

grovemade keyboard trays and wrist rests


Grovemade is beloved for its beautifully designed Apple accessories, and it’s expanding its offerings with keyboard trays for Apple-branded keyboards and trackpads, as well as wrist rests to stave off fatigue. They’re made from American-grown hardwoods and adorned with a natural cork lining to keep their contents in place. The wrist rest is topped with a cushiony vegetable-tanned leather bed to take the pressure off your wrists so you can focus more on work.

Price: $50+


Craighill Kepler Pen

craighill kepler pen


Looking for a pen to pass down for generations? Craighill just made the pen you’re looking for. Its new Kepler pen, available in brass, stainless steel and vapor black, features a satisfying clicker and smooth action. The pen’s rippled motif is both a striking design feature, while also providing a better grip.

Price: $78



outlines shower curtain


The dirtiest thing in your bathroom probably isn’t what you think it is — it’s actually your shower curtain liner. Outlines, a new shower curtain liner brand, wants to make sure you’re regularly changing your liner while also properly disposing of your old ones. The new curtain liner system comprises a few parts: curl hooks; an anti-microbial and recyclable shower liner; a machine-washable fabric that connects the liner to the hooks; and anchors that keep the liner from bunching up. The liner, dubbed the Replen, can be sent back to Outlines every three, six or nine months, when it’s guaranteed to be recycled, and the brand will send you a fresh liner so you’re not showering next to something completely filthy.

Price: $75


Kona GameDay Hammock

man sitting in kona gameday hammock opening a beer

Andrew Tran / Redefined.Media, LLC

Hawaiian-born Kona Brewing Company made a hammock. Custom made by Yellow Leaf Hammocks, the GameDay Hammock features an ombre blue pattern that’s inspired by the brewery’s flagship beer, Big Wave golden ale. The handmade hammock comes fully equipped with a bottle opener, hammock tote and hammock stand (because not everyone has a couple of trees to hang their hammock from).

Price: $548


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