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This At-Home Dip Kit Company Has Raving Reviews

We love the internet.  It’s not just because the world wide web is jam-packed with cat videos, celeb spottings, and hilarious TikTok videos — although that does help. We love the web because it makes finding new life hacks easier than ever.  We feel like we’re constantly learning new ways […]

We love the internet. 

It’s not just because the world wide web is jam-packed with cat videos, celeb spottings, and hilarious TikTok videos — although that does help. We love the web because it makes finding new life hacks easier than ever. 

We feel like we’re constantly learning new ways to level up our home design, fashion, and beauty game, thanks to some helpful tips from people online. 

That’s how we discovered Nailboo. 

We saw people raving about this awesome nail brand on Instagram, saying it was a game-changer for at-home nails. Now, normally we take praise like that with a grain of salt — anyone can say anything online. Still, so many people were raving about Nailboo, we just had to give it a try.

Newsflash: We’re obsessed. 

Nailboo is the manicure assistant we’ve been waiting for. With lots of colors, an easy application process, and perfect results that last and last, we totally understand the hype.

Want to hear more about what sets Nailboo’s at-home dip kits apart? Keep reading below, or browse their entire selection of nail care products here.

Wait, What Exactly Is a Nail Dip Kit?

Okay first things first, what actually is a nail dip kit?

You might have seen them on social media from time to time, but before Nailboo, we didn’t really understand how they worked. Let’s go over some basics about what sets this product apart from your standard manicures and pedicures. 


How Does This Game-Changing Manicure Work?

Nailboo doesn’t sell nail polish. 

Instead, you use liquids and powders to apply color and get that glossy, professional sheen you know and love from the nail salon. Here’s an overview of how a Nailboo manicure works: 

  1. First, prep the nail. Push back the cuticles to help ensure you get an even coat and color. 
  2. Then, you apply a coat of the base liquid to a nail. This looks like your standard base coat in nail polish.
  3. Next, the fun starts. Dip that nail into a build powder, then repeat the process on each nail, tapping off excess powder as you go. 
  4. After this, apply the base liquid again and dip each nail into your color of choice. We’ll talk about this later, but Nailboo has every color you could ever want — we’re sure of it. 
  5. Finally, apply a thin layer of activator liquid over your nails, buff and file, and add another layer. Wait two minutes, then add a topcoat, and boom! You’re all done. A perfect, salon-quality manicure in minutes. 

Basically, instead of applying color with a brush, you’re dipping your finger into the color. Since there’s no polish, the rest of your finger won’t get covered in goop. You’re just left with a perfect, even coat of your color of choice. 

Even better, your nails are dry in seconds. 

What’s in My Dip Kit?

Nailboo sells a few dip kits, so you can dip your toes in (literally) with one to start if you’re feeling like experimenting with dip powders, or you can go all-in with a ton of color options. 

You’ve got three kits to choose from: starter (one color), essentials (four colors), and professional (six colors). No matter which one you cop, all come with the following:

  • Powders: Both the build powder and the color powders you choose. 
  • Essential Liquids: All the polishes you need to make your manicure or pedicure shine. The base, activator, top, and cleaner. 
  • Accessories: A cuticle pusher, a brush for sweeping away excess powder, and a nail file.
  • Remover Tools: Individual nail clips so you can soak them in acetone and easily remove your manicure — so you can apply another color, obviously. 

With all of the above included in every kit, Nailboo’s product sets are serious steals. 

You can explore dip kits more on Nailboo’s site here.

How Is Nailboo Different From a Traditional Manicure?

The differences between Nailboo’s dip kits and a standard salon manicure don’t stop at polish vs. powders. 

This is not your mother’s manicure — well, unless your mom has fallen in love with Nailboo, too.

A dip kit manicure lasts way longer than a salon mani. Have you ever arrived home from the salon only to realize that you chipped or smudged a nail somewhere along the way? Yeah, that doesn’t happen with Nailboo. These manicures are durable and oh so long-lasting. 

Nailboo’s dip kit manicures last three to six weeks. Seriously — you could have a flawless, professional-grade manicure for a month with Nailboo’s dip kits. We love not having to think about our nails or waste hours in the salon doing touch-ups, and we’re sure you’ll love it too. 

Nailboo: Find Out Why This At-Home Dip Kit Company Has Raving Reviews

Why So Many People Are Obsessed With Nailboo?

Everyone likes different styles for their nails. Some people are into long and slender nails, others people like them short and square. Some people want a different color on each nail, others want something monochromatic and simple. 

Glitter, stickers, crystals, marbling, french tips — there’s a limitless menu of options when it comes to doing your nails. That’s why it’s surprising when so many different people with radically different tastes in manicures all rally around the same brand. 

Nailboo has done the impossible. It’s united manicure-lovers everywhere. Why? Let us count the ways (and look at some user reviews).  

1. It’s Quick, Easy, and Simple

If you’ve been getting your nails done for a while, you know how time-consuming it can be. The better the manicure, the longer it takes. 

Nailboo cuts that time down dramatically and even better, you don’t need to leave your house! We’re not kidding, with their simple process, it takes only minutes to get a flawless manicure with Nailboo. Here’s a taste of what people are saying about how easy it is to use their dip kits: 

  • “It’s easy, shiny, it lasts for weeks, and I love the color choices.” – Donna S. 
  • “I think using this nail dip set is as easy, if not easier than painting your nails the old-fashioned way, not to mention getting a salon gel nail experience that doesn’t chip like normal nail polish. I’m glad to have started my nail journey with Nailboo.” – Genna K. 
  • “It’s easy to use, and the results are nail salon quality. No more spending hours at the nail salon.” – Amy T.

If they can do it, so can you. 

It Has a Wide Assortment of Awesome Colors

You might be worried about missing your nail salon’s wall of polish colors, but trust us — Nailboo has so many to choose from. They have 60+ colors, including matte powders, glittery powders, and translucent powders. 

Oh, and did we mention their formula is vegan and cruelty-free? How many nail polish brands can say that?

People love their fun and unique colors — don’t just take our word for it: 

  • “I love this stuff and enjoy doing my own nails. I have tons of colors now.” – Kitty E. 
  • “Absolutely love Nailboo! The application was so quick and easy. The videos were very helpful as well! I am already picking out more colors to order!!” – Kimberly F. 

Definitely check out Nailboo’s selection of powders, you’ll fall in love. 

It’s a Perfect Manicure Every Time

Just a quick scroll through Nailboo’s reviews was enough for us to give the brand a shot. So many customers say it’s their first time trying out their dip kits and include flawless, professional-quality manicure pictures in their reviews. 

All we’re saying is that if that’s their first time using Nailboo, we want to see their tenth:

  • “I’m a busy mom with no time for a nail salon! Easy and great color choices!” – Hayley L. 
  • “Absolutely love this product. Easy and simple to follow instructions. Quick manicure with salon-quality nails done in the comfort of your own home. Cannot be more happy.” – Patricia B. 
  • “I got these for my 10 yr old because the salon is so expensive. She loved it!! This was my first time doing anything like this, and I can’t wait to do mine next.” – Samantha T. 

With so many at-home manicures turning out picture-perfect, there’s only one question left to ask…

Is It Time To Say Farewell to the Nail Salon?

It’s not cheap to keep up with a manicure habit, and that’s not even including the cost of your time. For such a steep investment, you’d expect professional manicures to last longer than they do. 

If you ask us, Nailboo is the future of manicures and pedicures. 

With so many colors, even and smooth coats, and long-lasting results, we’ve officially converted from the salon to Nailboo and we’re not alone. Women all over the country are obsessed with this brand for its easy-to-use application process and flawless manicures. 

Ready to give at-home dip kits a try? Shop on Nailboo’s website and get one of their kits delivered straight to your door. 

We can’t wait to see which colors you try. Happy dipping!


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