Thu. May 23rd, 2024

It’s the weekend, baby!

With Fashion Month Fall/Winter 2023 officially behind us, we’re ready to take a deep breath — though not before recapping everything that went down this week.

The final leg of Paris Fashion Week saw Balenciaga stage its first post-scandal runway show, Coperni recruit an army of Boston Dynamics robots for an unsettling catwalk display, and Avril Lavigne and Tyga make their relationship official.

Tiffany & Co. teased another pair of its divisive Nike Air Force 1s, a shoe that elicited strong reactions when it was first announced in January. Tiffany Force 1s weren’t the only sneakers to cause a stir recently: LOEWE and On teamed up once again, and glittery new iterations of Miu Miu’s New Balance collaboration surfaced online.

Celebrities also generated their fair share of headlines. Julia Fox wore a bible as a handbag, the Kardashian-Jenners managed to get themselves disinvited from this year’s Met Gala, and Zendaya continued to, well, slay.

Ahead, catch up on everything else you need to know about the week in style, beauty, and culture.

Do Clothes Even Matter at Fashion Week Anymore?

“It ain’t the brands’ faults that sizzle sells. You can make all the nice clothes you want but, if people aren’t paying attention, they ain’t paying up.”

Luxury Labels Shut Down This Designer’s Bootleg Bags. Now He’s Coming For Them All

“On February 2, 2023, Xylk Lorena woke up to a nasty surprise. His brand’s Instagram page, which had over 20,000 followers desperate to snap up his signature Expensive Grocery Bags, had suddenly been taken down. Shortly after, his Shopify account was shuttered without explanation.”

The Beauty at Paris Fashion Week Had Us Doing Double Takes

“Take away the viral stunts and celebrity cameos, and Fashion Month presented us with a surprisingly wearable wardrobe for Fall/Winter 2023. That wasn’t the case when it came to beauty, though.”

When It Comes to Body Diversity, London Fashion Week Is Leading the Way

“Historically, fashion has always liked its models stick-thin, and while that in itself remains a problem the over-arching concern remains the lack of varying shapes and sizes of models sent down the runway on the whole, something especially pertinent over Fashion Month Fall/Winter 2023.”

Oi Polloi’s Impending Closure Paints a Sad Picture

“Its closure, which comes less than two years after Oi Polloi was acquired by JD Sports, paints a sadly blunt picture of the current scene of United Kingdom retail, with recent headlines suggesting that as many as fifty stores a day closed throughout 2022 — a 50 percent increase from the year prior.”

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Back, But Can it Compete With Savage X Fenty?

“Is a revamped Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show even necessary in the age of Savage X Fenty? Rihanna’s lingerie brand — valued at $1 billion — has made a point to cast models of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities in campaigns and e-commerce since launching in 2018… It seems unlikely that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be able to compete with the cult of Rih, whose businesses have valued inclusion and diversity from the start.”


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