10 lessons in California modern style we’ve learnt from this elegant home |

It might not have been around for long, but this newly built home in the San Francisco Bay Area can teach us a lot about California modern house design. Completed in 2023 in Menlo Park, California, this family home is a perfect blend of laid-back living and elegant interiors. 

The home’s interior design is the work of Lauren Goldman, at LORO Architecture + Interior Design, based in North California’s Bay Area.  You don’t have to live in California to embrace the California modern vibe, there’s plenty here to inspire a similar look wherever in the world you call home. Designer Lauren shows us round and picks out her California modern highlights from this latest project.  

1. Consider the setting and blend inside and outside spaces

exterior of white stucco home with trees around

(Image credit: Paul Dyer)

Indoor-outdoor living is a key part of the California modern aesthetic, with the outdoor space requiring just as much thought as the interiors. The best starting point, as here, it to ensure the home is inspired by the environment in which is sits. ‘This allows the structure to effortlessly blend with its surroundings,’ says Lauren Goldman. ‘We place an emphasis on clean modern lines, natural light and materials, and cohesive indoor to outdoor living space.