8 Butter Yellow Paint Colors Recommended by Designers

Choosing a paint color for your home can be difficult. Should you play it safe and go with a soft neutral or infuse your space with a pop of color? When you’re torn between these two options, there is one shade that plays both sides: butter yellow. This hue adds a bit of warmth to your walls, without straying far from neutrals, like white and beige. While it pairs nicely with a range of aesthetics, butter yellow is never boring. The color balances vibrancy with a subtle delicateness that will bring a charming feel to any room in your home. Ahead, interior designers share their favorite butter yellow colors from a range of popular paint brands.

You are My Sunshine 302 by Benjamin Moore

J.L. Jordan Photography

For a butter yellow that will work in any room of your home, try this hue from Benjamin Moore. For this sunny Victorian entryway, Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors chose Benjamin Moore’s You are My Sunshine—a creamy shade reminiscent of whipped butter. “Since the entry faces southeast, the yellow is light and bright and provides a gorgeous glow, set off by the original oak mantlepiece and terracotta-hued decorative accents,” says Adams.

Hay No. 37 by Farrow & Ball

Ryan Garvin

Butter yellow is also a beautiful choice for your home’s exterior, as evidenced by this charming residence, which features Farrow & Ball’s Hay No. 37 (also available as an interior finish). “This shade of yellow brings joy. It’s soft yet sunny, calming yet inviting,” says Michael Mitchell, principal and owner of Michael Mitchell. “When I see this shade, it just makes me happy. Using it as the exterior color sets the tone for the house’s interior, which is sunny, bright, and happy.” 

Goldenrod by Sherwin-Williams

QPH Photo

For a deep butter yellow, consider Sherwin-Williams Goldenrod. “I love Sherwin-Williams Goldenrod SW6677 for a rich butter color as used in this laundry room,” says Kathy Corbet of Kathy Corbet Interiors. “In contrast to more neon yellow options, this hue’s golden tint brings warmth while remaining bright and cheerful.”

Smooth Silk by BEHR

Courtesy of BEHR

Butter yellows are a soft way to add color to your home without straying far from traditional neutrals. “Buttery yellows balance vibrancy and a warm feel with a smooth finish and versatility that can pair well with existing tones like wood flooring or other neutral paint colors,” says Cara Newhart, interior designer and ambassador with BEHR. “One of my favorite paint colors to try on this trend in your space is Smooth Silk from BEHR. It’s pigmented enough to create a statement as an accent color but soft and warm enough to be a livable everyday paint color.”

Banana Cream by Benjamin Moore

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

This light, sunny yellow paint color features a subtle hint of gray for a shade that feels both bright and muted. “Benjamin Moore offers a great variety of paints for every space,” says Theresa Butler, principal and founder of Theresa Butler Interiors. “One of my favorites is Banana Cream. While some people avoid yellow because it can be too bright or loud, Banana Cream has a soft, creamy, and inviting tone. It’s bright enough to lighten a space, yet the muted tone keeps it from being overwhelming. It also pairs wonderfully with whites, blues, and rich browns.”

Vanilla Ice Cream by Benjamin Moore

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Create a softer, more neutral look with Benjamin Moore’s Vanilla Ice Cream. “We love the Vanilla Ice Cream color because it’s a true white with creamy yellow undertones,” says Talia Rosen, interior designer and co-founder of Avakian Interiors. “Painting an entire wall yellow can be bold, but many people are drawn to butter yellow for the warmth it brings to a space.”

Chestertown Buff by Benjamin Moore

Courtesy Benjamin Moore

Perfect for everything from an accent wall to an entire room, Chestertown Buff by Benjamin Moore is a gentle shade with a hint of orange undertones. It’s a deeper iteration of butter yellow that will bring a burst of warmth to any room.

Gambol Gold by Sherwin Williams

Stacy Zarin Goldberg  

A bolder take on the butter-yellow paint trend, Sherwin Williams Gambol Gold is for people who aren’t afraid to bring color into their space. “Butter-colored paint is fantastic for interior design,” says Lisa Shaffer of Lisa & Leroy. “It brings a cozy vibe to your space with its soft, warm tones, making it super inviting. Whether you’re into a more traditional look or something more modern, butter-colored walls play well with various decor styles.” In this breakfast nook, she used Gambol Gold to magically brighten the space, making it a cheerful area to start your day.