a timber screen shelters keiji ashizawa’s house in aoyama, tokyo

the house in aoyama: a sanctuary in tokyo


Tokyo‘s affluent neighborhood of Aoyama has seen the completion of a new family house designed by Japanese studio Keiji Ashizawa Design. The project introduces a four-story concrete residence for a couple, their child, and two dogs. Despite its separation from neighboring buildings, the home faces a busy intersection. To address this, the architects incorporate balconies with planters in the living room and main bedroom. These balconies not only provide a connection to nature but also play a role in ushering in natural light. The timber screen facade and strategically designed balcony railings work in tandem to ensure filtered sunlight reaches the interior.

a timber screen facade shelters this house in aoyama, tokyo by keiji ashizawaimages © Tomooki Kengaku



inside the home by keiji ashizawa design


With a carefully-planned layout by Keiji Ashizawa Design, the House in Aoyama features a lofty living and dining area on the second floor. Bedrooms are situated on the first and third floors, with an additional room dedicated to music located in the basement. The rooftop transforms into a personal urban oasis, including a garden, trees, and even a dedicated barbecue space.


The client’s taste in art and furniture played a significant role in the design process. The architects strategically considered the placement of art and its relationship with the furniture. While acknowledging the versatility of backdrops beyond the classic white wall, meticulous attention was paid to proportions, placement, and detailing. This approach ensures that the artwork establishes a strong connection with the surrounding space and walls.

keiji ashizawa house aoyama
Keiji Ashizawa Design designs the four-story concrete home for a family and their two dogs



expressive and textural concrete interiors


Concrete is employed throughout the interiors of the House in Aoyama, with sections of the exterior walls incorporating insulation. Keiji Ashizawa Design collaborated closely with the construction company Matsumoto Corporation to create a variety of expressive and textural concrete finishes, including ribbed ceilings and washed walls. These finishes were chosen to complement the carefully curated furniture and artwork within the home.


The project draws inspiration from the words of Italian architect Gio Ponti, who once emphasized the importance of timelessness in house design. Architect Keiji Ashizawa echoes this sentiment, expressing his hope that the House in Aoyama transcends design trends to stand as a cherished space for the family for years to come.

keiji ashizawa house aoyama
the house features gardened balconies, lending a connection to nature and generous sunlight

keiji ashizawa house aoyama
the client’s taste in art and furniture influenced the design, with careful consideration for art and its placement

a timber screen facade shelters this house in aoyama, tokyo by keiji ashizawa
concrete is used extensively throughout the interiors