lush photo studio in barcelona shaped by isern serra

isern serra continues to renovate historic barcelona


Barcelona-based interior design firm Isern Serra has transformed the headquarters of modeling agency Blow Models into a light-filled, contemporary workspace that doubles as a unique photography studio. The project involved revitalizing a street-level space comprising two distinct structures. The first was a two-story modernist building with characteristic wooden portals and detailed windows. Adjoining it were three open-plan warehouses, built later, with the central space boasting a high ceiling.


The design centers around an ‘interior garden,’ a concept that maximizes natural light and introduces a calming element. Inspired by Roman courtyards, a large skylight allows ambient light to flood the space, illuminating both the central hall and surrounding areas. Lush greenery serves as a focal point, structuring the different work areas. This combination of light and vegetation fosters a sense of openness and vitality.

isern serra blow modelsimages © Salva López



the dreamlike backdrop for blow models


With its Blow Models headquarters, Isern Serra‘s team pushes the boundaries of conventional workspace design by experimenting with the concept of ‘Onyx spaces.’ These areas evoke a dreamlike, digital aesthetic, providing a serene backdrop for model photography. The entire space is conceived as a ‘landscape’ for capturing stunning visuals, offering unexpected and captivating settings for photo shoots.


Given the first-floor location without an underlying parking structure, the designers capitalized on the opportunity to create functional ‘holes’ within the floor plan. These depressions accommodate planters, seating areas, and other elements, adding a dynamic quality to the space. Recognizing the importance of showcasing the original volume of the space, the design prioritizes openness. Only the accounting department and meeting room are enclosed, strategically positioned in the passageway connecting the two buildings.

isern serra blow models
Blow Models Barcelona gets a new headquarters by Isern Serra



minimalist design among industrial texture


Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a spacious entrance hall featuring a custom-designed stainless steel bar. This sculptural piece, with its minimalist lines, balances the weight and light within the space. This area serves as a welcoming space for initial meetings with models, offering a glimpse into the agency’s work environment. A retractable curtain transforms this space into a dedicated photography area when needed.


The bathrooms are located along the facade on the right side of the staircase, further emphasizing the open-plan layout. A large makeup room bathed in natural light is situated within the glass facade, with a floor-to-ceiling mirror and a stone pillar serving as a barrier towards the street. With its innovative blend of functionality, aesthetics, and photography-friendly features, Isern Serra’s design for Blow Models Barcelona headquarters creates a truly unique workspace that empowers both work and creativity.

isern serra blow models
historic elements are integrated with modern function in the renovated space isern serra blow models
light and greenery take center stage, inspired by Roman courtyards isern serra blow models
‘onyx spaces’ offer a dreamlike backdrop for model photography