The best robot vacuum 2023: brilliant cleaning that saves you tons of time

Best robot vacuum cleaners: quick list

Investing in one of the best robot vacuum cleaners can save you a huge amount of time and effort. They’re designed to run around your home, using sensors to make sure they cover the whole floor area. They are perfect for regular, low-level cleaning, and because most can be programmed remotely, you can set them to run when you’re out of the house, for minimal disruption and inconvenience. Increasingly, we’re seeing models that mop as well as as vacuum, for a more versatile clean.

While there are some robovacs in our best vacuum cleaner guide, these are rather different to your regular, person-powered vacuum. For one, they’re typically more expensive (although there are good deals to be had), and tend to offer a little less suction power compared regular vacuums. Some can struggle with corners and getting close to the edges of rooms, and, although their capabilities are growing, they still can’t cope with stairs. If you need something for tricky spaces and multi-level homes, you’re better off consulting our best cordless vacuum cleaner guide.